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  1. Recent changes to webserver

    Certificate issuer field. I'm trying to persuade my company to use Let's Encrypt for Kubernetes certificates, but they are resistant... they want OV certificates because it looks more "professional".
  2. Recent changes to webserver

    +1 for Let's Encrypt
  3. COOP PvP ?

    Could we try playing COOP with players + bots on both sides? Some arguments for it: - Easier to seed maps with low pop - you get some bots to help you out. - Get to play Opfor. - Get to play more maps, which are very boring with bots on 1 side: Beirut, Saareemaa, Burning Sands etc - Harder difficulty - you don't know if enemy is a bot or human. - In general an interesting change to break up years of the same pattern. Veteran players know exactly what bots will do. - Other side gets to use area attack / deployables / smoke.
  4. Game Update

    This is from a year ago.
  5. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Can you crash the server if you are the only one on it? If the bug was related the number of players online, then I think this myth of VG being the only COOP server that crashes is because we always have the most people online.
  6. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    I did that in old BF2 with Python modding. It killed a player within a certain box area. Don't think the same is possible in PR. Also, killing the player doesn't do it - it's the vehicle that crashes the server. I once realized I won't make it and will fly sotuhbound, so I quickly suicided, and the F16 on Bijar still crashed it.
  7. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Can we resign people from CAS if we know that they are notorious for flying south and crashing? It's probably a worse disruption to the server than people TKing in main.
  8. How to play music in Mumble

    It was hilarious yesterday listening to Jersans speak. WWWHYYYYY CAAANNN IIIIII HEEAARR MMYYY OOWWWN VOOIIICEEE? SOOO WEEEIRD.
  9. How can I be an effective Squad Leader?

    1. Communicate. You must have a mic and be able to communicate with everyone effectively (not just your squad, but commander and other squads). 2. Before you can be an effective first-in-command, you need to learn how to be second-in-command. Help your Squad Leader - call out targets / directions / battlefield situation / where to find ammo / medic. SQL wants everyone in a vehicle? Help him get there by calling each squad member's attention to go. If SQL gives you a task, be competent in carrying it out without hand holding. 3. Know your squad - everyone's name, what kit they have, do you have medics with you, AR, LAT, Breacher, do they need medic / ammo / support, do they have a mic, if they don't - can they at least listen to orders. 4. Know your battlefield - where is the enemy, what is the next flag, should you attack or defend (its good to defend sometimes to let other squads attack), where is nearest repair / ammo / vehicle / medic / FoB. Call out any targets with directions where to find them, help medics find wounded by knowing your men's position, don't call TRANS / vehicles to dangerous spots. 5. Tell your squad early and often what the plan is - puts everyone on the same page, so they don't wander off or do something against your interests. For example: "When we cap this flag, I will call TRANS heli to take us to Bravo. Make sure you have ammo before we leave." or "We're going to defend this flag until Squad 1 neutralizes next flag."
  10. Mug Shots!

  11. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    This guy has a really nicely explained videos for people curious about airline pilot stuff. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpHKudUkP5tNgmMdexB3ow I have a question for CNJ: In your experience, what was the hardest airport to approach and land at, and why?
  12. Trying to sneak up on a bot vehicle in a nutshell

    Curb your terrorism.
  13. Are bots too easy?

    Spartanish is right. The spawn patterns have changed few months ago. It used to be the case that bots would spawn on the flags you are currently taking. Now they barely do.
  14. Are bots too easy?