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  1. Came back to PR after a few years.

    Greetings and welcome back. It is still the best gaming experience, of my entire foray into community gaming, of any kind. The fact that so many return to participate and fellowship is a testament to the welcoming diverse membership and dynamic leadership. Community Spirit is in abundance in all that happens here.
  2. HELLO !

    Welcome, Matey. I hope you have the time of your life playing and sharing experiences with the wonderful folks in this epic community. Stay safe and be happy.
  3. H8CrazyVet67

    Well done, Everyone. Remembrance of those that are no longer with us is a great attribute that is one of the endearing qualities of this august community. I salute you all!! Please let H8CrazyVet67's family be comforted in the fact that he will not be forgotten and is still fondly remembered by many across the world.

    A notable and continuing issue in gaming. I think the only thing these kinds of players respect is when the action they take messes with their game time. So a short term ban / time out is worth it as they will weigh their actions against the fact that if they persist and kill a friendly, instead of having to spend the extra few seconds it would have taken to ID their target they will have to sit out the whole day, week, month on the sidelines depending on the severity of the infraction. Then by obvious process of elimination, those that will adhere to the discipline required to play will return contrite, while the less worthy will move on.
  5. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    Well done on a brilliant piece of planning and entertainment.
  6. I finally joined this forum for good. Hello!

    Welcome to the Adventure!!
  7. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event

    Well done once again on another ground breaking endeavour and player experience!!
  8. Re-introduction (and a call for help, I guess?)

    Welcome "Back". I am sure one of the many Tech Gurus available in the community will be able to assist in due course.
  9. Hello. Konichi'wa. Hallo. Hola.

    Welcome to the Community. You are in good company and will enjoy the best team game play on the planet
  10. Things i miss in PR VG CO-OP

    Have they given back the control of the explosive pack to the engineer class? I really missed the strategic use of that kit.
  11. Introduction - Back in the seat

    Belated welcome best wishes. I hope you are enjoying the community spirit and standing tall with the team.
  12. LemurLemur

    Welcome to the Adventure. Good and Funny People are always having fun here at each others expense.
  13. =VG= PR Event

    Well done. Onwards and Upwards!!
  14. Blender 2.8 has landed!!

    Well done. Great stuff. I am looking into the development of training workshops for VR content creation using Blender. This version just made the job easier to deliver to a wider demographic.
  15. Blender 2.8 has landed!!

    I have been really looking forward to this program release. Please give it a few days. Apparently the download servers have been swamped.