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  1. For all info, i suggest to choose games with modsupport.
  2. prbf2 coop insurgency gamemode

    I posted it in the forums. http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f311-coop-singleplayer/142001-pr-coop-insurgency-gamemode-kokan.html What they think about it, i dont know but some guys offered me help and i got an map from Rabbit.
  3. project reality

    Sometimes, i see rounds, without any communication at all. After a while, you know player names and when you join a server and see much names on the opponent team, this tactic works . PR player having similiar behaviour like bots in coop.
  4. project reality

    This tactic works sometimes also in Deployment
  5. prbf2 coop insurgency gamemode

    Here 30 minutes of gameplay.
  6. Hope we cya one day back, bro

  7. Another Coop Insurgency playtest with the new Gaza_2. ..... and currently working on the killing an civilian Intel. In humans vs. bots mode, i have to change only 1 codeline in the python and it works. In Coop, human/bots vs. bots i have to make a complete specifiec class behaviour setup for the Opfor and Blufor bots, so the Blufor bots only will use the arresting weapons (ziptie, shotgun, etc.) against civies.
  8. No it's not true, please, don't tell me Martin baited every newbie to revive the dead soldier static and they tried it?
  9. Because your choice is important sir. Because the others want a shitload of heavy assets only to drive to the fronts, raping incomming enemy vehicles that leaving the base. wasting assets multiple times (without consequences !!!). The other few teamplay orientated infantry players want a better gameplay, where both (infantry and vehicles) trying to play the game as it has should to be played. Together and not this arcade lonewolf deathmatch style we currently have on some maps. Loading in first, create super asset squad, rape and die, continoue with asset wasting because there are enough on the map. With less assets, less rules getting broken like baserape, assetwasting or the "dont care about the others" When you want also some changes but dont want to hurt the others feelings, than please dont vote for some maps/layers. when you mean it isnt good. Dont give the others you vote.
  10. You can make nice things with Kashan, TEDF. But atm. you right.
  11. In my opinion, he would fit into an admin job, must not be a full admin but light admins are always welcome. Sidenote: I know him better as some guys i voted YES for. That is a good point from Zzang. I mentioned in your (Seekin) last disruptive player report that we need people who are NICE admins with good repuation. I suggest, lets wait a bit more time, for my =VG= mates to get trust in you. You already have mine but seems to ....... ah, lets wait the next polls.
  12. I will look into this.
  13. Kit Restriction is messed up. Deployable Assets spawn in finalstate. Deathtimer really short. TOW humvee messed up. Only when you go into max zoom the thermal turns off. I got the info its already versions ago messed up. But the teamplay on our server is better as in Deployment
  14. I cant understand this too. They eliminated BOTH options to recover a broken helo and with that another aspect of teamwork. You can save a soldier ticket but not anymore the tickest that a transbird cost. T(h)anks for that.