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  1. take care out there bruh.
  2. welcome to the community!
  3. emergerd driver position still available
  4. Why you do this to me steam Q.Q
  5. as everyone said I don't want a commander giving me an order that I know wont work. being the commander is a big role to fill. I've done it a couple of times and not everyone will comply to your orders in many reasons. - they dont know you - your tactics have flaws - People already know what to do. - your irritating to hear on squad chat (yes this is a thing) xD - SL's what to have freedom to operate they're squads - they just plainly dont care about the commander. like Kave said Commander is just mainly for spotting and locating enemies on the map. here in coop as soon as you found out how to read the Bot movements its easy to make a plan and just redo it over and over again.
  6. ahhh redemption!!! this time for sure ill do the whole 24hrs (~ * o*)~
  7. I just ask my friend that it was it was actually a Plug in named : MCMMO These are the classes(jobs)
  8. Adding an economy would be nice too. if we could get specific jobs that no one else can get so they have to hire you to do it for them. Ex. - only Farmers can grow plants - only Lumber Jacks can cut trees - only Carpenters can make buildings etc. this way we can make an Economy relying on a specific Job/Profession to meet our needs. it kinda adds some realism to the game. your not the jack of all trades xD (I'm not sure if theres a Mod the implements this directly but there is a mod out there that gives you Exp and ingame money if your doing your Job/Profession and takes EXP and ingame money from you if you do stuff that isn't your Job/Profession) I forgot the name of the mod though sorry its been years (X_X)
  9. I build on Minecraft dont really care about the game mechanics its all about creativity for me in that game.
  10. Emergerd MAYN QWAK!?! D8.................
  11. Condrad

    Cant decide

    AMD ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! TEAM RED!!!!!!!!!!! xD
  12. My Dad loves this game I use to play it with him back when he was alive..
  13. Yah I was just mainly vacuuming the fan. but i didnt know the danger of vacuuming good thing I actually didn't vacuum to close (X_X) haha xD looks like a need this blower I'm SORRY D8...................... Now I'm paranoid about Cleaning the PC ( O_O). I know about static on the pc when you try to clean it. but this level of detail is new to me. thank you for taking your time to point out what I need to do much appreciated.
  14. Just an update the PC is working Fine now \o/ bought some thermal paste the other day and started cleaning the thing and vacuuming as well. all I need now is to get me editing software so I can start.
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