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  1. Are bots too easy?

    Blocking and camping main is already kickable afaik. But breaking? Hard to judge imo. Is killing the fortress Igla considered breaking? Or Burning Sands being on the bridge in the chally and waiting for the armoured convoy?
  2. Are bots too easy?

    Buff 'em! Set difficulty to 98 and wait for the "nerf bots pls" thread. I remember having a blast being sniped out of a huey at 250ft during a dive. The line between too easy and just annoying is unfortunately thin...
  3. sup

  4. Hey,mate

    Medics are always welcome! see ya!
  5. Fun Fact With Dates and Maths

    This blew my mind so hard, it created a temporal time paradox and I am now writing this message from the future of a parallel universe where everybody is dressed as Barney the dino.
  6. Where is Volod41

    Or maybe he took a break from PR or went to do holiday on the Bahamas..
  7. Kit-Stealing allowed?

    Because of the inability to prove a kit being stolen, I resovle to gut feelings and verification by other players. Or you could do it the german way: "Wenn zwei sich streiten, freut sich der dritte ."
  8. Howdy y'all!

    Welcome! Although I don't play the sim I find it great when we have more pilots for Falcon or BMS. I wish I had the space for a hotas rig!
  9. Patches for my R12

    Pic for the lazy:
  10. Making a faction (Wannabe)

    Ranger asking the real questions here 🤔 @InchPincherToo My pick would be the first one as its the most unique truck out of all. The last one looks not beefy enough.
  11. Hello

    See ya on the battlefield
  12. Smoke for bots

    @=VG= Double_13 Mortars are blocking bot LOS too, confirmed by Arab in the blog post:
  13. Smoke for bots

    Nice! It will make a lot of maps playable again. What about mortars though? I only saw grenades, 30mm and vehicle launchers mentioned..
  14. Hi everyone

    See ya on the battefield!