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  1. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Thanks for the legal stuff semler, I am in the process of forming the company and getting my idea on paper so I can go get it a patent hence why I'm not disclosing too much info on here
  2. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Hey sorry guys, I don't need it for 3d printing or anything like that, just need a drawing and blue prints for it so I can take it to go fund me and the manufactures so I can get started on the project, if you can help I can PM you with more detail thanks.
  3. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Hey was just wondering if there is anyone here who knows how to use all those graphic programs and can help me create a product sketch.
  4. Intresting combat footage

    Just a quick question how is Mexico's army not infiltrated by the cartels?
  5. My time has come

    I got my pitch forks and cas jet ready
  6. My time has come

    I dont believe in the mod system at all all updates and new implementations should be done by the devs
  7. My time has come

    Squad confuses in a way that servers run community mods and so if you want to play on some servers you have to download their mods, helicopters have been out for a while through mods and everything else has too, cas and lazes are a thing in the mods section. I think squad partnering with steam to release the game was a bad idea since now alot of servers run unofficial things making game play clunky. I bought squad on sale a month ago but didn't like it and got my refund now I'll check out this trans thing once it's out.
  8. Things i miss in PR VG CO-OP

    Me and you could try to revive OP for days, I miss them too
  9. My time has come

  10. =VG= PR Event

    Love it ty
  11. America explain!!!!

    Every watch an old American horror movie, dad runs out to the shed to grab a shotgun, or even in strangers things, time is like 1980s Will is being chased by a monster and goes to the shed to grab a rifle. My question is why did Americans put their guns in there?
  12. PR Chopper-sound-bug

    While were at it, will there be an animation fix for the jumps lol, when you land it always has a animation of running in place for a second
  13. PR Chopper-sound-bug

    It happens on most of the big maps, kokan, kashan, bijar, yamalia, and more that I don't remember.
  14. PR Chopper-sound-bug

    I had these bugs before I did a fresh install of pr again, it has something to do with the chaches not clearing after a certain point when it lands it could also be that the helicopter is at the ending of a map and you're on the opposite edge
  15. Game Night

    0400 sound good? I'm available for pretty much anytime