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  1. COOP Campaign First Live Battle 17th of February 1900 PRT Download Commanders have made their moves and this time the factions managed to clash. Red Dragon faction launched an assault on MEC territories with their mechanised and regular INF divisions. The battles will take place on Lashkar Valley & Archer. The enemy will do whatever they can do force you to retreat. The sectors with CO icon on them must not fall. If one of them falls into enemy hands, you are forced to retreat and therefore will lose the battle. All the flags are active at the same time. Enemy doesn't attack all the flags but will rather try to break through and if breached will continue on towards the main sectors. MEC is allowed to counter attack once the enemy attack has reached 20 minute marker. FOB icons on the map represend preplaced hideouts that MEC faction gets on defensive battles due to their faction's special doctrine. These hideouts can not be destroyed by AI and will remain up until some genius on human side decides to blow them up. Additionally to the hideouts, every flag will have a rallypoint on them that despawns after 5 minutes or if enemy gets too close. Remember - non of your vehicles respawn and once they are destroyed they are gone forever. Reinforcement wave arrives 15-20 minutes into the battle For info about tech, weapons, plans etc. Contact your HCO, Keed. 1. Lashkar Valley Main Force : Taliban - 100 manpower + 3 x ammo techie + 2 x transport van. Reinforcements : Hamas - 100 manpower + 8 x BRDM 2 support 2. Op. Archer Main Force : Taliban - 150 manpower + 4 x BRDM2 Support + 6 x ammo techi + 4 x transport van Reinforcements : Hamas - 50 manpower BANDS OF BROTHERS (8 brethren/band, valid for both battles): Squad 1: Leader: VODKA Jersans Squad 2: Leader: Double13 Squad 3 Alpha Group: Leader: =VG= Kavlenko Squad 4 TMWRKMICINF : Leader: =VG= HaterOneActual Squad 5: 1. Leader: =VG= m823us (Note: Joining squads is NOT required but is recommended since it will reserve a spot on the server and a hella' good time.)
  2. Global Status : Eurocorps / Russia - WAR Eurocorps / MEC - Neutral Eurocorps / Red Dragons - Neutral Russia / Eurocorps - WAR Russia / MEC - Neutral Russia / Red Dragons - Friendly MEC / Eurocorps - Neutral MEC / Russia - Neutral MEC / Red Dragons - WAR RD / Eurocorps - Neutral RD / MEC - WAR RD / Russia - Friendly Per HCO's request, here's a general topic where all the global news will be placed. This will also act as a feedback / suggestion / salt hub where you can discuss tactics, research, blame the commander etc. etc. etc. @=VG= keed is welcome to edit the main post with information he wishes to be broadcasted at the top. (Don't delete the campaign map that will be at the bottom). Other moderators, please do not touch the main post without asking me first. At the end of each cycle, the campaign map will be updated. The map won't show any troops, but only which faction controls which sector. if HCO wishes, he can take ScreenShots of the warroom, or release the link. The room is locked and can only be edited by gamemaster. Also, at the end of each cycle, this topic will be cleared of outdated comments such as old research suggestions, battleplans etc. Feel free to share your battleplans or whatever here or on battle specific posts, as two of the factions are fully controlled by AI and the third one is controlled by a person who doesn't even know about this website. (Special kumbola to the first one to figure out which faction is human controlled).
  3. COOP campaign Live Battle II 3rd of March 2018 1900 PRT Intel : To be added.
  4. Cycle II Conclusion. 10.02 - 17.02 The first battles of the campaign have been concluded and all sides now count their losses and plan their next moves. China launched an invasion on MEC controlled territories and managed to force MEC units to pull back to their HQ zones, but were ultimately forced to retreat by the heroic defenders. Due to weather conditions turning to the worse, the valley of Lashkar didn't see any action and chinese units remained in their bases. In europe, Russia launched a full scale invasion through the southern flank of eurocorps and managed to push back the defenders there, getting one step closer to the Eurocorps HQ. In scandinavia, both factions are foritifying their positions. In America, NORAD forces managed to hold off the Mexican attack force and are now pursuing the retreating mexican forces into their mainland. MEC managed to research grenades, shovels, FOBs, & Foxholes.
