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  1. I am Back!

    My Favorite Automatic Rifleman is back. Good to see that your back on duty
  2. the great rock

    I gave me an idea double: YOu remember the buildings on fallujah that has an basement? All of them has a ladder. If i add to the floor and ladder the NOTinAI option, i could create a special staticObjects.con for coop who will replace that floor and ladder with another floor and stairs and deployment has the original staticobjects.con and coop would have there an staircase that is navmehable. Wer could make the basements for bots accessable.
  3. the great rock

    Can you give more Intel on this for excample what map it is and in what grid/keypad? Is this Iron Ridge? Atleast i have a chance to report that to the mapperteam of PR to get that fixed.
  4. Iron Ridge

    You made a new navmesh for Iron Ridge?
  5. Update

    True story. Really close to a burnout. No time to play. @Double: I found a solution for the houseofpain staircase and how we can navmesh them without that horizintal/vertical/horizontal/vertical navmesh thingy. When we do it like you suggested (chirurgopcial method) you have to add a navstatic as ramp in an 45° angle to the staircase. If you have once this piece of puzzle, it will be perfect. Sidenote: The constructionsite buildings have the same problem with the staircases.
  6. Happy Birthday VETERANS-GAMING

    Happy Birthday =VG= Salute
  7. Hello boys, I'm baaack!

    Welcome back Buddy.
  8. kashan issue

    It is possible but than we have a language problem. If we have one layer usmc vs mec and another layer with polish vs russians, the polish guys would talk english and the russians arabic.
  9. kashan issue

    Sure Semler, the problem with Kashan is that they have only a rallypoint where they can spawn at a bunker. The rest of the bots spawning in vehicles at mainbase. We all know that humans are much quicker in reaching flags with their assets as bots. The reason why the DEVs did it is that the player can play on both sides (US/CAN vs MEC). so no team has an advantage against the other team. Muttrah has the same problem. Each team start only with one flag and they have to capture the neutral flags so 50% of the game is no action. We all know that humans are much faster with their assets as bots. But i see light at the end of this tunnel : The deal is i can do what i want when atleast i do a counter layer for the other side. I will talk with TEDF about this. In my opinion he knows at best what assets on what map can be played and we can also bring back the Opfor events. The Devs are overloaded with work and we all know that they have the focus on deployment. Outlawz and Arab are the only guys i'm aware about who really stand behind COOP, not to forget Melon but he really busy with reallife things.
  10. kashan issue

    There is no need to scratch any maps of PR. Kashan should be turned into something like VehicleWarfare for coop or something similiar. We already lost to many good old maps.
  11. kashan issue

    Thanks Ranger for posting this. Can you give a bit more Intel for me when it crashs. It crashs when it load the map or crash it after a while ingame?
  12. UPDATE 1.5.2 Released

    What ???? I know that we set 1 wall to NOTinAI by my advice (at a mosque building) because the vehicles will stuck there. The vehiclenavmesh go through it but not the infantry navmesh. Doesnt matter. Still working on the staticobjects.con for a new navmesh.
  13. UPDATE 1.5.2 Released

    The main problem is that some spawnpoints (who allows both : human and bots to spawn) are not placed on the navmesh. Not sure yet, but i think the polish faction isn't the problem. 2nd problem but isn't really a problem (for me gamebreaking) : humans can spawn everywhere at each flag without needing any FOB
  14. Arma 3 - Intro

    Next ArmA 3 Event i'm in. Gotten my shit not sorted in time last days.
  15. Hello I'm VODKA Jersans

    Playing with you since i play PR on =VG= coop server. Idk why but i can still remember our first gamesessions on Ramiel back in 2010.