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  1. I played it last night and enjoyed it, it is a run and gun shooter tho and thats okay wish it had bigger maps.
  2. I play to build my leadership and social skills. Plus it's fun to conquer something.
  3. It's not a VG server issue it happens on any server, typically when you're transporting a whole squad to a cache 5m off the ground, cause that's how you learned to fly in coop.
  4. Happens to me sometimes, I think it's something about ram overload, fixes its self tho. Close any background programs
  5. Hello all just created a investing and bussiness club anyone can join and all ideas are welcome :).

    I've been investing since 2019, and it has been fruitful for me and others around me. I'm part of a discord channel that talks all about stocks but I'd like to also talk with you guys and share the knowledge with everyone.

  6. It usually saves it under videos and then the games own folder. You can go to the software and find where it saves your auto saves or go the softwares folder and search in there
  7. Thank you sir, Song of horror for me
  8. I think it's safe to say that this is best gaming forum/website out there, like if you go anywhere else they look like they are honda civics meanwhile VG is the porche haha. Thankyou guys for make VG an accessible and user friendly place
  9. Let's all go to muttrah city for vacation this year lol
  10. Oh ya, I got a video of that too haha, I'll post after work
  11. Just randomly linked up with fastj@ck on deployment, had some fun ended up at the top of the leaderboard and avoided a tank haha we did VG proud
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