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  1. 11.11.2017 1900 PRT DOWNLOAD Password : "honk" Info : 1. General Veterans - Gaming server rules apply. 2. RCON will be enabled during the event. Anyone using it without permission will be removed from the event without a warning. 3. Event is open for everyone to join. No signup is required. Anyone wishing to lead the team, post down below. 4. Maps will be released during the event week. Password for the server will be released 1h before the event begins. Falklands - Goose Green - 2017 After 35 years since their last attempt, Argentinian forces have once again launched an assault on the Falkland Islands. Within hours, all British security forces in the area were forced to surrender and were captured. After the news of an assault on the islands, a British Task Force was sent out. Within a few weeks, the Eastern island was retaken and Argentinian forces pushed back to the West. Argentinian forces managed to dig in around the town of Goose Green and repel the British assault. In order to avoid further heavy casualties, a Royal Marine Commando brigade is sent in under cover of darkness to assault and secure the area so the main task force may proceed. Royal Marines CO : XXXXXXXX 1. Goose Green - Assault Mode Royal Marines will be deployed NW of the area and must secure the three landing sites. After they are secure, they must push East and secure the two outposts, after which they must secure Goose Green. Assault will commence with boats (2 minute delay). A British destroyer will be on standby to provide fire support for troops on the ground. Once objective "Beehive" is secure, forward spawn point along with a logistical truck will become available. This is the only supply truck that you'll get and there is no way to resupply it = only 2 FOBs are available. 2. Goose Green - Defend Mode Royal Commandos must Defend the captured area until the Task Force arrives. Intel suggests that you have only a few minutes before the enemy starts their assault. Assault will commence from SW. Recon spotted several armored vehicles along with masses of INF. All flags will have a rally point that will despawn after 5 minutes has passed. After that, the only respawn points are in the HQ and from rally points. All flags also have a supply crate that will not respawn after it gets destroyed. No FOBS will be available. HQ must not fall until Task Force arrives. British Forces are not allowed to push further than the line marked on the map.
  2. yay! Double post. Anyways, thank you all who joined, hope you had fun. As expected, the AI is useless when it comes to assaulting the flags and had a total brainfart after the APCs went down. Will be avoiding those scenarios in the future. If you guys got any ideas for future events, then feel free to send them to me and I'll see if I can implement them. Thanks again.
  3. PASSWORD : "honk" The server is up and running. For warmup, we shall do some of the best INF maps PR has to offer. Event starts in about 40 minutes. Please, do not touch the rcon (and children, of course) If you have any questions or issues with the maps, feel free to poke me, or jump in the tech support channel on TS
  4. We'll continue going with the PRT time, which you can check HERE . For whatever reason, they decided to start using daylight savings after 12 tournaments of not doing it. There's still discussion about wether they should continue using it or not, so if anything changes, I'll let you guys know.
  5. Download is up. Click Here ! Extract the content into your PR levels folder, default location at program files (x86)/Project reality/Project Reality BF2/Mods/PR/Levels Run the game and check if the map shows up on your local map list. Also check the online server list. If the Event server isn't red, then your map is installed correctly.
  6. The devs have been notified about the flag issue. Seems to also happen quite often on deployment.
  7. The idea behind random squads is to get people to meet and play with others who they usually don't play with on vanilla matches. This would be a great way to have less experienced players learn from the veterans and people to get to know each other a bit more. I know it's more fun to play with your usual crew and I'm not going to micromanage the squads or start warning people for stacking up in one, but I do encourage you guys to split up and mix the squads. Veterans who don't wish to lead, don't join your favourite squad leader right away. Wait a few minutes for others to join up and then take the leftover spaces. If you see your squad is getting stacked, make the sacrifice and join the squad that has less experienced players. Let's try to make completely mixed squads with people who usually don't play together. VG guys, mix up with GI people and vice versa, for example. Don't kick randoms who start asking questions. Take your time to answer them. Don't kick people from your squads just because you are waiting for someone else to join.
  8. I'd like to keep it at 30 players max so I can add in some additional bots if needed.
  9. There won't be any signups for the event = no poll or similar (except commander). It will only confuse people who haven't joined previously to think that the event is for "members" only. Everyone is free to join the event and squads will be managed prior to start to give everyone fair chance of joining the squad they wish and to avoid the usual OP squad that we always have issues with (=No locked squads / kicking randoms). On both maps, team has enough time to sort out the kits and people in the beginning. On first map, there's no time limit, so take your time before you head out with boats.
  10. 1. Squad sizes depend on how many people shows up. If its around 20, I'd suggest having 4 five man squads rather than 2 8 man squads. 2. Theres a commander slot open If anyone has a plan and wants to be in lead, feel free to post up. 3. Kits will be standard modern GB rifles. Heavy ATs and AAs are disabled. TOWs and Stinger emplacements are disabled. 4. Kit limitations are same as on the regular server. I'll put up a banner and ingame auto posts about the event later today.
  11. Bot tag gets added to a player that's loading to the server as their ping will be 0 during loading.
  12. Not pvp. Just need Double's help to add some cinematic effects that I'm unable to do alone due to engine limitation. (Reinforcements arriving on last mission for example). I'll be monitoring the bots throughout the game and will give them few "hints" on where to go if they happen to get confused Bots will be the only ones doing the shooting on opfor side. Bot ground assets will not be crewed by us.
  13. Gaza, Beirut & Bijar have returned to the map rotation. Added Ulyanovsk STD & Route - E STD to the rotation. If you find any bugs or issues with these new maps, feel free to report them to either here or on PR forums
  14. We are having these every once in a while, depends on if any of the modders gets the spark of motivation. And like Double mentioned, the editor program is the worst one out there. It crashes often and sometimes takes over 5 minutes to boot up again. I wasn't really planning on doing any more events this year because of the PR tournament taking up most of the weekends, but I happened to watch a Falklands doc. few days ago, so thought why not to try a modern version of it.
