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Inverted pitch when flying


Inverted pitch in PR  

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  1. 1. Do you guys fly helicopters and/or aircraft with normal or inverted pitch?

    • I fly with normal pitch
    • I fly with inverted pitch

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Just a fun poll to gauge how people prefer to fly aircraft (helicopters and planes) in PR.
If you have any other preferences feel free to share below!

Edit: When flying with a mouse.

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I always fly with normal pitch:  You pull back on the stick, and the nose goes up.... it's video games that consider this abnormal or inverted (well, some... it's a relative term... depends on the game/simulator, really)

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What is this thing called flying? I usally have other people fly me around...

Like to the beaches of Vietnam, then do the D-B-R route and drop crates around c10 kp3.

Or when I do CAS on Ghost train I use normal controls 

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For a weird logical reason I use both.

I use inverted on keyboard and mouse, As treating my mouse like a joystick feels very weird, so I treat my mouse with the, If my mouse goes down, my nose goes down.

But with a Joystick I will always use normal pitch. It does not feel right playing inverted.

Think you guys are after the wrong people, It's the joystick inverted players that are secretly serial killers, Not mouse inverted players. 


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