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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fhff4wplupzisvi/gaza_insurgency.rar?dl=0 That's the dropbox link for Gaza Insurgency. Download the file and unpack it in your levelsfolder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\levels
  2. I think we should make an pure vehicle warfare layer for ........ ...... but for which map? Or we must make deployment event for vehicle warfare. The only formation i always see with tanks is on kadashian desert on the hilltops or on the way to enemy main.
  3. Grenadier is a must on each urban map in deployment. Best Tshape cleaning toolkit you can have. Favorite kit on Muttrah. AR's are better on forestmaps. Machinegunner kit is better in my opinion when you want to lock down (camping) an area for longer time like on top of fallujah's gates, service station or russian appartment buildings. More about squad formations. Look how difficult it is atm. to keep apc's closer to infantry to give them firesupport (its also an formation but rarely seen).
  4. My opinion about squad formation : It doesn't make sense in coop or not at the current stage of coop. I remember the old Karbala 0.9. Bots spawned these times at a medium distance around the flag (carpark) and your squad was forced to cover each direction. Today they coming mostly from direction next flag/mainbase on many maps. Few maps are exceptions like Sbeneh. It makes more sense in deployment. SL shouldn't play the role as the point man. Medics stay behind. The LAT/HAT always move with an rifleman on one flank, with distance to the squad.
  5. How you will kill an enemy apc or how you laze a bigger target for CAS and how you want to take out a FOB/Hideout/Ammocache/mortarpit?
  6. To much specialkits. When you have good squadmates you dont need a second medic. Replace it with a rifleman for the second shot for the LAT. When you have a machinegunner in the squad you dont need an automatic rifleman. Replace also with a rifleman for the LAT or ammo for the MG. LAT and MG kits running quick out of ammo.
  7. introduction

    Welcome to Veterans-Gaming. Currently we really low on Arma players but maybe you can help us with that a ittle bit.
  8. Happy Birthday Digga. Hope you make it well. :drag_02:

  9. Happy belated Birthday (11-7) bro.
  10. Teejay, what's wrong? Has your decision todo with the PM you send me end oif march?
  11. Welcome back
  12. Salute, keep our aerospace safe, sir
  13. The direction you drive. Is that DOWNHILL? I imagine when all the secure material rips and this MAGNET rolling down the roads. HOW many tons?
  14. For all info, i suggest to choose games with modsupport.