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  1. Following squad leader orders

    only in a boxing match and only when an admin is the referee. if you hit the referee than in any case ... ;p
  2. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    this is actually not a joke ... ^^ it makes perfect sense to have an old unprotected computer in your network. preferably full of garbage. every targeted attacker is so happy to found a way into your system and is busy. and you have a lot of time to watch him and do something about it. until he realizes that he is in a sandbox, you have protected your "important" computers and in the best case you have notified your or his ISP. I did exactly that with ftp servers. there are three ftp servers at work. the ftp server that uses the standard port (21) has 6GB of trailers that you can also get in the web and can be hacked. the other ftp servers have unusual ports. these have never been attacked. the server attached to 21 is constantly being bombarded. wires are always the best solution! I always use cables, especially for audio. no loss of connection, better quality, no perfomanceproblems and above all no additional AD/DA conversion. but most of the people who uses "alexa" and co dont understand that...^^
  3. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    if the hardware is damaged you are right. but if you only killed your windows the files are still there... but in this case dont try anything by yourself and give your hdd/ssd to somebody who know what is to do...
  4. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    if you only use it for pr and nothing else you can continue to use win7. or upgrade to win10. just read this thread ... ^^
  5. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    if ethernet and bluetooth are really on one card and ethernet is working then you should have the wrong driver but you should be able to see which company it is from ... i would simply download and try ALL drivers for your laptop (or similar models) on the dell homepage. i once had the same problem with a usb3 controller. the included driver didn't work on win10 and the ports were dead. in this case it was an asus card. I just tried all the drivers and one of the last ones worked ... i have to watch some movies again... MFP intercetor. I love the first mad max. "I'm scared, Fifi. You know why? It's that rat circus out there, I'm beginning to enjoy it. Look, any longer out on that road and I'm one of them, ya know? A terminal crazy, except I've got a bronze badge that says I'm one of the good guys." -Max Rockatansky can we rename the admins on our servers to Main Force Patrol (MFP)? ;p
  6. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    then you probably have an "unknown device" in the device manager, right? if not, the adapter is defective or switched off in the bios. ^^ can you write "do not throw/bend" on it? would be a shame ...
  7. Server issues

    I have often sent you an email when the server did not restart. maybe it makes sense if I can restart it ... it can't hurt to keep the downtime as short as possible... the idea with the dumpfile is good but very laborious if you don't know which maps crash. I will definitely post the crashes here from now on.
  8. Radio =VG=

    ok, here comes the freak who destroyed blues and still masters all instruments better than anyone else: Helge Schneider – Piano, Vocals Pete Yorke – Drums Henrik Fleischlader – Guitar :
  9. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    give me the exact name of your dell and have a look in the device manager to see what for a BT-adapter is used (manufactorer and model number/id). does it just not work or is there an error message? Dell has a big support-area...and there are often problems with blutooth. 90% of the errors are caused by using the wrong driver. if that helped i will send you my address via pm... but i prefer the bikini with user rather than just used ... ^^
  10. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    if win-update does not find a driver, you would have to check what kind of manufacturer and chip your adapter has and then search for a driver on the manufacturer's website ... but more important than bluetooth is that you finally get internet... PR needs you! ;p
  11. Radio =VG=

    you mean bunker hill?^^
  12. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    Win 10 Pro as far as i know, because its says it is (forgot to take a ss) don't answer his questions ... if he's not gay he's a hacker! he calls his squads "backdoor" ;p
  13. OPFOR weekends/days for PR?