  5. Server is up and running. Sorry for the delay. Password is : sand
  6. Download : CLICK HERE ! Sorry for the delay, had some last minute issues with one of the maps. Try to ignore the weird CP names. Got really pissed at one stage and the gibberish names seemed to be the only ones that worked. Unzip the file into your PR levels folder (Default : C:Program Files (x86)/Project Reality/Project Reality BF2/mods/pr/levels) or Unzip the file and then copy/cut - paste the c18_b1a & c18_b1b folders in your PR levels folder. Launch the game, go to coop - Create Local and look for maps called Campaign Battle I Archer / Lashkar. If they are there, then you installed the maps correctly and are set for event. Server will be up around 1 hour prior to event for people to warm up and get any last minute tech assistance.
  7. Updated post with intel for the first live battle. Maps will be released on friday and battle will take place on 17th at 1900 PRT.
  8. Cycle I Conclusion. The commanders have made their moves and the first cycle won't see any confrontations between the factions as no armies clashed on any of the sectors. The most aggressive expansion was from the Red Dragons who snatched 4 sectors, edging closer to MEC which decided to claim the buffer sector to the east and focus on reinforcing the garrisons there and overall in the east. The things in europe seem to be escalating rapidly as both Eurocorps & Russia are massing troops on each other's borders. The MEC managed to research troop transport trucks and supply crates & also used it's resources to purchase additional infantry divisions. Stay tuned for next week as there are bound to be conflicts as each of the factions now share a border with someone they are at war with. Also a reminder, the live battle will take place next week, on 17th of February at 1900 PRT.
  9. Warmup Battle / Start of the COOP Campaign 2018 03rd of february 1900 PRT Faction : M.E.C. HCO : KEED MAP DOWNLOAD : CLICK HERE!!! The signups are closed and after reviewing the application, a decition was made. Please welcome your High Commander for the COOP Campaign, @=VG= keed . In the next couple of days, he will be debriefed on how the campaign is going to work. As of this moment, the course of the campaign is in his hands and only he has the rights to tell where which asset / division goes, which research should be done etc. Others are allowed & encouraged to give the HCO advice and suggestions, but remember his decition is final. Campaign overview can be checked out : Here But now let's get down to business. As the first lines suggest, the first battle will be held on 03rd of february at 1900 PRT. This will be a warmup battle during which commander has a time to settle in the office and therefore this battle takes place outside the campaign map and outcome doesn't have serious inpact on the Campaign. M.E.C. expeditionary forces are sent to Mexico to aid them in their fight against the United States. To avoid this op being traced back to us, all our units will be using foreign uniforms and weapons and are taught basic Spanish. Our objective is to land on one of the US controlled islands just south of Florida Coast, locate and destroy enemy SAM and Radar stations and then get out before the americans can counteract. We will infaltrate the area from the south using a civilian cargo ship. Once close enough, teams will move out using RHIBs. Once landed, we must be quick to locate and destroy the objectives. It's estimated that the US navy will arrive within an hour once the alarm is risen and once it's there, we won't be able to escape. Alarm is given once the first round has been fired near or on the island. Mission objectives : 1. Locate the SAM and Radar sites. 2. Destroy them by planting C4 Charge on them. Only Combat Engineers have access to C4 on this and you can only have 2 Engis at a time. 3. Once destroyed, exfiltrate back to the Ship. Remember where you parked your RHIBs! 4. This is an undercover operation, so remember : No Arabic! Additional info: 1. Your primary goal is to destroy the SAM and Radar sites. Do not get caught up in long firefights against the enemy as it will just prolong the mission and will result in too many casualties. Remember, you only have limited tickets & time. 2. Before the mission begins, you'll have 5-10 minutes of prep time for people to load in, grab their gear and set up in the boats. You are not allowed to leave until green light is given. 3. All SAM and Radar sites will be spawned by the game host during the setup phase to avoid anyone attempting to locate them via editor. 4. One hour timer starts once first shots have been fired either near or on the island. Mission outcomes : 1. Success - 5/7 targets are destroyed & remaining forces made it back to the cargoship before US Navy arrived 4. Failure - less than 2/3 of the targets are destroyed, units didn't make it back to the ship before navy arrived.
  10. The warmup battle has been cancelled due to 1.5 update. I was hoping it happening tomorrow, but oh well, just our luck I guess. The battlecycle however will start today at 1900 as planned and the first live battle will take place on 17th February at 1900 PRT.
  11. Map has been uploaded and download is up on the main post & Here! . Also added intel on your targets. Download the maps and unzip the file in your PR levels folder, with default location on C:Program Files (x86)/Project Reality/Project Reality BF2/mods/PR/levels or Unzip the file wherever you want and then copy/paste the c18_warmup folder into the levels folder. Once done, launch PR and go to COOP, create local and check if the map named campaign 2018 warmup shows up on the list. If it does then you have installed the map correctly and are set for the event.