  15. Not a hobo (yet). Just a Recon - "stealth" outfit
  16. it's PR. You are lucky to get through even 2 without crashing. As I've said before, there's only so much we can do to avoid the crashes and they are : 1. Do not use setnext at the beginning of the round or at the last second. Do it in the middle 2. Do NOT use runnext on the first map. Wait for it to play through. 3. Do NOT use runnext within the first 10-20 minutes into the round. Avoid using it at the end of the rounds. 4. Avoid setting maps that have the same faction as the previous map with different layout. (For example, do not set karbala after muttrah as it would be Marines - Army / MEC - Insurgents, which PR doesnt seem to like.) 5. Avoid spamming commands - If someone needs to be warned, kicked, whatever - talk it through on TS who is going to do it. Don't need to send out the entire battalion to take out one guy. albasrah is the name of the map folder, which the server uses when dealing with commands. (muttrah city is muttrah_city_2 etc.)
  17. COOP Community Mappack v1 Test 16.09.2017 Server Password : 123 Download (Make sure to delete any older versions before installing. Do not overwrite!) 3 maps are supposed to be missing in this version. DO NOT DELETE YOUR DEFAULT PR MAPS!!!! Veterans-Gaming and Melon HQ are happy to announce that the COOP community mappack has entered the final testing phase. The maps have passed the initial stability and no CTD tests and are now ready to be tested with public players. Before I continue, I would like to stress that I did not create these maps. I merely stripped them down to basic level, removed the broken statics and replaced the flags / assets & swapped out some of the factions so the map would run on current PR version. All credit for the maps go to their respective creators. NOTICE : THESE MAPPACK MAPS ARE ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE AND/OR TO BE USED ON VETERANS - GAMING COOP SERVERS. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL PR MAPPACK. IF THERE ARE ANY ISSUES WITH MAPS, CONTACT ME (TEDF). The mappack test will commence on 16th of September 2017. Since there are a lot of maps to go through, it will be an all day event, starting around 0800 PRT and ends around 2200-2300 PRT or until there's active interest. During the testing all VG server rules apply. No teamswitching is allowed except for testing crew to keep an eye on AI. Not all maps have been tested on live server, so I can not guarantee that mumble is going to work on all of them. The mappack consists of : 1. Al kufrah oilfields - US Army vs MEC 2. Dalian Plant - FR Marines vs PLA 3. Dragon Valley - USMC vs PLA 4. Great Wall - RU vs PLA 5. Gulf of Oman - USMC vs Insurgents 6. Helmands return - GB vs Taliban 7. Highway Tampa - GB vs MEC 8. Hills of Hamgyong - GB vs PLA 9. Kubra Dam - Germany vs RU 10. Leviathan - USMC vs MEC 11. OP. Black Hawk Down - US Army vs Taliban 12. OP. Clean Sweep - FR Marines vs RU 13. OP. Harvest - RU vs Militia 14. OP. Phoenix - FSA vs MEC 15. OP. Road Rage - NL vs RU 16. OP. Smoke Screen - IDF vs Hamas 17. Road to Jalalalalalalalalabad - NL vs Taliban 18. Songhua Stalemate - Militia vs PLA 19. Street 2 - USMC vs Insurgents 20. Sunset City - US Army vs PLA 21. Wake Island - USMC vs PLA The maps will be released sometime next week. Got a lot of packing to do so will take some time. FAQ : 1. Where are the SF maps, cunt? - Most of the SF maps have statics that are missing on PR which means that it will take longer to fix them. I hope to have them running in the near future 2. Why no jets for humans? - vBF2 maps are too small for PR jets to manouver. Even the bot ones are having issues in long run. 3. It doesnt make sense that Faction A fights Faction B on *insert map* - It doesnt make sense that Canada is fighting against Russians on Finnish border on Yamalia, so deal with it. 4. How can I help? - I'm always open for constructive critisism. If you find anything broken on the maps or have any (good) suggestions, then fire them away. This map sux, bots can see through stuff doesnt count as constructive. 5. Why are the Americans on most of the maps? - US is a placeholder for most of them until I figure out a better faction to replace them. 6. Missing pictures on loading screens - The background and map overview pictures will be added in a later patch
  18. Kubra Dam was part of a "red tide" campaign which in a way was a test on it's own.
  19. If the maps run on local then you are good to go. We tested the files couple of days ago with Double and ironically only CTD issues we had were on my side. The server is mainly for those who are having crashes or doupt that the files are compatible (overwriting on install for example) If you are having any issues, feel free to jump on TS, PR admin HQ channel and we'll try to find a solution.
  20. I'll be available on TS tomorrow (friday) if anyone has any technical issues with getting the maps to run. The test server is up with the maps so you can check if you have the correct version. Red = no If you have any issues or wish to check the compapility of a map, feel free to ask and I can set it to run on the server and we can check it out.
  21. 4. The best way, for me atleast, to identify if the target is friend or foe is by taking a look at the weapon. Each faction has their distinctive weapons that make them super easy to identify (us m4s, MEC g3s, russians aks etc.) Also each faction has their own unique uniforms. Just takes a bit time and practice to remember them all. On insurgent syle maps like iron ridge where both sides have same weaponry, its best to check the helmets. All bluefor units have a helmets, but opfor usually sports bandanas and shemaghs instead.
  22. Best way to test it would be to have at least 24h ahead announcement and by taking down the main server during the testing. Right now not many people bother to search the maps since they have alt option to join the main server without spending time on looking through the forums and downloading.
  23. Yee