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  1. HELLO !

    hope to see you on the battlefield.
  2. Deployment players

    deployment is for little girls! COOP! ;p maybe I would join spontaneously. I have a lot to do at the moment and unfortunately cannot call a fixed time ...
  3. =VG= Social Meeting

    its nearly 3 years now...;)
  4. =VG= Social Meeting

    what is this "social" that everyone is talking about? ^^ I see it similarly. i have no problem with voice chats but i don't even do video chats for work. or I just fade in a camgirl and tell you thats me...;p skype, ts and discord are enough for me.
  5. VG Website error: Your connection is not private

    the security certificates are expired.
  6. shutdown on timer

    if you want to do this via a remote connection you have to add an "/f" (for force) after "shutdown" (at least on win7) and/or "/r" if you want to restart your computer. if you are in the 1 minute countdown to shutdown and you want do abort it you can open the CMD and type "shutdown /a"
  7. A short tribute in memoriam of H8CrazyVet67

    We played together on that Friday before he died... that's why the shock was probably twice as bad as it would have been... I didn't know him well, but everything worked as usual and we had fun. we did a lot of nonsense on muttrah and three or four days later the message from hater came and i was completly confused. yes, that was really nice. Nobody was bothered that muttrah was running all the time and sometimes came a few questions about who it was. When you explained that this is in honor for a player who died, they were positively amazed that we were doing this. I probably played 10-15 rounds of muttrah and it didn't get boring for a second. on the contrary. from my point of view, this could have gone on for another day. !mvote mutt mutt mutt, hope you enjoy this, crumpetman! and thanks to everyone who was part of it.
  8. Came back to PR after a few years.

    welcome back, see you on the battlefield.
  9. VG Socials

    wait...im non-social not anti...^^ cant compute this new, trendy stuff...;p
  10. VG Socials

    I would, but unfortunately i'm completely non-social^^... I only have a steam acc that I use for squad.
  11. have you tried this game ?

  12. H8CrazyVet67

    it's been another year... how about 24h muttrah again in thoughts/memory of H8CrazyVet67?
  13. Banning myself.

    if you need a break, take it. everyone has something like that. I'm also not very active right now. but desertation is punishable by death! So back in line soldier!
  14. can't connect to the ts server

    this happens if your timezone is -+6h to the serverclock... try to setup the timezone on your machine.
  15. SQUAD Saturdays (Public Event)