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CNJ Jonathan

My Return

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So finally after many months away im finally returning and im elated. Im starting my Ready Reserve which will greatly free up my time and i will be on from today. Hope to see you all.


The action is about to begin.


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Hey, mah man here. Welcome back-!!! :P Glad to see you here again-


Being busy lately, but will be around in forums (some projects)

Looking forward to meet you again some time, catch you up later ;)


- Inch

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Greetings from the sea, C N J fellow globe trotter  : ) and  my cyber bot node calculators  im back on land in a week or two, joy a PC, good queen sized bed, with fresh white bed sheets,  that is firmly rooted to the earth, and absolutely no chance of death  butterfly's that wont bite or sting you, and food you don't need to fight with to eat  its been four months or so, and yes i have missed you all,  work was easy here, in 7000 islands, shallow clean water, good equipment mostly Nitrox  gas to breath lots of extra oxygen. good pay, and all the fish you can eat  i even took a whole 2 months off to hang out, eat like a pig, and service a long line of hot women from around the world  double plus good   cant wait to boot up the old beast PC, fiber optic line gets turned on 5th of May.  and i haven't been burglarized as i purged my area before i left hahahahahah nice and all good  : ) 

Here are a few photos of my time away, it  will be good to be ruining about with more men, making loud noises, and braking things, that cost a lot on land, cant wait  : ) hope you all have been doing well. 

Joy peace prosperity   : ) 


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Heyyyy. My brother in crime is Back!!!! Whats up my friend. You should come burn off some of that fat on PR lol. Cant wait to see you in the server.


I had always remember our times together on the server. From acting all mature through the day and drinking and talking shit through the night into the "wee" hours of the morning. 

Cant wait to see you!! Welcome back brother 


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