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    I never regretted being an admin for you guys its my way of giving back to the community. I'm not rich so I cant donate for the server so this is the best I can do to help. and I'm really grateful for the opportunity you guys gave me.
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    I do that too sometimes. I don't feel like playing but want to hangout so I sit on the base with my BASE MP squad and just chat with the squad leads and do minimal in-game stuff while watching out for troublemakers.
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    well my area is defiantly looking like swamp since the last typhoon came days ago. many people still clearing out the mud it left behind from the flood. lol that last sentence did you just googled that? xD
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    I never really open up like this before in a gaming community... but thank you everyone for the positive replies. we're I live we're still on quarantine for more than 9months now. and since then I couldn't get back to work. its really hard to make a living now a days... but yah thank you everyone.
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    Hi I don't think I've ever made a introduction yet ever since I joined.... Condrad here no I'm not Russian that just my name for a very long time. Reason I decided to post is when I just saw a post about someone complaining about how I do things as an Admin of the server. even since I became an admin it seems I've been gathering hate from players.... I try to be non-bias on decisions but I'm actually guilty for dropping the Ban hammer to people who I see trolling or intentionally being an A**hole in the server. I'm a pretty emotional person. I'm separated from my wife after I found her cheating on me. which lead me to hate people who do things for they're own fun even if other people are getting affected. that was all in the pass now but the feeling of hating selfish people still lingers in my mind. I have a toaster PC so my type of games are very limited. PR has been one of my favorite pass time. there was even a time that my pc died due to a bluescreen error and I thought I wont be able to play again... due to our situation right now in the pandemic I cant afford to buy a new PC so if this toaster dies I'm gonna be gone for a long time. things are just not going well with my life so far it is all an uphill battle. there are times I want to just end it due to constant stress and depression. playing games is just my way of coping with my problems... True the years I have met a lot of good people in this server. I use to just run around with a Logi truck calling my self the "Logi squad" running around the map making FOB's supplying ground troups dropping repairs. I prefer a support gameplay most of the time. you'll sometimes see me teaching newbies how to play the game. ("Risiko still has the title of newbie friendly squad") specially mentioning my 2 buddies Whiskey_Mike and Alucard. who always makes playing the game fun for me. there are other people to whom I'm not gonna mention coz there's too many xD back to the main topic. yah I feel like ever since I became an admin people are more cautious around me. its like you cant be normal with them anymore. they fear you coz of your status or even hate you for doing what's right and upholding the server values. but even if I'm gaining hate I don't really mind it coz I care for this server and I will do what I can to keep those annoying people in line. so that the normal players can enjoy the game. This it just glimpse of things about me but thank you for reading to the end.
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    you dont sound 61 anyway WELCOME!
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    there's a lot of people on edge now a days coz of the quarantine. a lot of stuff stressing us out in real life. its understandable. atleast you admit to your mistakes.