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  1. =VG= PR Event

    If that even remotely works as intended it will be amazing. Let's hope i don't forget. Speaking of which, can we add the UTC deviation when talking about time? Germany is UTC+1 f.e.
  2. How to play music in Mumble

    The applications i use are in itself rather simple. The combination makes them powerful. Iam a big fan of software that only does the few things it is supposed to do. Like searching for the right LEGO pieces and putting them together the way you need them to be. Not being able to choose the audiooutput (firefox, ...) or input (Arma, ...) can be annoying. I didn't find a good way to do it with Firefox and i didn't want to download an extra browser just for the sake of memeing in videogames. Which means i have to download the things i want to play. Bit annoying. Arma f.E. uses the standard input device, set in the Windows Sound options (-> rightclick on the speaker symbol bottom right).
  3. How can I be an effective Squad Leader?

    The following video explains the basics in 6 Minutes. I fully agree with Bluedrake42 here.
  4. How to play music in Mumble

    Very interesting. Iam using a more basic approach since Arma 2 DayZ: Virtual Audio Cable (https://vac.muzychenko.net/en/) [~40$] lets me create, well, "virtual audio cable". It's like sticking an audiocable from your output to your input (ask your physician first). After that i use Audio Repeater MME (http://www.fox-magic.com/vac.php) [29$]. It allows me to send/copy audio from one input/virtual cable to an output/virtual cable. As a music source, i use foobar2000 audioplayer (https://www.foobar2000.org/) [free]. Not only is it a fantastic, lightweight musicplayer, it also gives you access to many settings, including the audiooutputdevice.
  5. Jabal rainbow dam 2

    PR ide parade when?
  6. Hey there

    oh 💔
  7. Shijia valley bugged

    It was Shilya Valley INF, i might add.
  8. 7 Days to Die

    No offense, but that looks like yet another buggy DayZ Clone. Reviews after V17 were mostly negative. What is your opinion?
  9. I may never play PR again after 31/12/2018

    It is bizarre that some of the guys you play and laugh with face so very different circumstances in their country. Good luck, Aori. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_censorship_in_Vietnam
  10. Hands up ! This is a recruitment video ! :)))

    We have something similar here in germany, make sure to activate english subtitles:
  11. sup

    Hey mate
  12. Underappreciated Metal!

    Iam more into symphonic metal, power/melodic death, that sorta thing:
  13. Escape from Tarkov (noob)

    Hello Vicar, and welcome. Iam not sure if i fully understand you, but if you need help in PR you can always ask us ingame, on the teamspeak or on the forum. I heard of a guy who frequently creates beginner squads, maybe you pop in if you see one ?
  14. Hello

    Hey man, welcome. Do NOT hesitate to ask if you are not sure how something works. Only stupid people don't ask.