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  1. Future ARMA Events - Suggestions and Ideas

    I'd like to see some small scale ops in Takistan. HVT targets, maybe set up an op to clear and dispose of IED manufacturing facilities. Insert by UH-6 or UH-60, etc etc.
  2. Project Reality Event Week I

    Awesome work, Ted.
  3. Squad VG server

    I will say that, after nearly 16 years of playing Project Reality, and maybe 2 or 3 years of Squad. I can only say that Project Reality offers a far greater amount of content and variance compared to Squad. If you want to experience a game similar to PR that has the eye candy most are privy to these days, Squad is good. I like Squad, but personally, until they catch up or exceed the amount of maps, assets, factions, weapons, IR imaging, and.. God forbid.. Proper CAS. PR will always hold a greater value, especially considering it's free, still regularly receives updates, and has a dedicated community attached to it like a seimese twin. Alas, I'm biased and taking into consideration Project Reality has been a near daily routine in my life, for almost half my life, it will always hold a special place in my heart. A lot of great, fond memories that I will bring with me to the grave. Oh, and despite my... Surly temperament, I have made more than a few lasting friendships, here at VG and else where on PR. I'm proud to call it my home away from home, so to speak. EDIT: I feel the need to clarify the statement above, what I mean is, Squad isn't as tightly-knit as PR. In the sense that, it simply hasn't been around long enough to develope a cult-like following like PR has amassed. PR is from a different time. A simpler time.
  4. I'm sure it'll be a shock if it gets implemented, but people will adjust. It will be a wrench in the spokes of what I like to call SOP for PR. The "usual" routine that goes about at the beginning of every round, on every map, but people will adapt no doubt. I like the idea of giving people with slower load times a chance to get to the assets faster. I think it'll be interesting to see 3 CAS/Tank/APC squads created at the beginning of a round because everyone and their mom will be diving for the heavy assets lol. I remember the rush to type squad names and claim the assets at the end of the squad timer on deployment... Good times.
  5. Squad VG server

    You either buy Squad on steam and own it, or don't play it. However if you buy it, but don't like it, steam will issue a refund for any game that is requested within 14 days of the purchase, and has been played less than 2 hours.
  6. Game Start

    If you would re-read what he actually said, he meant as nice as it would be for people to be able to upgrade. Most can't because it's simply too expensive for some to invest money in a PC when they have bills to pay, mouths to feed, etc. In essence, he was saying that is an unrealistic suggestion for most people. (Not to mention cheeky considering how tight money is for most of us in the midst of a pandemic, so I guess that means I'm a bit cheeky as well.) In reality you said the same thing I did, not Connor. I see why he downvoted your comment. You read, but didn't really read, then posted a hasty reply that was out of context. It could have been avoided. That's all I got on this one.
  7. Game Start

    Moral of the story.. It wouldn't help. People will still load faster than you, make it to the briefing before you, and claim the assets before you. Do some research, upgrade your PC to load games faster. Buy an SSD, or 3. Put them in raid. Enjoy.
  8. PR VTOL's oversimplified

  9. Wwassup my boys have fun playing teh game

    Thorough confusion.
  10. PR VTOL's oversimplified

    If you VTOL on the west side on the car port structure at Outpost Mikel, you can kill the T-90 that spawns there in as little as 50 rounds of cannon aimed at the rear. A manned T-90 will catch on fire after 75-90 rounds of cannon to the rear. A thing to note, none of the vehicles, or infantry AI will engage any jet, regardless of VTOL. Pavlov is a cake walk for CAS if all the AA are destroyed. Which can happen in the first 5 minutes of the round. VTOL around uncontested. BTRs, BMPs, T-90s, and Inf are no match for a Harrier in VTOL.

    We need you to buy a graphics card, weiner boy. Rebuild that 2003 spud.

    If you fly OOB on any layer of Khami your hud freezes, controls get remapped, and your character gets turned into living dead. Dead on the score board, alive in game. If you exit the aircraft it will put you into a half-ass third-person camera. I believe it only applies to jets though. I haven't seen anyone in a helicopter experience the glitch.
  13. Good by

    Perhaps instead of leaving the PR community you should have a sit down with the head admins and the admin who you feel insulted you. I've had my fair share of squabbles, as I'm sure you're keenly aware, with admins but I'm still here.
  14. Manicotti with Copacollo on the side, my favorite. However I love all kinds of Italian food. Being Italian-American that's an easy one. Mortadella is great with some cheese and wine. T-Bone, Ribeye, Sirloin steak. Rare. Mashed potatoes, fried green beans. Burgers of all kinds. Sushi of all kinds. Ramen. Real ramen. Not that MSG top ramen shit you can get at a dollar store. There's this little joint in LA that I used to go to that had really good homemade ramen.
  15. Sup everyone!

    The C128 came out some time around '85. I came out in '89. I remember my friend's dad playing "Trinity" on his C128. I had no idea what he was doing at the time, he seemed to be talking to a "bird lady." I would assume some mutant thing in the game.
  16. Sup everyone!

    I remember the old days when just being able to say fire into my NES LaserScope headset made by Konami was sick. It was mind blowing when I was 5 maybe 7 years old. Playing games like After Burner, Ultimate Air Combat, and Top Gun with one simple voice command was so cool lol. Being able to issue voice commands in any game and seeing AI or even your own character acting out said commands is an awesome sight to behold. Also, welcome to the forums Syntaxx.
  17. Hug the ground a low as you feel comfortable. Slow down to around 180 before nosing up to a near vertical climb. Wait for the jet to slow down to near zero before letting the nose back down to level. You should hear the change in flight mode, then you're in VTOL.
  18. I usually land slightly diagonally, cutting across the runway into the taxy way about 50m from the beginning of the runway, so to save time taxing back around to rearm. If you do it right, you'll come to a stop right inside rearm area. Trims a good 2 minutes off the process of RTB for ammo and/or repairs.
  19. Dropping the collective.... Increasing the collective... 90% of terrain in PR can be considered LZ material as long as you know how to control the collective, or rather, negative throttle lol. There are some areas of some maps that are just hopelessly too steep to land on because you can't react fast enough no matter your sensitivity to correct your course before you crash either forward, or backwards depending on which direction you're facing when you land. I do the same thing lol. Now that they removed OOB penalty on Bamyan, no worries when flying the A-10. P.S. Great videos XOR. Keep it up!
  20. Deployment players

    That looks more like he let you plant the C4. Ghosting much? Lmfao
  21. No blitzkrieg?

    Jabal and Muttrah are the most over-played maps. Jabal seriously needs to be retired. They retired so many other good maps in favor of that stinging POS lol. It is the oldest map now and I'm tired of it personally. I wouldn't have as much of a problem with Jabal if people didn't camp the bridge flag and essentially base rape by TOWING anything that comes across the bridge. IMO it's akin to either A, mining the bridge. Or B, destroying the bridge entirely with C4. I see it all the time, I'll admit that it has calmed down a bit and people have been moving into the next objectives more frequently. However, that doesn't wash the bad taste out of my mouth that is Jabal.
  22. No blitzkrieg?

    Been preaching this for ages.
  23. No blitzkrieg?

    As far as I know, the bots are as hard as they can get without being 100% 1-tap headshot terminators.