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=VG= Acro1

See you later!

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Major' go suck a fat one

Hey boys :)


I'm trying to accomplish some long-standing goals and live life like I'm used to, so I'll be on another sudden leave :P But this time I wanted to say bye before abruptly leaving. I'll be around for a couple days but then I'll be travelling the world and don't know when I come back. Might be weeks, could be years. I wanna leave a big fat THANK YOU for all the good times, laughs, fun stories and amazing teamwork experiences I've had with you guys over the past years, months and days. I've never been bored while playing in a team with any of you during the great PR hours. Teamwork and camaraderie is in my blood and all you peeps have given both to me every time I joined the server or TS. I'll never forget these good times! The =VG= community is really one to love for many reasons, and should remain even long after PR might die (if that ever happens, lol :P )


Thanks for the great times, good squad leads, moments of pure JDAM satisfaction, funny rants by our celebrity Volod, joy at killing AI maniacs and good talks we all had. Enjoy your lives to the fullest, you all deserve it :buba:


Acro out. Peace boys.

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I am glad for sharing some of those experiences with you mate. You will be missed for sure.

Enjoy your travelling and someday when you get back, hope that we will talk about your travels( stories, funny moments ;)

It has been an honour.


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Hey man, 

Go out and enjoy life, and make sure that you are doing stuff on your terms.  That is the most important goal in the end.  Take care, and we will be here.


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Have many good times buddy, it's been a good gaming session with ya, heaps of fun. 

 Travelling the world, well the world is not enough hahah, enjoy the wander lust. I to will be off soon for months or years, but like me you will be back, brother xx. 

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Good luck on the new endeavours and safe travels.

Real life always takes precedence and now that we live in a digital age we can all still stay connected.

It took me a while to understand that, so please drop by from time to time to just say hi!

We would love to hear from ya!!

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57 minutes ago, =VG= BLuDKLoT said:

Make sure you hit Thailand! See you around man, and thank you! Blud. 

Thailand is pretty cool for like 1 or 2 days. It's beautiful and the people are (sometimes) nice but it's chaotic, full of people that just want your money (for various reasons). Vietnam and Cambodia are far better places to explore. I am sure our Vietnamese base will concur. Likewise in Indonesia avoid Java, Bali and go to Flores and Komodo (dragon Island) if you do go to Java go to Surabaya and for Bali go to Lovina you'll find less corruption there. Any other hits tips or tricks I can share with you let me know I'm quite the globetrotter. 

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