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  1. Finally he got the message with Check out other forums. I already loaded Ramadi into the editor but sometimes my EDITOOOOOOR crashs. Maybe something corrupted by adding the mapcontent to the editor. Is there a new building inside or something else? Aslong Double got no crashs, everything is fine. Editor seems more like to crash when i move quckly through the map, idk. ASK THE TOPMAPPERS a QUESTION: 1. How many maps you scratched because of it fit not to PR STANDARDS? 2. You also making maps that aren't based on reallife locations? Like FREEMIND maps, doesn't matter if it exists in reallife or not but the gameplay will be amazing? @Double: You want to make your first navmesh on it?
  2. Seriously??? You can change navmeshes serverside??? Damn, few hours to late. Rabbit released for testing Ramadi but he didn't maked a GPO for coop because he didn't navmeshed it. Melon for excample, if Ramadi had for coop GPO's but no navmesh and we would make a navmesh, every who had Ramadi without navmesh could play on the navmeshed server version? Good to know. What about pushing clantags to one side? You know something about this?
  3. About what Melon said in the other thread. Isn't there a option in the python to place predifend clantags to one site? When yes, it should be possible to push all bots with all clantag that starts with [R-DEV] and [R-Con] to team 1 or i'm wrong?
  4. All CLIENTs need this line too sofar i understood VOID advices but i check again maybe i'm wrong but i still have his PM's. Melon, is there a way that VG and PR Coop wortking together (getting special permissions) and we make the modifícations/ai improvements and the DEVs or you COPY&CAT it to the core when it's better as the current? We can work and TEST quicker as the Devteam. At the end, we want improvements for the game we all like. The PR DevCrew can focus on their priorities meanwhile we make improvements and also having fun.
  5. @Melon I take this as an excuse. All is fine. About serverside modding: I got it how it works. When we want to change something, like positions from spawnpoints or whatever, we have todo it in the editor, writing the new position datas from our changes and go back to the original serverfile and add the new position datas from the changes down. @[R-DEV] Melonmuncher: Is it possible to add to the next coming patch BACKDOORS for our =VG= community to make it more easy to modifying serverside objectspawners and spawnpoints by adding all DEFAULT tweaklines in the coop GPO's for EVENTS? Same please, for the StrategicAreas.ai files for all coop map layers with the ObjectTypeFlags for StrategicAreas. When ESAI isn't used and the aidefaultstrategies doesn't include any Special ai codes that recognizes such OTF's will also cause nothing. Modders, or some guys who like to host a coop server because they like the game the same as you, are able to add better logic by changing the aidefaultstrategies serverside. Without adding uncalled EXTRA OTF's, we also cannot FIX ESAI on our own. 2nd, var v_custombots fileManager.fileExists Objects/AI/behaviour.ai -> v_custombots if v_custombots == 1 run Objects/AI/behaviour.ai else [-INSERT DEFAULT AIBEHAVIORS.AI CODE HERE-] endif would it be possible to add this to the aibehaviours.ai? It is required to be in the core sofar i understand or better any CLIENT must have this. That's a THING we cant do own our own but the rest. With that, you know, it would give potentialy new community mappack creators the option to integrate their own ai.behaviours.ai in their created community maps or mapvariants. Nothing will or get hurt to any PR STANDARDS SETUPS. Nothing. It opens only a (BACK)door for the community modders/mappers. Than we are able todo that on our own. @Melon Dont take this wrong or as insult but atleast with adding the 2nd option the community can do things without Managment approvements. @=VG= and all others : Sorry, we dont come further. Any effort to improve coop from VG or PR community side seems to be doomed. Should we try to create a =VG= mappack and risking with a locked server our playerbase? Atleast we tried ourself. Here are enough people that are able to build full COOP functional GPO's that fit our interrests. With a own mappack, we can make changes without approvements that doesn't fit to PR STANDARDS. Only the sad fact with the locked server rule. I see no other exit. Why wasting more energy and continoue this. I'm also already so down and losing also interest in insurgency. Without solid base, no solid gameplay and i dont mean misplaced ai.files. Maybe we should HIRE Rabbit for creating new impressive coop maps. His maps has atleast the best chances to be downloaded by the Pubs.
  6. It wasn't directed directly to you Melon. It was directed to the PR team as a whole. The whole crew who DECIDE things! That what i post is also not bitching from me. I'm only responsible for what i write and not what you or someone else understand. Dont interpret any harsh whispering evil sounds or voices in my posts. When i directing something to you, i talk directly to you and use your name. Because i'm not sitting next to god and also not being his consultant, no, i didn't knew that there was a problem. But i only wrote i dont understand it. Where i came from is "not understanding something" not hostile or moaning. Also for you info ....... If you have beef with TEDF or Double or who ever because of some comments i saw above ....... i dont know anything and i also dont understand your reaction. I'm looking forward to TEDF's changes because he AND others are absolutely right about the shitload of vehicles for humans on a map. It's to much. Arguments like, both teams must setup balanced only to be able to play on both sides doesn't work well on me. ONE layer would be enough for this PR STANDARDS. 3 layers still left. One goes for skirmish. 2 left. STD and ALT. I dont know how much the MOD screwed some things that belongs to SinglePlayer when you talk about userinterface. Question: You know that BF2 was never designed to have SinglePlayer? You know they used a cheapy hack method to allow sp1,sp2,sp3 layers?
  7. I know what mean with saying this. I'm also a bit dissapointed atm. I requested only 1 thing ... the random python for bipods and other deployable stuff. Still waiting for an anser like YES or NO. Sux a little bit. With that coop would be great again and coop insurgency with all concepts are done. Other things has more priority. @ TEDF and serverside modding options: Can you change the temperature values of soldierclasses and vehicles without crashing the serverfiles?
  8. @Double: That works only when we make for excample our own mappack. I cannot add things to original maps ... not with serverside modding. Maybe we should try it again. Some years are gone. Isn't so that they know everything. The Devteam could create multiple layers for coop and singleplayer like 128 , 64 , 32 ,16 , sp1 , sp2 , sp3. I never understood why having kokan and kokan_sp in the core build. Atleast 2 layers could be sacrificed for an asymetrical asset layout.
  9. Can someone post our bot seetings, please? What is our TeamratioPercentage? Botcount?
  10. project reality

