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  1. Bijar STD crashed 2 minutes ago, full server. Question: To report broken maps, are we always supposed to use the link provided in the admin dashboard (right now, leading to this thread) or are we supposed to use the form found here: https://veterans-gaming.com/pr-server-support/ (HOME -> RULES -> Pr Server Crash Report).
  2. Fools Road - Alternative Last Flag on Militia Fortress has a broken spawn (bots spawn dead). Makes capping impossible (extremely hard?)
  3. @=VG= Acro1 Be the change you want to see in the world. I play a lot of deployment, usually its great.
  4. Iam down. Be amazed at the 8 pixels from my 10 year old cheap webcam.
  5. If that even remotely works as intended it will be amazing. Let's hope i don't forget. Speaking of which, can we add the UTC deviation when talking about time? Germany is UTC+1 f.e.
  6. It was Shilya Valley INF, i might add.
  7. No offense, but that looks like yet another buggy DayZ Clone. Reviews after V17 were mostly negative. What is your opinion?
  8. We have something similar here in germany, make sure to activate english subtitles:
  9. Iam more into symphonic metal, power/melodic death, that sorta thing:
  10. Hello Vicar, and welcome. Iam not sure if i fully understand you, but if you need help in PR you can always ask us ingame, on the teamspeak or on the forum. I heard of a guy who frequently creates beginner squads, maybe you pop in if you see one ?
  11. >Post YouTube Video >Click on YouTube Video in Chat >Chat crashes. GG
  12. Just want to the take time to thank you again for fixing COOP. The playerbase seems to very happy about it.

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