    i can't say exactly why but i liked the opfor days because there was a different mood. however, I like the mec or rebel map that we currently have not so much. but can’t even say why. although I can understand if you would like to have a scope after a few rounds of opfor. after "felt" 8 hours of ghosttrain, muttrah is a blessing. how about project unreality? boxing fights, or only local voice one big team on food against tanks, human vs bots and humans, more bots?!?, stronger bots, knife only pvp or sniper / specforce only, PR Quake, dessert racing, air shows, forklift racing or fighting , motorcycle race, ... of course not all day, just a few hours and locked?
  14. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    I don't want to attack you ... but the answer is too short to be correct. against your statement speak millions of devices that were stuck in boot loops or worse because you were too quick with the updates and did not wait. (and I don't care if its a virus that shut down my system or ms itself. the effect for the user is the same) and especially with osx you can see that it often does not make sense to immediately take the last stable version. or if you still use older hardware ... try to get a win10 driver for a stupid old SBLive sound card. of course you can get third-party drivers from unknown sources and still get them up and running, but this completely compromises the "latest and stable" security concept. theoretically that is true. but not always practical ... and what about the phrase: never change an running system? So you are right in principle but in practice it is not feasible. this is proven by the number of users that xp, win7 and co still have today. (and many of them even without being compromised, but that's another topic) the industry or all who "make" IT have to start changing the current concepts. this cracked concept of "security" is the problem. the virus scanner I mentioned is the best example. "suites" give you a feeling of security. However, they are responsible for ensuring that no one notices if something is wrong or the user simply clicks away the messages and no longer notices them. and by giving a program real-time access to every file and every process, you can in principle always have your front door open ... as a pro you know what this means. Since your scanner is connected to the internet at the same time, the sources of danger have increased and there are still questions in the room what information from my data is sent back to the scanner company. and what if this company is suspected of being in contact with the russians? paranoid or happened last year? ^^ but that's offtopic. @=VG= Inch: win10. but you could have the same problem as Stark and maybe consider linux. therefore do not act hastily. the risk increases for your system with every day that you have not updated but in the next days / weeks or maybe even longer it is not much higher than before. no one knows how high it is and nobody can make binding statements. you can also catch a virus the first time you use a freshly updated win10 or become a zombie in a botnet ... and as long as you haven't updated, but even then, ALWAYS: make backups!
  15. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    you will get 1000 contradicting answers to this question. let's start at the back: if you don't have an answer to this question by yourself, use win10. win7 and xp are not insecure if you know what you are doing. In some places I even stopped using antivirus software because it now has more security gaps than it provides security (especially MID attacks). BUT: in my case, I know what's going on in my system and can estimate what is dangerous. if you cannot do this you need security updates and should therefore use win10. for me the main problem with win10 is that you have to make more clicks for many settings because there is often a "user-friendly" template over it. User-friendly is the opposite of admin-friendly in this case. In addition, the win10 sends a lot of data to ms (and nobody knows which data ms collects from your system) and that you are forced to use this system because you no longer get drivers for win7 or a TPM chip is installed on the mb and you don't even have the option to install another os. The ms update policy also sucks. So it makes sense to offer updates as uncomplicated as possible, but it is never good to force someone to take them. You can delay the updates or even switch them off, but you have to be careful because win10 still tries to pull updates. in the normal case this is only annoying if you just want to do something important and your computer prefers to do updates first ... but eg on cash register systems it is a nogo if the pc shuts down and does updates during peak hours. it is too extensive to really explain the problem in detail ... finally ms deprives you of more and more rights and puts stones in your way when you try to get these rights again. But if you are free from political backgrounds and know the disadvantages, you can also work with it. in simple: Pro users: WinXP / 7 / 10 Home users: Win10 but in your case you CANT update win7 to win10 because you run a 32bit system. you have to reinstall win. and it looks like your pc is already quite old ... normally win10 runs on all systems which run win7 but it can be that you already get considerable performance problems. you would have to try that to say it with certainty. didn't really help now, did it? ^^ You don't have to change immediately, but you should probably make regular backups and change in the near future. if you have backups or an image of your system, it doesn't matter if you catch a virus because win7 was not updated ... just format it, copy the image back and continue ... this way you can at least bridge some time and do not have to act immediately. there are also cracks for win10 or maybe you can even update a cracked win7. if there are questions in this direction pm me ...;)