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  1. PR VG-COOP attempt to debug the CAS out of map issue

    I heared it happens only on our server and other server run well .... ... but why the other server admins dont share their knowledge on the PR site so everyone can setup a coop server to play coop where he want to play it without the mapcrashs? Thanks for your efforts Temp Assistent but i would ask SSG (only as excample) what kind of settings they use because they have the FIXED PUBLIC COOP SERVER in their name so i would ask them if they have modified any files that belongs to the OutofBounds crashs or ask the other coop server admins what they do because we are the only ones the get this servercrash. When you find a working layout/setting or the rootcause of this bug ,please post it up in the Project Reality forums Have you any information for us about a special settings that belongs to the map edge crashes OutofBounds?
  2. Hell of a night with a bunch old dudes.

    Wow, that's a longtime ago TowerDuck. Nice to see ya back if you remember us.
  3. PR Chopper-sound-bug

    Kokan happens because of the low viewdistance of 500 meter. Heli maps should have atleast 800 meter viewdistance and for jets are 1000 meter viewdistance or the soundbug occurs. Kashan have 1000m VD so i dont understand why it happens. to be continued
  4. PR Chopper-sound-bug

    Can someone give me informations about on which maps the chooper sound bugs happen? I know that kokan has this problem but how it looks with other maps? I'm currently tracking down a rootcause and how it can be fixed.
  5. PR Chopper-sound-bug

    PR have some problems with NetworkableInfos. NetworkableInfo is needed for excample if a turret moves/turns or weapon fire , each player can see that it moved/turned or fired. Same for projectiles. AFAIK, R-Dev Arab working on the networkableInfos for projectiles and i think he get it fixed. As i worked on CoopInsurgency, i saw the vehicle exhaust somethimes also through the walls. If you get the invisible groundsurface bug, you should reassign your screen resolutions like changes from 1920x1080 to another value and back. This should fix it. Maybe this will help you with the smokethroughwall bug.
  6. Napalm

    Warcrimes. Which nation isn't guilty of that?
  7. Napalm

    No, that's not allowed. You can get quickly problems with dat police if you walk around with a gun-looking toy. Also paintball rules are horrible because paintball is the reason why people ran amok in schools - atleast for the politicans. Rules for firearm sports are also horrible because they are all killers - atleast for the politicans. That with the flamethrower wasn't a joke from me.
  8. Napalm

    Sofar i know, in MERICA is a flamethrower not a weapon and legal to buy.
  9. New PR events ?

    Sounds nice but i'm sure you and all others would regret this. I know, it's only coop but i'm the meaning of bots can hit better as humans.
  10. Sometimes PR bugs become weird

    Known Engine Bug. First time seen in BF2 vanilla (2005). Isn't a fault from PR.
  11. Flags wont show up

    So if i understand right, you start a local coop game and only neutral flags are shown but not captured one right? You had also problems with the Squadleader Bug? Can you keep an eye of this, if you get one day the SL Bug with your alterations?
  12. Editing

    If you really want to do something for Project Reality, start learning how to make maps or better start how to create maps that are designed for coop. All the EDITING stuff to change things on existing maps will excite you only for few days, believe me. Follow the upper links and learn how to setup pr_edit and the Bf2 Editor. When you get this done, i can give you some advice how you create coopmaps and what you have to focus on to create a nice gameplay map.
  13. Merry Christmas!

    Merry christmas to everyone
  14. Star Trek or Star Wars?

    First thing that came into my mind was this:
  15. New Khami

    About assets. First i thought was you creating an VW layer for coop but i know you and i think you will force longer rounds by more combined vehicle infantry action. I believe the amount of botassets get drained when the bots losing flags, right ? About US mainbase. Finally the playerside cant cross the bridge when it got destroyed. Maybe you will see some Logi action building CSB's. Hope you putting not to much human assets into this layer so you force the team to use as many deployable assets as possible (deployable TOW's- MG's and mortars). I would give the US side the northern bridge-head and delete the grey flag but only with expireable rallypoints so a small amount of infantry start fighting about the bridge and the city entrance. Gameplay should be like this: Early game - Infantry squads must fight over the bridge and main city and have to fortify south city entrance against the next vehicle attack wave. Mid game - Trans, Tanks and APC's spawning, heading southcity entrance, picking up troops and make their way to trainstation. Here they build up firebases at the northern and eastern part of trainstation. CAS spawns. Late game - CAS maybe will not survive when the tanksquad haven't their focus on Anti Air vehicles. After Bunker complex got captured, the main attacking force starts heading the factory or whatever it is and the southern trainstation FOB reinforcing the last attacks. Looks well.. Give the bots long delayed mortar batteries and zis-3 cannons for the bunker complex and factory so CAS makes more sense end game and tanks and apc's cannot rush the last flags without airsupport. For a fully 40 player server against 40 bots i suggest following vehicle layout. 4x m1a2 tanks (delayed so infantry have the first fun before the tank starts whoring the battlefield) 2x m2a2 IFV's (delayed, should be used as MECH INF - maybe should make a mech inf rule about LRG layers) 2x TOW humvees (no delay, job is to arive safely the southcity entrance to defend it with help of deployables against the first incoming vehicle waves) 2x Static TOW's (spawns at southcity to help against the vehicle waves) 2x Trans huey's (spawn is triggered when the last cityflag is captured) 2x A10's (triggered by capturing the trainstation. No one stay's and wait in base for their assets. they have to work for it) 2x Logitrucks 6x uparmored 50cal. Humvees (for the early game) CAS choppers doesn't make sense against the amount of enemy AA vehicles. They are to slow in my opinion.