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  1. Looking for players

    bah, too old...im only into this new trendy stuff.
  2. Project Reality Event Week I

    i like the idea of limitations and that you have to earn vehicles... you could also find rules such as that you excludes transport vehicles or that the vehicles are placed on the map but may not be used. if it gets too lame you can start using them... For me, the idea behind this is that you don't just get into the game and shoot around, but that there is real squad work. both, in the squad and the squads with each other. the "vip event" that we had went in that direction for me because a couple of squads began to look strategically and communicated where the vip could be and where it is definitely not. but i also understand blizzard and tedf. and it is true that you have an insane effort in the time before and during the game. maybe you can bring it under control if you have 4-6 gameleader on the enemy side who manually take care of spawning and troop movements. and you can make it clear in advance that these are "hardcore" events and warn the people that anyone who cant stand ghost train longer than 20 minutes should stay away ... ^^ in order to avoid confusion, squadleaders get a briefing before the game and the SLs are determined in advance. then it would be a must to be in a squad and the individual squads would have to listen to the commander (who got the control over vehicles and logistics). but for that you would need a lot of game leaders and it shouldn't stick to one or two people. ...but thats offtopic. sorry. ...and i hope i got the time to join this event.
  3. Project Reality Event Week I

    then get yourself a mobile hotspot with 1mbit... it works perfect with pr and squad. i can use discord, thunderbird and skype at the same time and got a ping till 20 and 40. (maybe your ping is higher because the pr-server is 600km away from me and you are somewhere far away in paradiese...) only with ts its a little bit problematic. and now no more excuses! get back in line soldier. ;p
  4. What gear do you got?

    sorry to poop again^^ thats the problem...im using them at the same time. ;p but i got you. took my desktop pc. its the slowest machine but my "mediacenter" and the machine i use to play PR.
  5. Project Reality Event Week I

    nice, but why the "KreisSparkasse Köln (local savings bank cologne)"? ;p just kidding... thank you for the effort, sounds great.
  6. What gear do you got?

    and where do I have to click if I have several systems? ^^ intel and nvidia at the main laptop amd and nvidia at home and work amd and amd at my daw and intel + intel at my second laptop because the internal nvidia is broken.
  7. Favorite Car you would want / Currently own?

    agreed. this truck is almost bigger than my apartment ^^ they don't have to give us girls... with this truck and bike you have them wherever you go.
  8. Favorite Car you would want / Currently own?

    you need a mechanic for that... i'm coming with you, even if i have no idea about this thing. But at least I learned car mechanic 20 years ago.^^
  9. Wwassup my boys have fun playing teh game

  10. Favorite Car you would want / Currently own?

    please learn offline how to use heavy assets! what I would love to drive but there is no chance: BMW 2002 turbo
  11. Good by

    no. then its time to talk about that. you know that...
  12. too hard? ^^ maybe it would have been better to take a cannibal film... watch the film and afterwards you are no longer the same. the thing is disturbing on a very trashy level... you ask yourself all the time how seriously it is meant and what the director wants to say with it or whether the guy has a worm fetish and in which direction it is going. the film is sicker than all of the russ meyer films together. so that this is not offtopic: Of course the only real German food after "Döner"... ...Pizza. ^^
  13. i can only quote myself from the cimena-post ;P :
  14. Sup everyone!

    hell of a machine^^ but to be honest, at this age I didn't do anything else with the C128 than type "go64" and push enter. Load "barbarian" ,8,1
  15. Sup everyone!

    Welcome to the community. I would have thought you a little older ;p When I was 6 my father put in front of a c128 ... ^^that was mindblowing for me. but much more than this "graphic miracle" it was the moment when I realized that everything is possible with this box...