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  1. Deployment players

    Sometimes it feels like I'm playing against bots lol
  2. Always makes me chuckle when people shoot at anything with 4 wheels and get blasted in the face with he
  3. Markers not sticking

    I'm talking about when you call the laze and a marker shows up on the map, but it doesnt on coop
  4. Markers not sticking

    Is there anyway we can have markers to stick longer? I like to play as a spotter for cas and the markers dont stick when you request an action, same for when you spot tanks or infantry.
  5. Military perceptions

    Exactly what I thought, I dont know why these guys though this way, probably dont have a clue about life in the army. If anything it's more benfitial then most civilian jobs, medical/dental 20 vacations days for a private right off the bat, paid education, and alot more with a minimum 35k (CAD) starting salary while you're in basic and it just goes up from there.
  6. Military perceptions

    So I am currently in the process of joining the canadian forces, communications reserch operator, combat engineer & intelligence officer are the three postings I applied for. The weird thing is what my friends and family think of it, for one alot of them thought that the military does not pay you when you become a member, I was baffled when I heard that and then I asked more and more people if they thought so, and yup they thought you dont get paid. Just wondering if any of you had friends who thought so too? Maybe this is why alot of people are not intrested and are just miss-informed?or it's just a canadian culture thing. Alot of my friends also though the only thing the military does is infantry stuff and killing and that just scared the shit out of some people, like there are alot of trades and jobs in the military then just fighting. Have any of you vets or military members experienced this?
  7. Deployment players

    Y'all really be missing out on some awesome moments
  8. Deployment group

    Someone brought up a great idea to schedule when we can all play together on deployment, so I decided to create an event :).
  9. Deployment players

    No problem man I'll see if I can get an event started to run every weekend and will get a calendar going.
  10. Deployment players

    Sure thing
  11. Deployment players

    All good man
  12. Deployment players

    Any VG member or just any of our players intrested in playing on deployment? I'd like to run a squad with people ik and it makes it more fun since we are chill here. I'll be on discord deployment whenever I'm on.
  13. Boom boom

    Havent posted a video in a while so I decided to pull some footage together. Enjoy
  14. VG Website error: Your connection is not private

    Damn ccp taking over😋 beating them too much on the server.(im a criminal now)
  15. Battlefield Project Reality, game closing itself

    To ad to this I did see this posted in pr bug forums, and was basically told to suck a nut. I too had a crash on bamyan twice while flying the a10 both crashes happened immediately after firing the brt brt gun.