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  1. Called in sick this weekend so I will make a squad Edit: To provide some additional information about the Falklands War, following is a historical accurate and unbiased documentation of the conflict /s (14:53): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKkcTpCur7g
  2. All harriers have been lost due to landing attempts by our airmen...
  3. Had to remove the complementary tits on the second pic due to privacy reasons....
  4. introduction

    Welcome man! Good to see you broke the 4th wall to the forums! Regarding your inner agent47: I've seen the way you play and you have more brains than loads of players. I always just assumed you don't own a mic I like your objective oriented mindset. Keep it up!
  5. I am just happy to have events during the week so yes for wednesday.
  6. I need some air....
  7. @ kav: Making a LAZE vid is a really good idea. Not many squad leaders know how to use it, even die-hards neglect the constant stream of info that is needed when lazing for DEAD missions. Usually they click the button on the commo-rose and are done with it. Thats like 10% of the info needed. As for server we could use our EXP server for this. I disagree with the map though. To demonstrate the method and system behind it I would like to see Kashan or Khami. For examples we can show how its done on Barra with sub-par conditions (two stack of Tunguska-Clone in trees). Going off topic sorry. I will start a post with TUTORIAL sessions where multiple of us basement dwellers come together and nerd out on this. @vid: Good shit I always like going commando with TRANS on this. Absolutely LOVE the south city box delivery path. You can also sneak squad in there without being punished.
  8. Lol! Seems to be a accurate double
  9. Which SSD are you using? Win 10?
  10. Teejay you left more times than I can count. BTW you post this at 0400 your time. I can only imagine what went on. Anyway good luck on your way.
  11. I have it. Played about three rounds. I am noob too ha!
  12. Ohh another event I'll miss. Would be cool to do a smaller sub plot during work days...
  13. I have around 430 GB of 4k PR footage. if you send me a hard drive it would be faster than uploading. Mostly cool moments of random shit happening, 99% 5 min long.
  14. How does it stop working? Do you see a crossed out speaker icon in-game at the bottom right hand site corner? If so bind mute/unmute mumble to a key.