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  1. He is indeed the best of us. Because of him i 'm a =VG= member.
  2. Disagree on this. If Medic dies the MedicKit get lost.
  3. And? How its going? I am looking forward to this the whole time.
  4. Haha, my brother has this game and don't like it. Now it's mine. Installing now.
  5. Hi Murder, you must insert the =VG= tag yourself in the profile settings. Shoot a pm to Semler, he can look into your privileges as clanmember.
  6. Welcome to =VG= I think you a good player and fit in on our servers. Make you familiar with our serverrules or how the report things working. Greetz Fastjack
  7. project reality

    Sofar i know was one guy from BFSP (nadvgia) able to run the Falkland map in SP mode. The game didnt crashed because of the missing navmesh and the bots didnt died on the static island. http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18927
  8. Semler, your totally right. It would be so unrealistic at all. I believe a flipped Tank would be ordered back to base and not send into a battle. You cannot simulate damages like broken wheel, tracks or damaged turretweapons like the barrel or optical sensors and things that could also break when you flip it.
  9. I really thought i doing crazy things like standing 11 meters high on a small beam in our warehouse racks without any secure harness with rope etc. but THIS IS AWESOME. You did nice things, sir.
  11. I think Meiz have the right ones. I had only Street 2
  12. And i appreciate your help, but when these old versions getting around in the public again it can cause problems in the future when TEDF have done the rework and release his versions. People who had installed the old ones have to delete it before they install TEDF's ones and sometimes people dont know that and accidently combining old with new and arent able to join the server because of modified content error. You remember why we renamed karbala to karbalb ? Different mapversion with same name cannot exist in the same place. That's the reason i said: stop please, and not STOP. Each of this map can be reworked and goes full functionally. Street 2 have only modcontent in the map made by Spyker. He copied a faction and gave them different kits and camopattern. Fixing an invisible soldier isn't a problem. Call the right team in the init.con or init_sp.con and you get the normal soldiers with working textures and kitgeometrie of the current version. All of them can be fixed. Give TEDF the time to figure out what all must be fixed and you get the mappack. Quality instead of quantity. I ask TEDF what he is missing. I check my other HDD and look if i have a backup of it. I have also the old 0.97 version on it so i have everything that is missing.
  13. project reality

    All the same navmeshes from the coop maps. When you make a new layout, you dont need to navmesh it. Navmeshing is done once and than its final.
  14. Sofar i remember, we never got in time the pool flag because the Opfor ran out of tickets What the map made nearly impossible was the spawn distances of the bots to the captured flags. Also the amount of flags that was unlocked and attackable at the same time was hard to handle. Maybe we can handle it now with 8man squads better.
  15. I love you too.