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  1. PR Changes for to make game more harder without making it shit

    So are they gonna try to spray us with a smg from a mile away?
  2. Need your help guys!!

    Don't do programming then. If you hate math not because you might be bad at it but because you just don't like math at all then avoid programming. It mostly is about logic problems but you usually need a bunch of math to help with those problems depending on what you are doing. "Hmmmm how do I make this thing work 10 times slower?" - you multiply it by 0.1 Computers and @=VG= 0100011000101 work with 0's and 1's and a bunch of those numbers together makes things work, so you are basically playing with math.
  3. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    We have Corona beer!
  4. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    Come to Brazil!
  5. Battlefield 3/4?

    Ha Ha! What a noob, he didn't even completed the COOP ECS DEE
  6. Battlefield 3/4?

    I own BF3 but I am only willing to occupy my computer for 12 hours to download it if people reeeeeeealy are gonna play it
  7. BF3 project reality

    Cant wait to get shot by a random bullet but this time hear the sweet BF3 death screams
  8. What gear do you got?

    I don't see the Potato + Rat Wheel option
  9. I am pretty sure we have a test server for such things. I think it was mainly used for testing events
  10. I assume you meant "how long they want to" But what I meant wasn't how they are gonna try to take advantage of the system, it's how the they gonna put everyone else in disadvantage, with those players waiting at spawn to yoink the squads as soon as they can it will make so we have less players in the front as infantry doing a weak push. I like the points you are making but I still disagree with that whole plan.
  11. If you exclude TRANS you will be making a single exception, it also wont stop the fast loading players from taking it first. I feel like if you just eject people trying to man the vehicles too soon it will confuse new players and make them think the server is broken or something and probably end up leaving. Also, if people will be forced to wait to create asset squads that means the ones who load first and really want those assets will just sit at base with the squad creating tab open ready to hit "create" while the enemy just keeps advancing, wont they? All that is just what I think it will happen, but either way I am against that sort of change and I am even one of those who loads slow. Btw, wasn't there a whole drama about servers running custom scripts and code when they shouldn't?
  12. Game Start

    spot on @=VG= Acro1
  13. Game Start

    I see what you mean and I have experienced it myself but I don't think it would really work, here's why I think that: We would need an admin to be on and make sure that everyone is ready, maybe even 2 admins or more. We would need to create rules about waiting at the start so everyone can start together wich complicate things because people are gonna have to get used to those rules. It would be very complicated to keep track of every player loading to make sure everyone loaded so the game could start. The same way late loaders get bothered that quick loaders get to claim assets the quick loaders would get annoyed that they need to wait a long time. And lastly and more importantly: Bots wont wait for players to be ready, we would put ourselves into a disadvantage every game if we all waited 5~10 minutes before every game. Coop is a place of a more relaxed gameplay so I don't see that problem being in high priority, in fact, that is one of those problems that don't really have a solution, it might have but not as fun. At this point do we really need briefing? we are fighting on the same maps against the same enemies everyday, there isn't much planning to do against such a predictable enemy compared to human players. Also I don't see the connection of "reduce base rape" there, base rape is against the rules in either way, having a briefing or not. As long as there is an admin online and helpful players reporting those who break that rule we can fight that problem.
  14. Fun Game

    among us sux