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  1. Banning myself.

    there's a lot of people on edge now a days coz of the quarantine. a lot of stuff stressing us out in real life. its understandable. atleast you admit to your mistakes.
  2. Noobs in CAS / TRANS

    ohhh sorry about that Semler english isnt my 1st language. but atleast you get my point i think xD yes yes all is good
  3. Noobs in CAS / TRANS

    ^ skit already mention everything needed to be said. i always try to educate new players. i even make an effort to make a new squad just to teach them the basics. in this scenario when someone wants to learn how to fly i ask if they wanted to learn so i can teach them and tell them to move to a un-populated server with me so they can learn properly. sometimes we need to give them a chance (for the newbies atleast) so that our community will grow. we can just banned everyone who waste the assets. (believe me i hate it too when they do that) but if we ban them majority of this new players wont even bother to ask for a unban appeal and just lose interest in the game. that my opinion in the matter.