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  1. COOP Community Mappack v1 Test 16.09.2017 Server Password : 123 Download (Make sure to delete any older versions before installing. Do not overwrite!) 3 maps are supposed to be missing in this version. DO NOT DELETE YOUR DEFAULT PR MAPS!!!! Veterans-Gaming and Melon HQ are happy to announce that the COOP community mappack has entered the final testing phase. The maps have passed the initial stability and no CTD tests and are now ready to be tested with public players. Before I continue, I would like to stress that I did not create these maps. I merely stripped them down to basic level, removed the broken statics and replaced the flags / assets & swapped out some of the factions so the map would run on current PR version. All credit for the maps go to their respective creators. NOTICE : THESE MAPPACK MAPS ARE ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE AND/OR TO BE USED ON VETERANS - GAMING COOP SERVERS. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL PR MAPPACK. IF THERE ARE ANY ISSUES WITH MAPS, CONTACT ME (TEDF). The mappack test will commence on 16th of September 2017. Since there are a lot of maps to go through, it will be an all day event, starting around 0800 PRT and ends around 2200-2300 PRT or until there's active interest. During the testing all VG server rules apply. No teamswitching is allowed except for testing crew to keep an eye on AI. Not all maps have been tested on live server, so I can not guarantee that mumble is going to work on all of them. The mappack consists of : 1. Al kufrah oilfields - US Army vs MEC 2. Dalian Plant - FR Marines vs PLA 3. Dragon Valley - USMC vs PLA 4. Great Wall - RU vs PLA 5. Gulf of Oman - USMC vs Insurgents 6. Helmands return - GB vs Taliban 7. Highway Tampa - GB vs MEC 8. Hills of Hamgyong - GB vs PLA 9. Kubra Dam - Germany vs RU 10. Leviathan - USMC vs MEC 11. OP. Black Hawk Down - US Army vs Taliban 12. OP. Clean Sweep - FR Marines vs RU 13. OP. Harvest - RU vs Militia 14. OP. Phoenix - FSA vs MEC 15. OP. Road Rage - NL vs RU 16. OP. Smoke Screen - IDF vs Hamas 17. Road to Jalalalalalalalalabad - NL vs Taliban 18. Songhua Stalemate - Militia vs PLA 19. Street 2 - USMC vs Insurgents 20. Sunset City - US Army vs PLA 21. Wake Island - USMC vs PLA The maps will be released sometime next week. Got a lot of packing to do so will take some time. FAQ : 1. Where are the SF maps, cunt? - Most of the SF maps have statics that are missing on PR which means that it will take longer to fix them. I hope to have them running in the near future 2. Why no jets for humans? - vBF2 maps are too small for PR jets to manouver. Even the bot ones are having issues in long run. 3. It doesnt make sense that Faction A fights Faction B on *insert map* - It doesnt make sense that Canada is fighting against Russians on Finnish border on Yamalia, so deal with it. 4. How can I help? - I'm always open for constructive critisism. If you find anything broken on the maps or have any (good) suggestions, then fire them away. This map sux, bots can see through stuff doesnt count as constructive. 5. Why are the Americans on most of the maps? - US is a placeholder for most of them until I figure out a better faction to replace them. 6. Missing pictures on loading screens - The background and map overview pictures will be added in a later patch
  2. Kubra Dam was part of a "red tide" campaign which in a way was a test on it's own.
  3. If the maps run on local then you are good to go. We tested the files couple of days ago with Double and ironically only CTD issues we had were on my side. The server is mainly for those who are having crashes or doupt that the files are compatible (overwriting on install for example) If you are having any issues, feel free to jump on TS, PR admin HQ channel and we'll try to find a solution.
  4. I'll be available on TS tomorrow (friday) if anyone has any technical issues with getting the maps to run. The test server is up with the maps so you can check if you have the correct version. Red = no If you have any issues or wish to check the compapility of a map, feel free to ask and I can set it to run on the server and we can check it out.
  5. 4. The best way, for me atleast, to identify if the target is friend or foe is by taking a look at the weapon. Each faction has their distinctive weapons that make them super easy to identify (us m4s, MEC g3s, russians aks etc.) Also each faction has their own unique uniforms. Just takes a bit time and practice to remember them all. On insurgent syle maps like iron ridge where both sides have same weaponry, its best to check the helmets. All bluefor units have a helmets, but opfor usually sports bandanas and shemaghs instead.
