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[Arma 3 Campaign] - Operation Déjà vu

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Arma 3 Event

Player count: 13 sign-ups + 6 reserve

Operation Déjà vu

SATURDAY 22nd JULY 2023 - 1900hrs GMT (PRT)

Server name: VETERANS-GAMING | Operation Deja vu | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM


Password: prsux


MAP: al Basrah



As British Army soldiers face a Middle Eastern Militia. Capture  and hold objectives.

The map should be very familiar to some of you.


We will be hosting a training map for an hour before the event. I really encourage everyone who isn't confident with ACE Medical or anything else, to join.

BLUFOR assets:

Land Rovers

Transport Trucks

RRR Trucks

FV 510 Warrior

Merlin & Wildcat helicopters

OPFOR assets:


Light vehicles



MODS (shouldn't change):

Arma 3 Preset BAF.htmlArma 3 Preset optional_BAF.html

[Alpha 1]

Squad Leader: =VG= The_Polish_Guy

Machine Gunner: =VG= keed

Sharpshooter: =VG= Batmeme

Medic: dogenamite

[Alpha 2]

Team Leader: =VG= Deathdealer

Rifleman AT: Pew_Pew

Automatic Rifleman: Enfield-101

Medic: chickenjason123


Pilot Merlin: =VG= Sausag3

Pilot Wildcat: 


Vic Commander:

Gunner: System

Driver: Sniper_Igor

[Reserve squad]

Team Leader:

Medic: SerEvergreen

4x Rilfeman: =VG= XOR, =VG= Alucardednoc, Charlie-Kilo, =VG= GRNANDGLD, =VG= Stixon

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12 minutes ago, =VG= SemlerPDX said:

I swear, I've seen this event before...

(not sure if I will be in the mountains that weekend, will know more the closer we get - if available, I'll fill out some slot that needs filling, I'm not picky)

Go this weekend like I am doing 🤣

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I want to remind everyone we'll be hosting a warm up/training mission an hour prior to the event. I hope that everyone who is rusty or just new to ACE medical or any other mechanics, joins us.

I really mean it, everyone should know the basics of ACE medical.

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