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  1. Time for a review from my perspective: The objective of this mission was to hold territory and keep losses at a minimum. Both goals were met, no compromise had to be taken. Objectively we can book this as a vitory. I am content with the outcome. Yet more importantly, it didn't feel like one. So lets adress the elephants in the room: Briefing A briefing was important to show the squad leaders what to expect and what goes on simultaniously around them on the battlefield. We did tasks, ROEs and game mechanic specifics. Next battle I will include the squad assignments more in depth, since it felt too chaotic. This will be in the form of a warmup round beginning at 1900PRT (the time the event starts) where we will make the squads equal in number of players ( @=VG= Kavelenko valid criticism!). But squad leaders, you have brains too. If you feel something is unclear, like logistics or retreat plans simply ask! KITS (wtf no at kits!) This got me by surprise too, I knew we had only RPG7 with 1 round of HEAT fodder but that the overall amount is restricted was something I found out halfway into the battle. This is tied to the research system nobody but me and the game-master have overview over. I will make a research related edit into the main post soon. But there's hope: Next live battle we will have logistics trucks, grenades, shovels, FOBs, & Foxholes, Bogragh APCs and/or 50.cal Techicals for fire support. So finally more toys with the addition of specialized squads which are sign-up only (Logi, APC). Judging by player feedback I am going to focus research on COOP-like loadouts to mirror the normal COOP loadout as fast as possible. This might come at a cost later down the line for auto-resolve battles but its a risk I am willing to take. Standard AT kits (like we are used too) are top prio! Down the road I am planning to include CAS and heavy assets like Tanks, but basics first. Final words I would like to thank everyone for participating. The first battle was meant to be rough and new, awkward and at points even salty but thats the deal. I appreciate feedback and criticism and the squad leaders for sticking with me. We have a good basis here to get a real, consistent series of events here. I would love to see more squads and returning squad members. And I found the mosin skirmish we had at the aircraft bunker with Hater and Jersans to be quite fun ;-)
  2. @VODKA Jersans plan will be done on the fly. Don't know how many squads we have if they are dependable. @=VG= Kavelenko Note: Joining squads is NOT required but is recommended since it will reserve a spot on the server and a hella' good time. Kits: We have Mosins and Siminovs, no Grenades, no Field Dressings. AT kit is RPG7 with one HEAT warhead. So all you need basically
  3. Updated the main post. If you wish to join a squad please specify which squad and which role. If you don't care who to join, and/or what kit to take please feel free to say so and we will handle it. (Note: Joining squads is NOT required but is recommended since it will reserve a spot on the server and a hella' good time.)
  4. Status Quo Soldiers, we are in a favourable position in where we gain a huge advantage after winning these two battles. Since my plan last week was to hold and consolidate defences we managed to lure the Red Dragons into their pitiful demise. They clearly underestimate their enemy, they are unbeknownst of our true strength. It is not represented by number or metrics. It is only represented by the valor in our hearts. Call for duty I hereby summon all those who wish to lead a band of brothers into victory. If you see yourself fit for fulfilling such a honorable calling, rest no longer and sign up for a chance to go down in history books of future generations. If you prove worthy in leading I will reward you with more rewarding tasks and better weaponry. For glory keed TLDR: Don't fuck up or we are stuck with Mosins for ever.
  5. @JohnnyV The LIVE battles in game will be open for everyone, no preliminary sign-up needed. There will be a thread for each battle where people usually form loose squads. LIVE battles will be every second Saturday starting with the next one. Check out the current thread for sick squads!
  6. Hey man thanks for the intro! I think I played with you some rounds on PR a while ago
  7. I'll be most excited for the high-tech shitbox. It looks like it will tip over on the slightest curve
  8. If I would have known...
  9. Come as you are. LIVE battles will have their own sticky posts with more info. You can form a squad (like the double13 is doing) but you can also join the server spontaneously.
  10. Alright, First off cheers to @tedf for creating this campaign and it's extensive game mechanics, plays like a total war campaign! We will be M.E.C. On how things will be handled: First off I am planning to keep you guys in the loop with each battle cycle (7 days long). The format will be two stickies in the forum created by the game master, one for general timeline of the events globally and one thread for each battle at the end of the respective cycle. Note that we will have LIVE then followed by AUTO RESOVLE battles and repeat until we achieve victory. 2ICs (Commanders in PR) will be appointed by me for each LIVE battle individually. We won't have a permanent one to resemble real life conditions (same ranking commanding officers) and giving everyone a opportunity. Listen up: There is no need for applications! I will approach candidates and aquire if they are interested. I am planning to chose players from the COOP server which I see fit for the task and not always be the obvious choices and might not be die hard regulars to break the circle jerk. On a final note: I am always open for criticism and suggestions on a operational level. But when we are in a LIVE battle it's game face. Immersion is low amongst regulars, I know that, but for others it will hopefully a nice series of events. Stay professional and keep in mind the better we do, the faster we get fancy toys to play with, including scopes. keed
  11. I am joining the SQ3 as medico. I am in favor of a restricted arsenal
  12. I'll be on TS later. I have loads of questions
  13. - Dropping a box safely from a Osprey flying maximum speed meters above T-shape rooftops. - Firing a SMAW rocket at a BTR60 and the thing only starts to sparkle like a gay vampire - Being deployed to the same warzones even though we secured them a million times each - But the best one: Playing a decade old mod made by people in their free time out of passion and still having more fun than in a AAA shooter made by companies with million dollar budgets and professional developers I like how this thread is derailing
  14. Damn Rotblut you should get a official grave digger badge
  15. Called in sick this weekend so I will make a squad Edit: To provide some additional information about the Falklands War, following is a historical accurate and unbiased documentation of the conflict /s (14:53): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKkcTpCur7g