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  1. Hug the ground a low as you feel comfortable. Slow down to around 180 before nosing up to a near vertical climb. Wait for the jet to slow down to near zero before letting the nose back down to level. You should hear the change in flight mode, then you're in VTOL.
  2. I usually land slightly diagonally, cutting across the runway into the taxy way about 50m from the beginning of the runway, so to save time taxing back around to rearm. If you do it right, you'll come to a stop right inside rearm area. Trims a good 2 minutes off the process of RTB for ammo and/or repairs.
  3. Dropping the collective.... Increasing the collective... 90% of terrain in PR can be considered LZ material as long as you know how to control the collective, or rather, negative throttle lol. There are some areas of some maps that are just hopelessly too steep to land on because you can't react fast enough no matter your sensitivity to correct your course before you crash either forward, or backwards depending on which direction you're facing when you land. I do the same thing lol. Now that they removed OOB penalty on Bamyan, no worries when flying the A-10. P.S. Great videos XOR. Keep it up!
  4. Deployment players

    That looks more like he let you plant the C4. Ghosting much? Lmfao
  5. No blitzkrieg?

    Jabal and Muttrah are the most over-played maps. Jabal seriously needs to be retired. They retired so many other good maps in favor of that stinging POS lol. It is the oldest map now and I'm tired of it personally. I wouldn't have as much of a problem with Jabal if people didn't camp the bridge flag and essentially base rape by TOWING anything that comes across the bridge. IMO it's akin to either A, mining the bridge. Or B, destroying the bridge entirely with C4. I see it all the time, I'll admit that it has calmed down a bit and people have been moving into the next objectives more frequently. However, that doesn't wash the bad taste out of my mouth that is Jabal.
  6. No blitzkrieg?

    Been preaching this for ages.
  7. No blitzkrieg?

    As far as I know, the bots are as hard as they can get without being 100% 1-tap headshot terminators.
  8. Markers not sticking

    It does show up on coop. But it only lasts a few seconds. I agree with what Acro said, it is more realistic because the AO is so dynamic. I haven't played deployment in quite a while, but if what you say is true, I'm not sure why it stays on the map longer in deployment versus coop. Perhaps a minor oversight.
  9. Markers not sticking

    Depending on the marker you're referring to, they've always disappeared relatively fast. Commander markers last somewhere around 5 to 10 minutes from the time of placement to disappearance. The GTLD was updated so not to display the actual designated target being painted. I don't entirely understand removing the green box, but I do agree duck duck goose with the GTLD was OP on Khami, Banyan, and Black Gold.
  10. Squad VG server

    If I remember correctly, when I played squad with Kav, the VG Squad server was listed under the "custom" server list browser.
  11. Deployment players

    It would be good to have a contingency in the event HOG were to dissolve. I doubt that happening though. If it did however, people would need a structured environment to play. VG would certainly fill the gap. Free Candy Van is a different, more convoluted story. They've disappeared before, and I had heard that their server license was revoked do to poor decision making on the administration's part. I've heard stories of the abuse and seen first hand what happens when Bludrake doesn't get what he wants haha. Could just be a rumor, but it definitely wouldn't surprise me considering the crowd that magnetises to that server. I believe the server is under different ownership now but retaining the original name of the server will probably attract the same crowd that used to terrorize that server.
  12. Deployment players

    I agree, I like the idea. However, in my opinion, VG is understaffed for deployment. It's whole different ball game. It's not just 40 people on one team. It's 50 on both teams, which will make it hard to keep track of BS. I do believe that, although VG administration is topnotch, hands down some of the best, it will be testy, stretched thin, and stressed out. All while having to maintain COOP at the same time. But again, that's just my opinion. Take it with a grain of salt.
  13. Deployment players

    I may be down to join some time. Won't make any promises. I gave on deployment almost a decade ago lol. Do hit me up next time you play. I'll let you know if I'm in the mood. Cheers.
  14. New coop insurgency testsession

    Bump! Would love to see this running on a server one day. I had a lot of fun with just Fastjack and a couple other people playing Gaza Insurgency on the VG test server. Didn't crash one time personally. It was pretty stable.