  6. Best way to test it would be to have at least 24h ahead announcement and by taking down the main server during the testing. Right now not many people bother to search the maps since they have alt option to join the main server without spending time on looking through the forums and downloading.
  7. Yee
  8. Took a while, but after numerous of failed attempts, the mappack has been uploaded and ready for download. Download : CLICK HERE! IMPORTANT : IF YOU PARTICIPATED IN PREVIOUS TESTS, MAKE SURE TO DELETE THE MAP FOLDERS BEFORE INSTALLING TO AVOID MAPS GETTING CORRUPTED. DO NOT OVERWRITE! Install instructions : Extract the rar file and place the map folders into your project reality levels folder ( Default : C:Program Files x86 / Project Reality / Project Reality BF2 / Mods / PR / Leves) Notes : 1. Dalian Plant, Gulf of Oman & Leviathan had some late minute AI issues and won't be included in this version 2. Tickets on some of the maps are not set up (noticed it after uploading) and therefore the rounds may end prematurely on local servers. If you wish a fix for it, send me a PM and I'll quide you through it.
  9. You'll need to drop a patch on it to get it unstuck and then poke it with epipen for revive. Works most of the times.
  10. Sorry guys, but I overestimated my internet's capabilities and it takes a lot longer to upload the maps than I thought it would. Therefore the test is moved a week further to 16th of september, starting time remains the same.
  11. Let me know if you guys need the dev server or some kind of extra assets on some of the maps for the tutorial thingy. I guess I could throw a small vid together with how the armo(u)r works, but it will have to wait until I finish packing up the maps for next week.
  12. 26th August 2017 1800h (6pm) GMT Download : Click Here! Info : 1. Everyone is welcome to join. There are no signups except for the commander 2. The spawns in deployment zones are temporary and will become unavailable after 5 minutes has passed. 3. Bijar is a bit funky atm, so if it doesnt work out well, then I'll replace it with something else. 4. I'll add the exact time in a couple of days. 5. APC squad claims the BRDM2s that have guns on them. BRDMs without guns act as a regular transport vehicle and is claimed by the first squad that gets it. 1. Albasrah - US vs INS US assets : 6 X Hmmwv 50.cal - no respawn 3 x Hmmwv 50.cal - 5 min respawn 2 x Troop transport truck - No respawn 1 x Troop transport truck - 10 min respawn 1 x Logi truck - 10 min respawn 1 x Stryker mk19 - 20 min respawn Commander : US Starts in a convoy from SE side of the map and has to move up and secure the palace. Once secure, respawnable assets will be available. The bridges west of palace are out of commision and can not be crossed (not allowed). US has to clear the city of INS threath and then proceed to clear out the village and VCP. Once the area is secure, push towards airport for exfil. 2. Muttrah City - RU Spetsnaz vs USMC + GB RU assets : 2 x BRDM2 support - No respawn 1 x BRDM2 - No respawn 2 x HMG Shitboxes - No respawn 2 x Troop Transport Truck - No respawn 1 x Logi - No respawn 1 x Shitbox - 7 min respawn 1 x HMG shitbox - 7 min respawn 1 x Troop Transport Truck - 5 min respawn 1 x Logi - 10 min respawn Commander : Russian forces start on the road east of the city as a convoy. The first objective is to capture the fortress to open up supply line ( respawnable vehicles and spawn points). Once secure, proceed through the city and push out the marines. Once the city is secure, use the captured boats to assault the american carrier and seize it. The carrier also has 2 harriers on standby which they will most likely call in if things start going bad. Our intel suggests that the brits have an helicopter carrier in the area and we estimate that it takes them around 20-30 minutes to arrive. Special rules : 1. APCs are not allowed to go into water. Only boats are allowed to be used to assault the carrier 2. Follow cap order! No flag hopping. That means no going ahead of cap order until the previous flag is capped. Neutral doesnt count. 3. Bijar Canjons - INS vs US Hamas assets : 3 x Technical 50.cal - No respawn 2 x Technical 50.cal - 7 min respawn 1 x SPG Tehcnical - 10 min respawn 2 x Troop transport van - No respawn 1 x BMP1 - No respawn 1 x BTR 60 - 10 min respawn Commander : The Insurgents start at the East side of the map as a convoy and must rush to the city. Once there, they must quickly secure the area, dig in and hold back american assault. We estimate that we have around 15-20 minutes before assault begins. Defensive positions go in 2 categories - North and South. North defence line consists of 3 points. If they are lost then pull back to the southern line, where HQ is located. INS HQ must not fall! Special rules : 1. INS are not allowed to leave the city. The road acts as a border. You are not allowed to go north of it or west of the roundabout. Also camping on hills is forbitten.
