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  1. Operation Orthodox - Arma Event

    Shared on our discord.
  2. Operation Orthodox - Arma Event

    Is this for VG community only? If you want more people, you can always post the event it in IFA3 discord.
  3. Future ARMA Events - Suggestions and Ideas

    Yes... but to an extent. Unfortunately BI never made a proper system nor some kind of Ship DLC to make proper naval battles possible, but this is closest it will get you to. They might not be the nicest, but they do move and fire guns. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2012371414 There is also an LCI armed with 20mm autocannons and some other landing crafts in IFA3.
  4. Event Teaser

    I am not sure if this event has happened yet or not, but here are some notes on the mods you are using as I've seen the list of them under your event mission. Remove WW2_Objects from it, they are included in IFA3_AIO_Lite (All in One) Remove IFA3 Liberation or be prepared for errors and incompatibility with other mods. Another issue with it is ripped objects from other games, and I cannot support it as I respect the intellectual property Weapon sway - if you are looking for any kind of immersion, I would remove it I have been very busy with IFA3 lately, so I am not sure if I would be able to attend it, but I hope someone is recording or recorded. Take care!
  5. ArmA 3 Modded server

    I just see this thread now, sorry. First of all, I wouldn't combine mods as it can really affect the server performance and stability in general. I don't recommend ACE, and TFR, as there is no purpose to use for a not that populated server and therefore the reasonable way to use it, is to have clan operations with possible Zeus included. Same goes with any AI mod, they are really not good as you might think, especially with different scenarios that could possibly be run on the server. I am really down to have a server that would bring us to a different era, or at least a front, as I'm not the biggest fan of vanilla Arma 3. If you need any info on Iron Front, I can give you pretty much anything about it as I am part of the developing team for it. The thing I will say is that it does have a wast variety of different assets and units.
  6. Hello there

    Welcome! Hope I'll see you online soon
  7. Hi everyone

    Welcome! Hope to see you around soon
  8. PR its evolving... into WW2

    Let's put it this way - people are unhappy even with Vietnam maps most of the time on our server because there either isn't enough people, or they don't like "lack of tech" and don't know how to play without it. Adding another era to PR is a great idea considering you can add more variety to the server with maps and factions, and you can split communities and servers based on those eras, just like Sem said. On the other note, I am looking forward to it! Love WW2 setting, and I am ready for new challenges!
  9. H8CrazyVet67

    Sad, sad news... I simply can't comprehend the fact such a sweet and humorous person is no longer with us. My condolences to the family, friends, and especially to you Hater.
  10. go fund me page for headsets for Hater and Jonathan

    Always down to accept some steam trading cards as a donation for my poor steam level
  11. Screenshot Art - Photoshop Love/Hate

    I love it! One thing you could do for the exhaust and flashing lights is adding a parallax effect to it. It wouldn't really be a picture anymore, but at least you can make it into a gif. Not sure if would be possible to add it on the site as I heard that having a plugin for it is very expensive. Example: Edit: it's not showing for me for some reason, check it here
  12. m35

    wish we had one for arma 3 though
  13. Operation Hawks Lair

    Who: Task force consisted of CIA operators and Delta Force Teams Where: Somewhere in Somalia Objective: FAILED Secure and extract HVT Situation: After capturing HVT, operator's Black Hawk got hit by an unknown projectile. It crashed North of village Hunapu and Paramilitary forces are closing in to the crash site fast. Survivors - unknown, forest is too dense for reliable UAV feed. New Objective: Delta Force Teams will be dropped off SE of village Hunapu and from there they will continue on foot to the crashed site, look for survivors and secure HVT once again Support: UH-80 Ghost Hawk - transport MQ-4A Greyhawk - surveillance COOP 8-12 People Mods: RHSUSAF RHSAFRF CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps NIArms All in One CBA A3 More info soon™
  14. Upcoming Event

    Marksman for Squad One please
  15. Mug Shots!

    Your favourite Badmin! Took me a while to find a picture where I am not drunk nice picture. I may or may not be one on the right.. “Waiter, may I have another?”