  12. Project Reality COOP Campaign 2018 Veterans - Gaming and MelonHQ are happy to announce the upcoming Project Reality COOP campaign 2018 that will begin on 3rd of February. The fighting will take place between 5 factions with a goal to control the most territories and resources in the world, with each faction having their strenghts and weaknesses. Before we begin, I'd like to address those who get easily triggered : Yes, the campaign map is mostly hand drawn and therefore the real life borders don't apply. Yes, some countries have been combined together into one sector, Yes Australia belongs in the euro family now. Yes there are over a 100 typos in this post. The entire campaign will be controlled by the Game master and the High Commander. Game Master (TEDF) : Provides the maps and generates automatic battle resolves on non battle active weeks (more info below). High Commander : Leader of the human players faction, Chooses a faction and doctrine/policy/action, if available. Commands his units in the battle, moves units around on the campaign map. Appoints a 2IC in case of absence. Chooses research and divides resources as he sees fit. Humans will be playing and can pick only one faction. Others will be controlled by AI! High Commander signups are open! To apply for team lead, send me (TEDF) a PM on the forums with the following form : 1. Name (duh) : 2. Preferred faction : 3. Few encouraging words for your future followers : Signups close on 26th of January Information : Full information with the boring little details that are not mentioned here will be provided to the High Commander Factions : Eurocorps, MEC, Red Dragons, Russia 1. Eurocorps : (GB, Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia) Poor early game equipment, lacks proper air force and early game armour. Fields low amount of manpower - Divisions have less tickets than other factions and also start with small amount of units. Starts with outdated equipment and vehicles. HQ Location : a. Germany - Armoured and Mech. Units can move 2 slots instead of one. b. UK - Periodically recieve Canadian and australian units. c. France - 50% chance that the african union will ignore the bounty and will go after another faction d. Netherlands - Free deployable defenses on defensive battles. France and Netherlands are immune to naval invasions. 2. MEC : (M.E.C. , FSA, Taliban, Hamas) Very poor equipment and vehicles. Lacks proper air force. Slow research. Disliked by it's neighbours. M.E.C. available only if faction controls turkey, Israel and Iran. Has access to large amount of trash units. Doctrines : a. insurgency : On defensive battles, recieve randomly placed ammocaches that acts as a foward spawn point that can not be overrun. b. Economy : Recieve a huge income bonuses due to oil trade. Makes MEC more prone to be invaded by NORAD. 3. NORAD : (USA, Canada. (AI Controlled)) Superior to other factions in terms of equipment and firepower. Fields wide arsenal of air and armoured units. Branches : a. USAF + US Army - Is able to paradrop inf and light vehicles into occupied enemy territories. Landed units will always start in the middle of the map and must fight their way through enemy defensive lines. Is also able to drop in heavy units once the territory has been secured. b. USMC - Deploys a mighty navy that is able to strike any coastal territory with ease. 4. Red Dragons : (China, Vietnam, North - Korea) Fields large amounts of manpower - each division has more tickets than other factions. Policies : a. The Korea question - Assist North Korea in their struggle against south. takes away half of the Chinese forces for 4 weeks, but deploys mighty North Korean fleet after completion that prevents any future naval invasions to originally controlled chinese territories. Also gains access to the mighty North Korean Air Force and turns Korea into China's puppet (resources). Also grants access to one free rocket techie that carries the name of the great leader. b. Chinese war machine - Chinese armoured units deploy faster and are cheaper than other's faction units. 5. Russia Controls large amount of land, but is prone to attack from all sides and it can take a while to move your units to other fronts. Militia uprisings may cause militia faction units appearing on undefended territories and some of russian units turning over to them. Actions : a. Purge the military - Takes 4 weeks to complete and will result in 50% of the divisions being permanently removed from the game. Cancels out any militia activities in russian controlled sectors. b. For the Motherland - Recieve 75 additional tickets if the army runs out during the battle. Can be used only once per battlecycle Game Mechanics : 1. Division system - Each division has certain amount of assets at their disposal. Inf sections control how many tickets an army has during the battle and vehicle sections control how many vehicles will be available. If a vehicle is destroyed during the battle, it is gone forever. If a mech division loses all of their assets, it will be converted into an INF division. lost units may be resupplied in the HQ. 2. Battle system - Fighting will take place on a weekly basis, with one week being the auto resolve week and second week being the battle one. On auto resolve weeks, commanders are free to move their units around and attack enemy territories, but battle result will be decided by the amount of units, their type and terrain. On battle weeks, commanders are free to move their units around and attack enemy territories. The battles will be resolved in a live action where numbers and technology don't count as much as in auto resolve weeks. If there are more than 2 conflict zones, the command may choose up to 2 on which he wishes his team to fight on. Others will be auto resolved. 