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  1. Project Reality | Weapon Info

    If you gonna start with the machineguns then ask Volod for info
  2. Your Favorite Song?

  3. I can imagine the pilot of a huey leaving the cockpit on autohover and just chuckin missiles perfectly at the missile pods of a cobra mid air
  4. Mug Shots - 2020

    This one is very recent. I used to rock long hair a few years ago but it was giving me more trouble than anything. Yes, I'm using Android. My phone is old but its not broken so I wont change it.
  5. Mug Shots - 2020

    Oh man, you have such a sick beard and hair! I love it! :thumbs_up:
  6. Hiatus

    Ressurection by Erection by POWERWOLF
  7. PR Changes for to make game more harder without making it shit

    So are they gonna try to spray us with a smg from a mile away?
  8. Need your help guys!!

    Don't do programming then. If you hate math not because you might be bad at it but because you just don't like math at all then avoid programming. It mostly is about logic problems but you usually need a bunch of math to help with those problems depending on what you are doing. "Hmmmm how do I make this thing work 10 times slower?" - you multiply it by 0.1 Computers and @=VG= 0100011000101 work with 0's and 1's and a bunch of those numbers together makes things work, so you are basically playing with math.
  9. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    We have Corona beer!
  10. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    Come to Brazil!
  11. Battlefield 3/4?

    Ha Ha! What a noob, he didn't even completed the COOP ECS DEE
  12. Battlefield 3/4?

    I own BF3 but I am only willing to occupy my computer for 12 hours to download it if people reeeeeeealy are gonna play it
  13. BF3 project reality

    Cant wait to get shot by a random bullet but this time hear the sweet BF3 death screams
  14. What gear do you got? CPU + GPU Combo Poll

    I don't see the Potato + Rat Wheel option
  15. I am pretty sure we have a test server for such things. I think it was mainly used for testing events