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  1. Happy Birthday Bro - have a nice day :smiley-says-happy-birthday:

    1. WCCBadploy


      Thanks Matey. Much Obliged. I have cake and pastry waiting for tonight!!! LOL!!

  2. I'm also not a fan of these BALANCE changes from the past but you can still kill players with it at the edge of the viewdistance (Basrah as excample) without risking to get shot by RPG's or LAT's. About the start up speed. You so right. I cannot understand when i compare other APC's with it (M113 / Namer / Bradley, Puma, Boragh, BMP's; maybe all other APC's with tracks). @Inch Another WoW from me. Thumbs up !
  3. Hi and welcome to Veterans-Gaming.
  4. WTF.....!!!! That's really really n1ce
  5. Hey my dear Project Reality and Veterans-Gaming friends, today i will post some things about PRBF2 Modding, only to show you how i make things and how you could make things with some advices and help. Last day i'm spending much time in the BF2 Editor and try to create and modify PR content for coop. Sometimes i FAIL (ambush_pco's) and sometimes i'm successfully. Veterans-Gaming proudly presents the MK19 gunner for the abrams tank Dont ask how much times the Editor crashed because my inabilty of attention when renaming codelines or simple forgetting some. Works like a charm and dont looks shitty. I was forced to clone the us_tnk_m1a2_alt tank and the us_tnk_m1a2_alt_M2Cupola machinegun PCO to get this to work. You have to know some things about tanks. Tanks have a turret and the turret has also a Cupola (the M2 gunner seat). Part 1 : Create a folder with the new vehicle name. Go to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr_edit\objects\vehicles\land\us_tnk_m1a2 and copy/paste the original us_tnk_m1a2_alt templates, into your new folder. We using this templates as base for our modifications. Copy also the us_tnk_m1a2_m2cupola folder into the new folder. This is the 50cal weapon of the machinegunner You can see in the confile that the us_tnk_m1a2_m2cupola codeline is called. We need later for our tank also a new cupola with the MK19 weaponsystem. Original us_tnk_m1a2_alt.con Original us_tnk_m1a2_alt.tweak Before we open the us_tnk_m1a2_alt.con and us_tnk_m1a2_alt.tweak file we rename it to our new name (us_tnk_m1a2_vg.con / us_tnk_m1a2_vg.tweak). Look at my pRo PaInT marks on the pic. Now we open the new us_tnk_m1a2_vg.con file with notepad and using the Search&Replace option (CTRL+H). We search all codelines with the original name us_tnk_m1a2_alt and replace it with the new name us_tnk_m1a2_vg Two codelines should never changed because they calling engine-wise the geometry and collisionmeshes of the vehicle. Our clone still use the same geometries and collision model from the original so dont touch it. ObjectTemplate.collisionMesh us_tnk_m1a2 ObjectTemplate.geometry us_tnk_m1a2 The us_tnk_m1a2_vg.con The us_tnk_m1a2_vg.tweak Everything that had the name us_tnk_m1a2_alt before is changed to us_tnk_m1a2_vg. As you can see, i already choose a name for the us_tnk_m1a2_m2cupola (us_tnk_m1a2_mk19Cupola) the replacement for the M2 machinegunner. The Base at the end of the cupola codeline is a engine mechanic. Part 2 : Now lets make a clone of the us_tnk_m1a2_m2cupola. Here we doing the same Search&Replace method to rename the old codelines that belonged to the name us_tnk_m1a2_m2cupola to us_tnk_m1a2_mk19Cupola Original us_tnk_m1a2_m2cupola.tweak Now we have to look for the part that defines the weapon from the cupola in this tweak. This coloured codelines defines the weaponsystem and the position on the cupola - The M2 This redlined codelines get removed, because the mk19 weaponsystem has already an ammobox attached to it The bluelined codelines get replaced with the right ammobelt and positions. The new weapon define for the cupola lool like this : ObjectTemplate.addTemplate us_agl_mk19 ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0.0769789/0.0750696/0.207385 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate agl_mk19_ammo ObjectTemplate.setPosition -0.270611/0.0785801/0.322726 ObjectTemplate.setRotation 90.9/0/-0.799999 Original us_tnk_m1a2_m2cupola.con Final tweak and con file of the us_tnk_m1a2_mk19cupola
  6. You should also know, the Devs currently working on better flightphysics for choppers and not all got an nice update. The low horizontal speed makes you always a perfect target for many things. You should also not feel bad when you got shotdown by a Stinger or other AA missile because the settings and damage output and explosionradius are to OP vs. airvehicles. Excluding the StarStreak's = they 're shitty / when you die through them you are an NOOB It makes not anymore fun to play airvehicles. Enemy manpad, rightclick, leftclick, BLACKSCREEN. Doesn't matter how good you will be one day.
  7. I also checked after the 2 rounds coop insurgency that our main server was nearly empty. I checked the player names of GMA and 90% of those player names are totally unknown to me. Cannot believe that our playerbase would hide their names. Why they should? I think we get more success with the testserver by advertising it on our Homepage and on Project Reality Homepage, server messages etc.. Also our SL's could talk to new players ingame if they are interrested in such things. Best excample : Look how Double_13 doing it. He go to the people he know and ask and sweettalk them. HaterOne have also much influence of the regular player base. I could talk with the guys from Greystone International. They also like our coop server. Some guys also asked me time ago in Deployment when the coop insurgency gamemode goes in testingstage. I think One Well Written Semlerpost in the PR forum could be really effective with supporting comments from our community. PR haven't the biggest community anymore but our one is growing . I heared democracy works mostly for the bigger crowd.
  8. Taking down the main server? I have shared feelings about this. Maybe there are also people who dont want play coop ins and want more to fly assets or want to bash tankshells across the map because they are in moods for it. Coop insurgency or Insurgency coop (what sounds better?) has no heavy assets. Shutting down the MAIN could cause that they go to another coop server and fly or tank there.
  9. project reality

