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      VG Server Standard Maintenance & Updates - Monday, November 2nd 2020   10/23/2020

      All VG Game Servers including TS3 will be going down for standard maintenance and updates on Monday November 2nd, 2020.  The Falcon BMS Server will go down as well, but for a shorter period (less work there) - any pilots flying at the time will be asked for ETA of RTB, and server will be saved after they land and before shutdown.   Downtime is estimated to be less than 4 hours, but could be shorter (or as long as 8 hours) depending on a number of factors.  TS3 may come back online, only to go back offline shortly after, so expect this until it is announced to be completed.  Please consider the VG Discord Server's Voice Channels as an alternative to TeamSpeak 3 if it goes down on you and your friends.
      Request any technical help in the VG Discord from Nyther (aka 8-bit).  Cheers!


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  1. Project Reality Event Week I

    I am very keen to take part in the event so I hope there is still room. I've downloaded the maps, put them in the right place, and pray it all works.
  2. Game Start

    Hi, I brought this up in TS but thought I should make a post as well to see what the community thinks, Is it possible to introduce a pre-game "Briefing" period at the start of each match similar to Deployment? The quick loaders seem to have a big advantage in claiming assets and in some cases are at the first flag long before the team is even in-game. It might help to reduce the base rape issue at the start of the game. cheers, Scriddles
  3. Favorite Car you would want / Currently own?

    Current: Chrysler 300C It would have to be the favorite that I currently own. Want: 1966 Dodge Charger Had one in the early 80's and simply loved it. Sold it because of fuel cost. Looking back, dumb move. Dream Car: Porscha GT3
  4. G'Day

    Hi everyone. I was a member here years ago in the early day of PR. I have come back because of how much I enjoyed playing the game and especially so on the Veterans Gaming server. Re-learning the game and discovering all the new maps has been a little challenging so I hope you all will forgive my noob mistakes and learn. I look forward to playing with everyone. Living in Australia leaves me with a 200 to 300 ms ping. } sad face { Sadly the game has lost its popularity here and local servers are non-existent. Perhaps with a little promotion, this could change. Cheers