3. Research system : Human faction will start with a huge handicap - 0% research, meaning that in order to unlock weapons, scopes, vehicles and deployable assets, Commander has to make a decition on what he wishes to research. Research times vary, depending on the "OP-ness" of it. For example unlocking a scope for assault rifles may take up to 5 days, wheres MBT unlock may take up to 30 days. The research times will be lowered as the campaign progresses. 4. Resource System : Each territory controlled gives the faction resource points. The normal sectors give out 500p by default and HQ sector gives out 1200p by default. Income can be increased by doing research or by capturing enemy sectors. Resources may be used to provide replacements for damaged division or to request new units that can then be combined into new divisions. 5. Bounty System - The sixth unplayable faction, the ARF will act as a pirate faction and will attack the faction that has the highest bounty on. Each faction is able to place a bounty on a rivaling faction once per week and will get a notification if a bounty has been placed on them (not amount). ARF will aim for undefended sectors and will establish a base there that remains for 3 weeks or until it is destroyed. Once the ARF leaves, the terrotiry will become neutral and needs to be recaptured. Border lines do not apply for them and they may strike everywhere. Engaging them in battle will go under normal battle system rules.
  13. Just the maps. Nothing else.
  14. After going over the new manual it seems that some of the changes are : 1. Supply crates now lose supply points when people request kits from them, but get 2-3 times increase in terms of supply capacity 2. C4s and stachel charges can now be removed with Engineer's wrench / Shovel 3. Ammo Caches can be repaired with Wrench 4. 24 Deployable HMGs available per team (2 per FOB) 5. 6 Deployable AAs (1 per FOB) 6. 3 Deployable AT Launchers (1 per FOB) 7. Armoured jeeps, such as uparmored HMMWV will now carry one light supply crate. 8. To capture a civilian, BLUEFOR unit must now be close upt to 1m before using the shotgun 9. Coalition gets -50 IntelPoints if a civilian vehicle is destroyed while there's a civi within 50m radius.
  15. That and you'll also have to download and install the maps that are specified in each of the battle threads prior to joining the event. The server will also have a password due to PR modding rules, which will be announced here on the forums and on our TS.
  16. Going to kick this off with a general notification about the M.E.C Faction for those who haven't read the main post. M.E.C. isn't the same faction we are so used to on PR. It consists of Hamas, Taliban & FSA. MEC aka Mohammed's Elite Corps (Default PR MEC) units are a speciality troops that spawn once you control Israel, Turkey & Iran. These units will have all the weapons available without the need to research them, but each of them have only 40 Tickets and they can not be reproduced, meaning that once you suffer more than 40 casualties per battle, provided that MEC was selected as main force during it, the division will be removed. You will only get 3 of them!
  17. Keed will recruit the 2IC if he wishes to have one. As for the map, I can leave the server running throughout Sunday if people want to go over it again, although it requires someone to go and spawn stuff in on the island since there aren't any flags to capture.
  18. In total there will be 30 slots : 1 for GameMaster, 1 for HCO, 1 for 2IC and 27 for grunts. If no 2IC is registered, then grunts will have 28 slots.
  19. Doesn't work on COOP.
  20. Enemy has large garrison on an island so it's highly unlikely for anyone to pull it off without alarm going off. (Cheating AI yeee)
  21. Signups are closed. Commander shall be announced alongside with the first battle details tomorrow.
  22. Going to lock this as it's slowly getting out of topic and heated up. If you got anything to add towards the AI changes, please do it HERE . This post was solely to address the issue of bots spamming LATs at choppers and unfortunately there's not much to do about it as the bots can't make a difference between transport helis and attack helos atm, otherwise I would have left the transport helos untouched. I appreciate the feedback, but as I mentioned in the original notification, all changes are temporary and will be removed after a while which happens to be this weekend. I'll tweak the files and test out the AI during the course of campaign and once I'm happy with the results, it will be loaded on to the main server again for further testing and feedback.
  23. Yes, lets have the tanks and APCs rape even more than they already do. Sounds good. Don't worry ranger, server will be set back to normal this weekend anyways.
  24. Send me a list of which map and what you want on it and i can make it. All weapon / vehicle / FOB etc. restrictions are server sided and can be edited easily as needed.