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  1. happy to see you back on the server Fumo!
  2. What Kave said mate. Its cool to put down emplacements to stop back capping. Wrong to put them down blocking enemy advance from main, etc. I will say that some SL's put down so many emplacements pushing what I would call excessive, where it limits friendly movement. Mutt map is a good example. It sometimes get to the point where APC's must travel dangerous routes for re-supply/repair.
  3. The only useful task the commander should do other than the occasional arty. Well said keed. Qiezi, you played the role of commander on canyons a few days ago, removed a FOB that was later needed at a critical juncture in the game. I had placed the FOB early in the game because from my experience, the numbers we had on the server it would be needed. My prediction was correct and we struggled while you were barking panic orders which were largely ignored. I don't believe you have developed the skills, knowledge, or earned the respect of the player base to effectively play the role of commander. Don't feel bad, I have not developed the skills or earned the respect of the player base either, and I surely wouldn't expect them to take commands from me. Play infantry dude. Learn to play it well and prove your worth, earn the respect, and develop the skills first.
  4. It all comes down to the pilot. A good example of why I dislike the practice was demonstrated on Pav last night. The Harrier was hovering inside the sub pen, yes INSIDE, shooting enemy infantry while friendlies were trying to deal with armor outside.
  5. I am not a fan of hovering harriers, especially close to the ground. The biggest reason is the noise, can't hear a bloody thing. We tell trans not to hover for the very same reason. Secondly, it looks like kill farming to me. Shooting infantry, light armor is IMO not the intend task/use for harriers. I believe all CAS should focus on targets infantry has a difficult time dealing with. Tanks, emplacements and the like.
  6. Skiddles

    Hi All

    Welcome! You have come to the right place. Heaps of support from a great bunch of people.
  7. I for one would love greater diversity in the maps played. Seems maps are selected for asset availability meaning the map has the asset the decision makes want to play simply because they are winnable. For me, a walk through maps is not a lot of fun, just repeating the same strategy over and over again. So bring it on, lets play the harder ones!!
  8. For me, there is nothing more frustrating than someone making a squad and not leading it. I think not having a mic in this game is a disadvantage to the player whom doesn't have one and every other member on the team with a few exceptions. There are a handful of no mic people who are among our strongest players. I think admins should encourage players without mic's to not lead. Set up the server to regularly display a message about the importance of having a microphone similar to the one that thanks people for playing on the VG server.
  9. I am just starting to get my head around the complexity of the game. For me, less complexity would be great!
  10. I'm in but being very new to the game I'll need heaps of help and instruction.
  11. Skiddles

    Cant decide

    I do understand the bandwidth servers have and know full well the limits of my ISP. Puckers make me pay for well beyond what they promise to deliver. capitalistic PUNTS.
  12. Skiddles

    Cant decide

    I just get the shits with having to "turn down" settings to make a game playable. I often wonder who pays these developers to push computers to the limits!? I'm convinced the developers are not responsible. They want their game to be played. It will have to budget for the new system but puck it, I'm having it! LOL
  13. Skiddles


    I am somewhat skeptical of ancient depictions especially those that are interpreted as aliens at the controls of their space craft. I mean would you allow a species barely able to make fire inside your state of the art space craft? The book "Chariots of the Gods" covered a heap of so called "proof" and was later found to be mostly fiction. A case of only telling one part of a story which is sad because I found the book a fascinating read. Before I say more, I will say that I do believe we are not alone in the universe and that we have been visited on more than one occasion. For me, Roswell and the resulting cover up, and hush is all the proof I need. More concerning to me is what is being said today and equally so, what is not being said. The only thing I am 100% sure of is that the powers to be will use and abuse what ever they know to control public opinion and profit from it. I agree with the suggestion that in coming years there will be an admission about Roswell and along with that admission will come fear mongering. "Aliens are coming, Aliens are coming!!! and they will kill us all!", and like sheep, most of the population will fall into their game. Hell, if they wanted to wipe out life on this planet for resources surely they would have done it long ago. The idea of aliens captivates my mind and forces me to consider infinite possibilities. I'd like to think they are he already, watching, learning and stepping in at the right time with just enough of a push to keep us from blowing ourselves up. I can not subscribe to the idea that an alien race so far ahead of us would be here to do us harm. Why would they? If they wanted that, they would have done it already. I think a more advance race would have more advanced ideals. Would have long forgotten the idea of some higher power governing everything. Worked out things we don't even understand yet. Hell, we are so bloody stupid that we are only now beginning to work out our capitalistic nature is killing nature! We pollute the very essence of life, our water! These are the sorts of thing I hope our alien visitors will help us with. Not solve our problems but guide us through them. Give us enough help so we learn to help ourselves. I think it is what we as humans would do if we were so advanced. I can't imagine humanity becoming so evolved to travel space and not learn to do the right thing! Why would I think aliens wouldn't. Okay, I've been rambling. I know not everyone thinks like I do and don't expect anyone too. I just wish we would as a race could be a little more open minded and think in the positive while understanding the people who control us do everything for a reason and never want you to know what it is.
  14. Skiddles


    @Connor Given the vastness of space it would mean travel through it would have to be incredibly fast.
  15. Skiddles


    Thought I would like to share this. I think it is safe to conclude that light is universal through out the universe. Other humanoids in the universe would use light similar to way we do in that they look at the universe in the spectrum of light. Sure there are other ways but to keep things simple let just use visible light. The closest alien planet to our solar system is Proxima b, which lies just 4.2 light-years from Earth. For argument sake, lets say there are aliens there. Now, why would an race of people so far ahead of us technologically want to come here? The only reason I can think of is if we were to become a treat. Roswell happened, what was it, 1949? When did we discover and deploy nuclear weapons? Around 5 years earlier? Does it seem coincidental that Roswell happened right about the time the light of our discovery reached our closest inhabitable planet? Gets me thinking!
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