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  1. Hope to see you again brother.
  2. Route E-106 has had that glitch since the 1.6 update.
  3. It actually stops everything, but once the enemy aircraft is inside the shield you are no longer immune to its fire
  4. Please standby for our administrators to unban you, since the last update our head admins have been very busy trying to fix the server. Hope you understand
  5. No CAS on Karbala Only Merville is in COOP, from what I've seen
  6. I'm in utter shock, he seemed so full of joy and always joking and around with with others, I wish him the best to his family and to you Hater since you were closer to him than any of us. I still can't believe it.
  7. In all my years playing with double13 or Sir_Evergreen and on this server I have never seen any admin abuse their power if they kick you its for a legitimate reason
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