  13. Parachuting out from aircraft is too easy to abuse. That's why the chutes got removed from the game except for the factions that have preset paratrooper deployment on certain maps. That's the reason why by default pilots aren't able to sit in the passenger seats. I guess one way of making this work is to have all but one person in trans squad convert into an INF squad after the hobos have been dropped off and then join the fight to avoid the supply and CAS abuse. It would have to be the german faction as they are currently the only NATO force that have paratroopers ingame (Seems a bit weird to have russians fly around in ospreys). There is a parachute launcher option for a weapon slot, so I'll fiddle around with it a bit and see if It works for other factions as well. Unfortunately, this idea has to remain only for NATO factions atm as the OPFOR doesnt have any suitable aircraft for that role. Choppers just aren't for that. Another issue would be the map. Only suitable one that I can think of atm is Pavlovsk / Vadso as it has a large deployment area in the sea far away from any kind of bot activity. (Dont even think about suggesting Kashan or Khami). Could try sould rebel and have all the flags around the island active at the same time and turn the map into an air version of D-Day landing. And before some random comes here and asks - NO. Rcon will NEVER be enabled on the main server during regular gameplay.
  14. Thanks for joining guys, hope you had at least somewhat fun. The AI kind of ruined basrah and totally blew on bijar. The jets were supposed to bomb the city to ruins on first run but decided not to. and for some reason it took them way longer to move out than they should have. Anyways, thanks again and I'll see you on 9th for mappack test. Will also add the muttrah in with some extra tickets so we can finally try to assault that boat.
  15. Server is up. Super Duper Password is : 321
  16. Thanks everyone who joined. Hope you had fun. This wasn't an official test, just got bored of the regular maps and thought to have fun with some of the INF maps before weekend. It seems that we aren't quite ready for the "advanced" AI just yet, so will remove it for now Thanks again, and don't forget to join tomorrow's event at 1800 PRT.
  17. 26th at 1800 PRT
  18. Wow... what graphics mod are you using? It looks amazing
  19. Sigh............. Amusing that I'll have to post a weather graph to prove stuff around here now, but here you go. The orange blob swooshed accross Baltics last night. I apologise to all who showed up yesterday ( es specially our Aussie brothers), I didn't know that the #3 server was not fully set up yet and there were far too many python changes to migrate over to the main server. The event is rescheduled to 26th at 1800 PRT.
  20. Event start in 1 hour. Unfortunately I have a huge strom heading my way so I propably wont make it. Therefore Double is in charge. The main server will be shut down in about 30 minutes and then double will release the Password for the event server. Then there will be a bit of warmup on regular INF maps before the main event begins. the rotation is : Basrah Muttrah Bijar.
  21. Alrighty, the download is up : CLICK HERE!!! To install : extract and put the three map folder into your levels folder (Default - C:Program Files (x86)/project reality/project_reality_bf2/mods/pr/levels) Made a few changes to Albasrah : 1. Set palace to neutral to attract the bot mob to move towards BLUEFOR. 2. Put a very incospicuous flag for the T-shape cap. Virtual cookie to the first person to find it Muttrah : 1. Cap order is a bit messed up. Don't ask, tried to fix it, didn't work. - Apartments and US FOB (next to fort) have to be capped before fortress is cappable. Therefore extended deployment rallypoint lifespan to 10 minutes and set fortress to neutral. 2. Bots recieved an additional training courses on mk19 handling. Bijar : 1. replaced one of the respawning techies with ZU truck (10min respawn) 2. Enemy now attacks the HQ once they have one of the defence flags capped. 3. Replaced roadblocks with saltbags 4. Removed static AA from hamas - Dushkam crashes on COOP and lock on AA is too OP. Handheld is still available. 5. Removed mortars, roadblocks from Hamas.
  22. You mean this amazing piece of art? Cant believe that I actually still had it somewhere on my PC :S EDIT : It is copyrighted, if anyone thought about stealing it
  23. And that's why PR is 100x better than "Squad"