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  1. Community Growth and Development

    Let's all go to muttrah city for vacation this year lol
  2. Representing

    Oh ya, I got a video of that too haha, I'll post after work
  3. Representing

    Just randomly linked up with fastj@ck on deployment, had some fun ended up at the top of the leaderboard and avoided a tank haha we did VG proud
  4. Your Favorite Song?

  5. PR Deployment group

    I'll be playing tonight if anyone wants to join me
  6. Mug Shots - 2020

    The suit is before.
  7. Community Growth and Development

    I guess I'll start running inf squads, I usually never did even back when I wasnt playing deployment so much, I played under other squad leaders for like a year until I started doing apcs then later trans. Most of you have seen that I deploy different tactics when I lead a squad, some times it's to slow down game play others it's just fun with new tactics. I started leading some JTAC squads but players who were doing cas did not seem to engage targets I lazed, it will be a process I guess. There is a disconnect between armor cas and infantry on our coop and they seem to co-exist but not that they really talk to each other. Thank you for bring this up @Sciddles and keep being honest I'm probably a good example for someone who just hops into cas to farm for kills.
  8. Flashbacks pt.2

    Bot numbers have been reduced I believe, and the tactics that we used a year/2 ago arnt being used anymore. So now people find it difficult to beat the maps and settings therefor changed. I believe that's what happened.
  9. CO-OP Suggestion

    I loved opfor fridays
  10. Hi

  11. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    Thailand is always fun, as well as korea and japan
  12. Desert Storm

  13. Project Reality Event Week I

    Sign me up to lead a squad
  14. BF3 project reality

    That's pretty cool, the VU trailer tells me more then the reality one lol
  15. BF3 project reality

    What do you all think? Is it even being worked on properly? I think it's just a server host who has the hud set to off, like some of those Milsim servers on bf4. This trailer shows just two squads playing milsim tactical style