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  1. The whole ai for bots and vehicles need an overhaul or better said better categorized with their strategicStrength values and temperatures but prioritizing camping targets isn't possible. The tank.ai should also be deadly as the one shot infantry bots.
  2. When you go for a new desk in a shape of a cockpit nose? What is that box on the 2nd screen? I mean, what kind of controller is it? Self made or you can buy that thing? Fucking AWESOME.
  3. Song in this vid is awesome and after seeing this i should install my ARmA3 again.
  4. Motherboard and CPU is from 2010. But you pretty right Semler. New Motherboard and new PCU would be better. I did not invest more money last years for one reason. The variety of games i like. I'm strictly against the newer BF series (3+). No ModSuppoort - no money from me. All games that i play (except SQUAD) runs fine. ArmA2/3 runs finem League of Legends runs fine, PR runs fine ............ I still wait for my game that fits to me.
  5. On my machine it also runs not smooth. Is my machine so bad that it can run this game smooth? Or is it about my AMD Processors?
  6. @timestamp 14.20 the thingy with the compass and the deviation on top of the triangle ......... never noticed
  7. Hi DirtyDevil69, when SQUAD offers one day coop / bot support, i'm sure we will host one day a server for it. We couldn't fill up a PvP server because we haven't the community for it. There are also enough EMPTY PvP servers at the moment. Greetings, FJ
  8. You looking for teamplay ... its the right place here, Sir. Welcome to Veterans-Gaming.
  9. Old Ramiel with one techie .... and the best part was the complains about getting tk'ed.
  10. Irl, the harrier would crash or not? What would happen with the turbines when water comes in? FYI a harrier is not a jetski or speedboat. About waterlevel and damagedelays. I dont know how it works. It works like the damage casued interval per ??? time. He was with the whole cockpit underwater. I'm sure that are atleast 0.5 meter. The deepwater level damage starts at 1.5 meter. The harrier can fly/vectorthrusting 0.49 meter underwater and get NO DAMAGE and at 0.5 meter - 1.49 meter only the lighter damage variant and after this 1.49m, so 1.5 meter, he get the hard damagevariant. What tell's your common sense bro Forgot to mention: I believe he got damage but maybe the repairicon bugged out. Known issue.
  11. http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f26-pr-bf2-bugs/146166-dolphin-diving-harriers.html Seems to me he didn't catch the point with the plane under water and closed the thread. He said: But i meant something completely different. ObjectTemplate.armor.hpLostWhileInWater 200 ObjectTemplate.armor.hpLostWhileInDeepWater 400 ObjectTemplate.armor.waterDamageDelay 1 ObjectTemplate.armor.deepWaterDamageDelay 30 ObjectTemplate.armor.waterLevel 0.5 ObjectTemplate.armor.deepWaterLevel 1.5
  12. I was so friendly and reported this dolphin diving harrier BUG to the Reality forums.
  13. Hello again my loyal troops ... ok jokes beside. Longtime no update but i was still working on gaza. I was also busy with some stuff that get added later (goodies) and also helped out some Reality Devs. Next patch, i know, will improve the botside and also improves later the coop insurgency gamemode. I promised not to leak informations but it's nice. About Gaza: I made a new GPO layout for the 128 and 64 layer, edited some StrategicAreas and made them takeable for both teams. The 16 and 32 layer got removed. I will make new ones with an Opfor insurgency - Blufor base defense scenario. Blufor get a capturable base in the middle of the city. I also added an ammocache_ai to the ammocache and hope that the spawn behaviour get improved. My tests discovered that the objects.ai temperature increase the StrategicAreas temperature so i get hopefully the bots faster in the spawned ammocache SA location. I made a better bipod and tow layout for the layers. Bipods are still good but they are now on lower positions (not all) so they cant engage the humanplayers from far far away. Added also increased spawntimes and delayed spawns at roundstart. Server is updated and run the latest version but before you download anything remove all gaza_insurgency testmaps from the levelsfolder. I found 2 more bugs that could crash a server so the old versions aren't good. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ieltjzbavbpdroh/gaza_insurgency.zip?dl=0 Peace out, FJ
  14. Happy Birthday Bro - have a nice day :smiley-says-happy-birthday:

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      Thanks Matey. Much Obliged. I have cake and pastry waiting for tonight!!! LOL!!