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  1. Community Growth and Development

    [spoiler] insert text here [/spoiler]
  2. Community Growth and Development

    lol, sorry the "spoiler"-function is broken and for some reason I can't edit it anymore. ^^ //edit: i can edit normal posts but i cant edit anything in the spoiler test:
  3. Community Growth and Development

  4. Zeee for Admin

    I wouldn't be so sure about that...;) but thank you for this information. he definitely has the potential to do so. Usually we do not select admins based on applications, but rather observe players who we think might fit. you will not get a yes or no to this post, but such information helps a lot to focus on individual players. the head administrators will then decide if necessary, even if there is no public discussion about it. in any case, many thanks for your point of view.
  5. Mug Shots - 2020

    my dreads are longer than that. the longest part goes down to my knees. i started in '96, so its 24 years for me and for me it has only had advantages so far. ...i dont have a single hair in the shower and if the weather is bad I tie them together. theoretically i could use it as a scarf^^ so i don't have all the problems even if I do technical work, for example, then I tie them together in a knot and absolutely nothing bothers me. I won't change anything about that for the next 20 years either...^^ good idea... i will breed them for another 25 years and then use them as my pension. ;p if you stop staring at my wonderful appearance for hours then I won't waste your time...;P
  6. Squad Event - Operation Dusty Sabre

    i try to be there but i forgot everything. so just use me as a bullet catcher...^^
  7. Mug Shots - 2020

    lllloooollll that's too much. ^^
  8. ScarecrowDX

  9. Its Meee

  10. Hiatus

    nothing...;p if the server is loading a new map or crashed you got a ping of 2500. try again, i think it was bad timing... you have to donate first ;p nice that you are back. hope to see you soon on the server
  11. Leaving...

    declined. you will be punished for deserting. back in line soldier! if you are really leaving, you have to come back! thats an order!
  12. Mug Shots - 2020

    doing the joke with the binary-pic again would be stupid, so here is a real pic ^^:
  13. Alecskell (hello)

  14. Project Reality Event Week IV (Final)

    download it again...it has about 304mb.
  15. Need your help guys!!

    networking needs a few math skills... you can of course have everything calculated using "apps" but it makes sense to know how many network addresses are available at It's similar with programming. you rarely need math, but you follow a logic similar to math and sometimes have to think in binary logic for hardware-related matters. with java or flash you have less math... So networking needs an understanding of math. programming depending on which language and in which area. internet authoring I think has to do the least with math. but that should perhaps be confirmed by an professional...