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  1. Stormworks: Build and Rescue.

    No game is good if you cant build a giant penis in it🤷‍♂️
  2. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event

    Can you some transport helos? Some great foreplay might take place.
  3. Server Issue - Faction Crashes

    I've heard it many times from players but when I run a map with a supposed server crashers and it is set it does not crash.
  4. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Point taken guys I'm getting a couple of marketers to write up a description for me and I'd love some help on how to write it too, today im off to some metal shops to get see if they can make the prototype.
  5. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Thankyou ^
  6. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    http://kck.st/2ITJ4Z8 Hey guys kickstarter is up and running I hope you guys like it.
  7. Noobs in CAS / TRANS

    I think if ever 25 to 40 mins a little server message shows up saying that this is a serious server blah blah will help, and also if players were in squad I've seen deployment servers automatically warn players who are not in the squad. This let's them know that rules are strict here and admins do their job.
  8. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Not up and running yet but hopefully in a week everything is set up.
  9. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Lol sorry just got a little too busy, I went with the rod and retractable hooks
  10. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    So I got someone on fiverr to draw a simple product design for me, now I'm in the process of getting it drawn it autocad, kickstarter is under review and contacted a few manufacturers who are waiting on the autocad design so far so good just finishing up a website in a few days.
  11. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Thanks for the legal stuff semler, I am in the process of forming the company and getting my idea on paper so I can go get it a patent hence why I'm not disclosing too much info on here
  12. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Hey sorry guys, I don't need it for 3d printing or anything like that, just need a drawing and blue prints for it so I can take it to go fund me and the manufactures so I can get started on the project, if you can help I can PM you with more detail thanks.
  13. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Hey was just wondering if there is anyone here who knows how to use all those graphic programs and can help me create a product sketch.
  14. Intresting combat footage

    Just a quick question how is Mexico's army not infiltrated by the cartels?
  15. My time has come

    I got my pitch forks and cas jet ready