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  1. I'm a noob on sound editing but I do have the software to edit. I use to make song remix and editing for high school students wanting they're dance a little different. the era of the jabbawockeez and they're heavily edited dance songs xD
  2. Condrad

    Why We Fight?

    PR is the only thing that makes me forget all the bad things happening around me. its my escape from reality. ironic it may seems I try to escape reality in a Project Reality..... Some people drink.. some people smoke.. some people take drugs.. for me? this is my addiction this is my happy place..... I found many genuine people here. people you'd never expect existed. a wacky but friendly bunch of weirdos (Me included) that feeling that your not just playing with people your playing with friends that makes things worth it. things that puts a smile on your face. And that experience is ha
  3. Condrad

    I have a problem

    one last thing pls stop double posting.
  4. emergerd this will help alot for me since i only use my phone browse D8...................
  5. Dont forget to say thank you.
  6. Indivisible looks nice ( * o*)
  7. ayt we need to Ban volod again so we you can catch up
  8. lol xD its just weird coz if i remember it right it use to count before. even on the area attack. I guess the score would be OP for the commander if he's on frontline. but still commander in front line can do rally points for squadleads to spawn in not all maps have UAV.
  9. Just a minor thing I notice when I was playing commander. the kill counts don't update even after the round is over. everything you kill while on commander is not counted. but if you resign everything goes back to normal. (the commander kills will still not be counted after)
  10. People Simping for Zee i see xD
  11. !resign ScarecrowDX wrong picture.
  12. i dont have any proper pictures of my self so :v my hair is lot longer than this now.
  13. Condrad


    eiiiiiii Jersan hope your doing well! yes yes lots of new stuff in server while your wail we also have some gossips/stories to tell if your interested in trivial stuff in game xD we hope to see you in game soon.
  14. Take Care have fun where every you guys are playing now.
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