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  1. Volod.41

    I've personally never seen a moderator of VG every TK anyone for the simple reason that it's easier to shoot them than to !kill them. Never. I do not agree with some if the above. The rules should remain as they are. TKing should always be strictly forbidden.
  2. BF3 Reality Mod

    I've been keeping up with the development and let me tell you, it's got a LOOONG way to go before it's anything like PRBF2.
  3. Volod.41

    Unfortunate. When he wasn't raging, I enjoyed my time with Volod over these many years. I must admit though, it was funny seeing Volod get mad because I understand all too well his anger. But his TKing, which I've been banned for myself, went too far. RIP walking, talking machinegun.
  4. Considering building a new PC around my new RTX 2070 Super...

    I would suggest using a PCIe NVMe adapter. You asked how I set all those NVMe drives up Semler, this card here is what I used. Also my MoBo is here. I recently removed my sound card to make room for the NVMe adapter considering the mobo has great audio already.
  5. Project Reality Loading issue

    I won't rule out the possibility that something I've changed in my system, be it hard or soft, is the problem. I do know how older games prefer systems from their respective hay day. I've spoke to Mineral in the past about the ACTUAL dead screen that results in a server crash, and the response was that they're working on it. I didn't get any further information about it. So fingers crossed. As for my system. The idea was to future proof it. After nearly 8,000 in parts it better fucking last at least 3 years. I rebuilt it shortly before making a new Gametracker account for Gametracker. I have a good job. Not really a job, I should say. It's a passion. I build jet engines of all kinds. From turbo shaft Solarturbines Saturn 12 and 1300's, Centaur 4,500's. To J79 after burning beasts of thrust. I'm really just a mechanic that works on really expensive engines.
  6. Project Reality Loading issue

    No not quite every round. It'll take a few days to get a solid list together of the maps I experience this on. I clean the PR caches daily before I hop on after work. I don't think that's the issue, but who knows. It very well be as Solar said, just an engine limitation. But why is it so prominent now vs 2018 and earlier?
  7. Project Reality Loading issue

    My system specs are on my gametracker, which can be viewed here. Played last night. And noticed it did it, albeit briefly, on muttrah std. I'll keep noting the maps it does this to me on. I'll see about making a bug report on PR forums when I have time. I do also run a full SSD rig, in raid. Needless to say I have great load times on pretty much all games. Never noticed this issue before (Fake deadscreen) until recently after the server got reset. Even when I had PR on a HDD it didn't fake a deadscreen like this. This is definitely new to me. I do know about the map loading buildings, Kashan comes to mind because you can literally watch the buildings appear at the beginning of the round at end screen. This issue might be related, but it's not the root.
  8. Project Reality Loading issue

    Al Basrah has been dead screen in the past. But when the server got reset (Bot spawns etc reset) I haven't noticed the server dying on dead screen with that particular map. However I have noticed lately that when loading the next map and clicking squad assignment, I sit on a dead screen for about... 10-15 seconds but it recovers and allows me to spawn. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this. I think it might be the server catching up to the client perhaps. Edit: It does this on just about every map for me. Save a couple. I'll start making notes of the maps I experience this on.
  9. I know PR is going to DIE!! Whats next?

    All I have to say is PR isn't going to die any time soon. And if shit really hit the fan... I, and I'm sure I'm not alone on this, will be amongst the first in line to donate whatever amount is needed to keep things going. At the time of this post there's currently a 150 donation drive to help keep things going. I'll be donating either this week or next week depending on how much my son's football gear breaks the bank. Gotta get him ready for the season!
  10. Jabal Coop Alt with only 5 players.

    It was good fun.
  11. Canadian Kokan (CAS??) Heli

    If I may... The Griffon CAS DOES INDEED have 1, one, single medium crate of the green variety. I agree that it should be treated as CAS. But CAS should be willing to drop said crate right quick if someone needs it. It's not suited well for trans in my opinion.
  12. It's 5:55PM US Central time. Kokan Std, Kiowa attack helicopters / 20min respawn. S.A.S.homam joins my squad, co-pilots for a bit, then on RTB, gets out, shoots me in the face. He then gets in the kiowa and deliberately flips it before STARK kicke him from the server. Check logs.
  13. Kit-Stealing allowed?

    I was there to see Binary run around following gachete yelling for his kit back. We were on the first flag on the hill (Shahadah) It was kind of funny actually. Comparable to chasing a chicken around a farm. Because gachete doesn't really talk much and definitely doesn't respond to comms. And he's always joining asset squads of any kind as an infantryman.
  14. Smoke for bots

    @=VG= SemlerPDX sounds like a good plan to me.
  15. Smoke for bots

    My only concerns are smoke spam, and/or using smoke as a tool to troll. Which already happens. This may or may not make it worse.