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  1. LemurLemur

    Hey Tom! The game has been out for a while, we bearly stay above 30p avg anymore. There is a PR update on the horizon and hopefully this will bring some fresh new content. Many regulars have been getting tiresome with the same stuff. I still get some enjoyment out of it so I'll stick around for a map or two. Since you're west coast the best time to play is 11pm pacific.
  2. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Share a link if you got it running. Maybe we could help with promotion if the product is interesting.
  3. Game Update

    https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2190340 NO WW2
  4. Ghost Recon; Breakpoint

    I heard its shite Edit: I have to recall my statement after I played the open beta yesterday with meloni. Initially I was pleasantly surprised that the game only required a singe 30GB download. My expectations where quite high, I am talking GTA V levels of needed storage space here. After the mandatory installation of direct-X for the 32² time on my computer the game loaded directly into the first mission, aka the tutorial. Usually it only bothers me because I couldn't skip this tutorial becuase it's a mission and therefore triggers all subsequent tasks and features. But the issue I have was the game somehow thought it would put the graphical options on 4k ULTRA and the audio options on FULL VOLUME and resulting in the LOUDEST Power Point Presentation ever to be created by mankind. I dont know if there is a auto-detect funcion but if there is (and I hope so because it just throws you into the tutorial without the chance to change the options beforehand) it's high on drugs bought by Ubisofts microtransaction money. I am running a GTX970 with a 4k display and I had ~9 FPS until I reached the first objective. I know the game is in open beta and this issue I had is very minor but this is my first impression. Here's some more elaborative stuff: Vics handle like you are driving on soap. Basic physics coupled with scripted minor destruction to the environment (rails, bushes and such) Guns feel better than in Wildlands but still very airsofty. The Hub Cave thing is in the worst location to reach but well made Performance on LOW in BETA is worse than in Wildlands on LOW. (Unfair comparison and I need to upgrade lol) No more charming Bolivian music and NPCs. You are fighting super soldiers guarding wierd futuristic buildings and comically big lego-trucks (don't ask...) COOP Networkperformance was just like in wildlands with stuttering every few seconds (GER <-> AUS)
  5. LemurLemur

    "Lemur.....Do you.. know........ how to COOK?!" :D:D
  6. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    I am no product designer, but you have to be more specific. Are you talking CAD/CAM applications? 3D printable formats or similar? What is the product?
  7. LemurLemur

    I am already looking forward to the next post of his in five years
  8. LemurLemur

    What's up man! PR is still kickin' Ain't going to die with all these shitty new games.
  9. My time has come

    I talked with some fellas in PR about that yesterday. Because of the mod support I do believe that COOP will happen for Squad. I am very positive. There is already a zombie mod and thats basically the level of PR bots so all thats left is some vehicular action and presto, we can retire the PR server and migrate to squad. Am I dreaming again??
  10. Call of Duty®: Ghosts

    lmao this game
  11. The only benefit golden connectors have is making your wallet lighter. @topic: As a thumb rule: Everything that connects your PC to anything is a potential security risk. USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Serial Ports, S-ATA, Ethernet Port, ... All you can do is follow common sense and keep your drivers and anti virus up-to-date and keep an off site backup of docs and pics. Cryptolockers are nasty stuff...
  12. In memory of H8CrazyVet67

    Muttrah 24/7 as a tribute count me in! @=VG= SemlerPDXCan we make this happen? Rotate all Muttrah layers (STD, ALT, INF, LRG) for 24h with a note in the server description?
  13. Server Pause

    He was asking about Falcon BMS 4 Also, my theory is that bots just have a massive party while no human is connected to PR COOP lmao
  14. Hell of a night with a bunch old dudes.

    Damn I need to get a night job again to be up when the muricans are active... Only 90 kids remember upside down flying hueys lmao