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  1. My Dad loves this game I use to play it with him back when he was alive..
  2. hello there and welcome! \o/ if you need help to understand the game mechanics don't hesitate to ask. someone will help you in game have fun!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yah I was just mainly vacuuming the fan. but i didnt know the danger of vacuuming good thing I actually didn't vacuum to close (X_X) haha xD looks like a need this blower I'm SORRY D8...................... Now I'm paranoid about Cleaning the PC ( O_O). I know about static on the pc when you try to clean it. but this level of detail is new to me. thank you for taking your time to point out what I need to do much appreciated.
  4. Just an update the PC is working Fine now \o/ bought some thermal paste the other day and started cleaning the thing and vacuuming as well. all I need now is to get me editing software so I can start.
  5. dont worry golden ill always have the Fedex Squad to do your Supply Run and Repair Needs XD
  6. I second this he's really good as infantry. This is also true xD im also adding MAD_KY out there for good ground unit.
  7. yes I was actually monitoring it manually I was using MSI afterburner for the temp, I'm not really that techy. I've done a couple of trouble shoots on it that I found online and it seem to work the PC went to sleep mode and I manage to wake it up with the keyboard. right now I'm just waiting if it happens again. Sorry Sempler I don't really know how to do what you've just suggested to me properly :x
  8. so here's what I gathered so far. I left it running over night and as soon as I woke up the monitor has no display anymore its weird I was sure I turned off powersaving / sleep mode. I check the unit its not hot at all but its still running. I tried typing and moving the mouse but the monitor still wont light up. I cant even turn of the PC for some reason. So I had to unplug the cable just to turn it off. Anyone experience this before? now I tried to change power settings turned of PCI Express power management on the advance options and did the cmd command "powoerconfig -h off" res
  9. I'm doing that right now. manage to find a spare power cord its doing ok so far.
  10. ayt I got a hold of my dad's old PC and here's the specs: - Ryzen 3 2200G - 8gb x1 Memory - A320M A PRO Mobo -Fortress 700wattz PS its about the same as mine. There seems to be a problem coz it dies after a while with no warning or errors. I'm suspecting its the Power Cord.
  11. yes it will be done by hand. I'm gonna try to learn this stuff as soon as I get my dad's pc to work. those are really nice sample's Thom. I'll probably gonna be making Boxes for while till I get better xD
  12. but I don't have the budget to buy a new PC that's why my option is to reuse the parts from my dad's old pc and see what I can do from there. the only thing that I would probably have budget for is a cheap graphics cards that won't put a whole in my pocket. by next month I'll probably save up 6000php which is around $125 dollars is getting a GPU around this price worth it? can I even get one with this budget? coz I've been looking for a good GPU and had my eye on a RX 570 4gb or a 1050ti 4gb but the price suddenly went higher than a few months ago.
  13. so from what I understood is the GPU is mainly only for fast rendering. I guess I need to find that sweet spot fast enough but affordable. some clients here cant make up there minds so a boost on rendering speed is nice.
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