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  1. Battlefield 3/4?

    L85 is easy. HOWEVER good luck EVER unlocking the Xbow. It took me almost a year because the only server that would run the game mode Scavenger from the Aftermath DLC rarely had any players. You needed 4 minimum for the round to start. You have to win 3 rounds of scavenger to unlock xbow. Probably my favorite troll weapon ever. I don't think that server even exists anymore, I never see anyone playing Scavenger. EDIT: @=VG= keed We can totally do your coop assignment to get your L85 unlock.
  2. Battlefield 3/4?

    Hell yeah I have all the DLC for both. I can send you my Origin ID in PMs. I like BF4, I just got it. Level 5 right now lol. I'm maxed out in BF3 though.
  3. Battlefield 3/4?

    If you got time for PR, you got time for BF3! Just need to get more people on board! I should mention that a lot of BF3 servers now are mostly Vanilla BF3 all map rotation. But there is one server I play on that does a lot of the Back 2 Karkand maps like Gulf of Oman, and obviously, Strike at Karkand. Always fun to revisit the classics.
  4. Battlefield 3/4?

    I understand that completely, I just have a lot of HD space and figured why not, that's why I'm trying to get some people together to play as a squad and communicate!
  5. Battlefield 3/4?

    No this isn't another Venice Unleashed thread. I'm just looking for people who own BF3, 4, and maybe the DLCs, to play with. A lot of people, most, just run around like chickens with their heads cut off, shooting at everything. I'd like to get some coordination going and make a squad to tear up the battlefield. If any of you are interested, hit up this thread and let's see if we can get the ball rolling!
  6. Project Reality Event Week III

  7. Project Reality Event Week II

    Looks amazing yet again, thanks for the hard work @=VG= TEDF! Can't wait!
  8. Project Reality Event Week II

    *Slav cat hardbass intensifies* Uns uns uns uns uns uns uns.
  9. Future ARMA Events - Suggestions and Ideas

    I'd like to see some small scale ops in Takistan. HVT targets, maybe set up an op to clear and dispose of IED manufacturing facilities. Insert by UH-6 or UH-60, etc etc.
  10. Project Reality Event Week I

    Awesome work, Ted.
  11. Squad VG server

    I will say that, after nearly 16 years of playing Project Reality, and maybe 2 or 3 years of Squad. I can only say that Project Reality offers a far greater amount of content and variance compared to Squad. If you want to experience a game similar to PR that has the eye candy most are privy to these days, Squad is good. I like Squad, but personally, until they catch up or exceed the amount of maps, assets, factions, weapons, IR imaging, and.. God forbid.. Proper CAS. PR will always hold a greater value, especially considering it's free, still regularly receives updates, and has a dedicated community attached to it like a seimese twin. Alas, I'm biased and taking into consideration Project Reality has been a near daily routine in my life, for almost half my life, it will always hold a special place in my heart. A lot of great, fond memories that I will bring with me to the grave. Oh, and despite my... Surly temperament, I have made more than a few lasting friendships, here at VG and else where on PR. I'm proud to call it my home away from home, so to speak. EDIT: I feel the need to clarify the statement above, what I mean is, Squad isn't as tightly-knit as PR. In the sense that, it simply hasn't been around long enough to develope a cult-like following like PR has amassed. PR is from a different time. A simpler time.
  12. I'm sure it'll be a shock if it gets implemented, but people will adjust. It will be a wrench in the spokes of what I like to call SOP for PR. The "usual" routine that goes about at the beginning of every round, on every map, but people will adapt no doubt. I like the idea of giving people with slower load times a chance to get to the assets faster. I think it'll be interesting to see 3 CAS/Tank/APC squads created at the beginning of a round because everyone and their mom will be diving for the heavy assets lol. I remember the rush to type squad names and claim the assets at the end of the squad timer on deployment... Good times.
  13. Squad VG server

    You either buy Squad on steam and own it, or don't play it. However if you buy it, but don't like it, steam will issue a refund for any game that is requested within 14 days of the purchase, and has been played less than 2 hours.
  14. Game Start

    If you would re-read what he actually said, he meant as nice as it would be for people to be able to upgrade. Most can't because it's simply too expensive for some to invest money in a PC when they have bills to pay, mouths to feed, etc. In essence, he was saying that is an unrealistic suggestion for most people. (Not to mention cheeky considering how tight money is for most of us in the midst of a pandemic, so I guess that means I'm a bit cheeky as well.) In reality you said the same thing I did, not Connor. I see why he downvoted your comment. You read, but didn't really read, then posted a hasty reply that was out of context. It could have been avoided. That's all I got on this one.
  15. Game Start

    Moral of the story.. It wouldn't help. People will still load faster than you, make it to the briefing before you, and claim the assets before you. Do some research, upgrade your PC to load games faster. Buy an SSD, or 3. Put them in raid. Enjoy.