    About claimable LogiTruck or atleast one of them. A proper named Mortar Infantry squad should claim a LogiTruck automatically without mentioning it in the squadname. Make sense or not?
  11. Problem with most apc's is that they use the ATGM's and autocannon's at the same RANGE but having different priorities against targets or one weapon overrules the 2nd weaponchoice. You need different Range settings for each weaponsystem to get the bots cycle through all weaponsystems. Nice. I dont get what you mean with AT vehicles. You mean a TOW or Spandrel? Wouldn't rockets a little bit more mercyfully and giving the autocannon ai only priority to helicopters xD Nice. Nice. Nice. Please same for officer kits with th thermal smoke on a closer distance. TEDF, all what you listened sounds really nice but how you modify the ai.files in the zips ??? Serverside Modding???
  12. I dont know where you came from or who you are but ..... your brilliant. In all this trouble i totally forgot about this defensive systems for AI. Here some possible answers: In BF2nilla, the bots are rigged to use the PIFlareFire (X-Button) for the countermeasures like flares for air vehicles or smoke for the bigger ground vehicles (APC,Tank). Those countermeasures are in Rerfractor technically weapons. This weapon is not selectable via ItemIndex. You can have 3 active weaponsystems that's get fired with PIFire (left mousebutton), PIAltFire (right mousebutton) and PIFlareFire (X Button) without switching/selecting any other kind of weapon. You have in BF2nilla only the main cannon, a coax gun and the smokelauncher but you never had zoom remember? All FireInput Commands are used. Also keep in mind the gunner was also the driver. PR-BF2 doing it in a different way. First, they using driver and gunner. The PIFlareFire is for zoom in most cases for ground vehicles in the gunner position. The DEVS added a fakeweapon (zoomweapon) with zoom that is designed to shoot AND zoom at the same time with the X-Button but the fakeweapon got also a commandline to IGNORE the PIFlareFire (X) fire command input so at the end you get only the zoom. So, the gunner was able to use the main cannon, the coax and the zoom. They gave the countermeasures to the driverposition (0.97) and later they removed it from the driver and gave it to the gunner but the gunner had to select the smokelauncher via ItemIndex because all FireInputs are already in use. The bots can use only the smokelauncher/flares when they are aware about it that someone use a weapon against them. The weaponsystem that aims at the botvehicle MUST send a warning signal to the bot so bot know what's going on. Bots doing it in choppers because they can hear the LockOn. No PR ground vehicle have this warning sound and i think the DEVs will not implement this for coop. It would be possible to give that to vehicles with an empty soundfile. Humans couldn't hear it ingame but a bot get the message secretly. I believe, this PIFlareFire command is hardcodded for the AI and the need it on the X-button. When not hardcodded, it needs atleast the right object.ai and weapon.ai to work properly - i mean the whole vehicle. As i said. We need pure bot factions with pure bot vehicles and pure bot weapons. The DEVs would giving a shit about how the _sp vehicles are tweaked because they never use it sofar i know and when they really using it in VehicleWarfare than lets make our own pure bot assets.
  13. The thing, why bots doesn't work well on maps (doesn't matter if ESAI used or not) is the basic temperatures of all stuff in the ai including SA temperatures. This is totally fucked up. About the wrong used ai.templates. Ok that can happen. Some modder modifying stuff without informing the PRSP team. Biggest problem is that some ai files are located in the vehicles folder and some using the generic templates from the weaponrange folder but this generics templates aren't synchron with the weapon loadout and itemindexes/Firecommand buttons of some vehicles. Here my 2cents : Coop AI need a complete overhaul starting from ai behaviour setup, weapons- and object.ai and temperatures. It would be better having the focus on pure bot factions vs human factions instead keeping the current system with hybrid faction. (human and bots using the same stuff).
  14. project reality

    We should make really a Rule how many asset per Infantry squad is allowed and how may people are required for using a asset. Rolling alone with a TOW humvee and only to park it on Muttrah docks and shoot all vehicles that using the coastelroad shouldn't be allowed. Last time i tried to play a Humvee squad with the TOW humvee on Muttrah. Another guy picked it before i was able to get it and told me boring story about TOW humvee not claimable. I wished him much fun and saw how his fucking squad rolling away with 1xTOW-Humvee, 2x50cal Humvees and a LogiTruck. I yelled at him and forced him to bring back one Humvee or else. 2nd Tow Humvee spawn got picked up by Solo Random guy. He used it only for transport and jumped everytime out to protect the humvee vs. botfire (bots don't shoot at unmanned vehicles). I yelled in the SL Channel who the fuck using the TOW as transport-only and took it away from the SoloGuy. I would suggest max 2 light assets for Infantry squads. Sorry to tell this but hording 4 vehicles is a NO-GO under my administration
  15. project reality

    In my opinion - MECH INF goes for APC. Double mentioned already the Armored RUSH tactic at roundstart. We should focus more on teamplay. To much rounds are boring for 80% of the server population because of botfarming APC'S , TANKS and CAS assets.