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  1. VG Website error: Your connection is not private

    Damn ccp taking over😋 beating them too much on the server.(im a criminal now)
  2. Battlefield Project Reality, game closing itself

    To ad to this I did see this posted in pr bug forums, and was basically told to suck a nut. I too had a crash on bamyan twice while flying the a10 both crashes happened immediately after firing the brt brt gun.
  3. My old "Cities: Skylines" city New Bedlam screenshots

    Traffic makes absolutely no sense in this game, mostly due too the commercials and services provided, like there are hundreds of garbage trucks moving around my city all throughout the day. And the industrial guys are sending out more then a 100 vehicles on the streets every day
  4. Squad Event: Operation Resurrection

    I think I figured it out, it was downloading mods on the background so it had to wait for that.
  5. Squad Event: Operation Resurrection

    Any fix too the black loading screen at the start? Been stuck on it for an hour
  6. So I did a thing

    Yaaaa, I got a channel too, vanillapop games We can all collab our footage for events
  7. PR v1.6 Announcement

  8. Squad Event: Operation Resurrection

    Sign me up for red for squad lead, also steam I'd is vanillapop. I'm on the VG steam group @=VG= Vanillapop you got mail, I need to confirm your SteamID is correct. Kav.
  9. unbanning

    The problem was you were shooting AA missiles in main in the first place. while you wait for the banning admin to reply, I'd strongly suggest you take a look at our rules. https://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/server-rules-project-reality-co-op/
  10. PR v1.6 Announcement

    The drag body stuff is for squad, so I think someone just took squads updates and pasted it there, plus that isnt posted on prs forms.
  11. The memes

    Got a new video going took advantage of the title w
  12. 5 Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do

    Go through comments, looks at dates, sees 12..... keeps reading, wait a min 2012? Damn lol
  13. The memes

    I found the cure people!!!
  14. The memes

    Damn nex, you frisky
  15. The memes