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  1. Damn! This fucker is bad-ass!

    If ya wanna see it in virtual 3D, they got that thing in Squad after they had to remove the hummers due to licencing issues.
  2. Hello guys!

    Getkung!!!! Haha whats up man
  3. New PR WW2 is out now!

    Nice one, almost got my hopes up.
  4. AFK?

    @STRONTIUM_DOG Jesus H. Christ that looks so bad. And what is clotted cream??
  5. Operation Red Dawn 02.02.2019

    Won't make it. Protip: Aim the higher with the Airburst RPGs
  6. My Rest Time Is almost over. I will go to da Jungle

    See ya soon bud. Also is this a freaking pressure chamber?
  7. Sound, MIC, and GPU problems

    @STRONTIUM_DOG You have an instance only for PR? Funny if true @FatAlbert Did you resolve the matter?
  8. Sound, MIC, and GPU problems

    To reinstall Windows 10 all you need to do is search "reset" in the windows search function and reset your system. No need to reinstall or fiddle around with product keys. It works just like resetting your phone to factory settings when you want to sell it i.e.
  9. Are bots too easy?

    Blocking and camping main is already kickable afaik. But breaking? Hard to judge imo. Is killing the fortress Igla considered breaking? Or Burning Sands being on the bridge in the chally and waiting for the armoured convoy?
  10. Are bots too easy?

    Buff 'em! Set difficulty to 98 and wait for the "nerf bots pls" thread. I remember having a blast being sniped out of a huey at 250ft during a dive. The line between too easy and just annoying is unfortunately thin...
  11. sup

  12. Hey,mate

    Medics are always welcome! see ya!
  13. Fun Fact With Dates and Maths

    This blew my mind so hard, it created a temporal time paradox and I am now writing this message from the future of a parallel universe where everybody is dressed as Barney the dino.
  14. Where is Volod41

    Or maybe he took a break from PR or went to do holiday on the Bahamas..