    WOW. You have all, my respect sir. You should really make a BLOG with exactly such Entries. When i remember right you already made such a post about technical information about this kind of TOY's. I love the quality of this post. Including many pictures with variants, technical datas, WIKI infos and that all compact by Veterans-Gaming. With the BLOG option you would have everything together and not spreaded in the forums. Give iit such funny names like Almanach of Firepower or Toom of Tanks.
  10. My god we got so hard raped! Couldn't count how much times the whole squad got wiped. We tried more than 1 hour to destroy the first ammocache! Placed 5 Fobs across the map. 3 Fobs always overrunned. Funniest and scariest moment entering with the boat the harbour. The bots already was waitng on us with apc and 2 technicals and a shitload of infantry. We died in seconds. I was so hard laughing. Gaza is nearly done. Found 2 small bugs but i'm really happy about these result. Lashkar was also funny but not so difficult like gaza.
  11. Grozny must be navmeshed first. In my opinion, it's to small navmeshed for coop insurgency. Like al sbeneh region. Best places aren't navmeshed like the stalingrad ruins. I think this static was made without col.3 meshes. I have to rebuild the whole ruin with navmesh statics. Playing virtual brickfield (LEGO). Here some Editor pics, for a better understanding.
  12. Download the map, unzip it into the levels folder, start PR, look into serverlist, enter password fastjack and play.
  13. Hi folks, I was bored and needed some diversity for coop ins. I made a lashkar insurgency version with another SA layout design much, simpler as in gaza, to test how it works on those kind of maps bwith much vegetation and smaller villages. Lashkar dont gave me with the current navmesh much options/diversity for ammocache locations. I updated gaza insurgency and added the 2seater boragh to it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejzo4sv8mxiqxmu/lashkar_insurgency.zip?dl=0 Lashkar Insurgency download https://www.dropbox.com/s/zg8lllu8mh9hdfn/gaza_insurgency.zip?dl=0 Gaza Insurgency map update (Remove any former Gaza insurgency testmaps !!!) Both maps are installed on the DEV2 testserver. Serverpassword : fastjack Install Instructions:1) Download the file 2)locate your PR levels directory, (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\levels) 3) Extract the downloaded zip file into pr\levels using winzip, winrar, 7zip etc.4) Run PR 5) Create a local coop game and check that the event maps are in your maplist 6)If they are you're good to go for the event
  14. Hi and welcome to Veterans-Gaming. Noticed you on our coop insurgency test. You was my machinegunner and the only one who saw the tow on the ship in the harbour. Thank you for your involvement.
  15. Last 2 or 3 days he is busy writing PM's with me. Could take a while.