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  1. Welcome back man! (Feel invited to my squads, even though I only do MIC INF )
  2. @DICKS Yes there is. TEDF will post it here one hour before the event
  3. If you are getting bored as the driver... you suck at making conversation
  4. Hi guys, could we install a SSL cert for our site? I keep getting error messages and since they are free and quasi standard for websites I believe we should get one.
  5. Yes! I am looking forward to our new high tech surplus weapons we "researched"
  6. Updated main post with some background info. No assets list needed because we don't bring any to the fight
  7. Everybody can join and make squads. To join the event they would have to check this thread anyway. Only essential (read: expensive) squads are sign up only. (APC IFV TANK LOGI CAS TRANS). However feel free to form squads beforehand like last time. We will make a battleplan during the staging phase.
  8. @=VG= Double_13 I arranged a candle light dinner in a metal coffin on both maps for u two <3 We'll going to have to talk about a few things before @=Wolf= Jersans I agree smaller squads = more effective. I find the sweet spot is 5 members. Because you will be able to cover all necessary roles while reducing the herding aspect. Problem is to implement this we would have to make all battles Sign-Up only, which is not the case. Background for this is reducing overhead for battle planning and making it easier for peeps to join on the fly.
  9. Ok, looks like we are in for a fight! I made some changes on a operational basis after processing the feedback from the last LIVE battle. Here are some changes we will implement: Sign-up-only squads: Logisitcs APC/IFV (Boragh, Beast and MTLB) INF squads will be issued support vehicles (anything with ammo cases NOT small crates or big boxes. For this battle every INF squad will receive a Support BRDM or Support Techie. It is up to the squad leader to micro manage ammo runs, much like in normal COOP. Logistic squad will handle FOB construction. INF squads are required to assign one permanent Light Anti Tank rifleman (LAT guy). Main post has been updated. If you want a specific change feel free to write a comment!
  10. @=VG= Kavelenko When you laze you will see an indicator in the left hand side top corner of the GTLD (ON/OFF) now.
  11. The red in the sky is actually the nuclear fallout, not the sunset
  12. @VODKA Jersans plan will be done on the fly. Don't know how many squads we have if they are dependable. @=VG= Kavelenko Note: Joining squads is NOT required but is recommended since it will reserve a spot on the server and a hella' good time. Kits: We have Mosins and Siminovs, no Grenades, no Field Dressings. AT kit is RPG7 with one HEAT warhead. So all you need basically
  13. Updated the main post. If you wish to join a squad please specify which squad and which role. If you don't care who to join, and/or what kit to take please feel free to say so and we will handle it. (Note: Joining squads is NOT required but is recommended since it will reserve a spot on the server and a hella' good time.)
  14. Status Quo Soldiers, we are in a favourable position in where we gain a huge advantage after winning these two battles. Since my plan last week was to hold and consolidate defences we managed to lure the Red Dragons into their pitiful demise. They clearly underestimate their enemy, they are unbeknownst of our true strength. It is not represented by number or metrics. It is only represented by the valor in our hearts. Call for duty I hereby summon all those who wish to lead a band of brothers into victory. If you see yourself fit for fulfilling such a honorable calling, rest no longer and sign up for a chance to go down in history books of future generations. If you prove worthy in leading I will reward you with more rewarding tasks and better weaponry. For glory keed TLDR: Don't fuck up or we are stuck with Mosins for ever.
  15. @JohnnyV The LIVE battles in game will be open for everyone, no preliminary sign-up needed. There will be a thread for each battle where people usually form loose squads. LIVE battles will be every second Saturday starting with the next one. Check out the current thread for sick squads!