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Arma 3 Mike Force (TFAR BETA) Server

=VG= Sausag3

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VG Wiki Mike Force Server Guide: How to enable mods & join server

S.O.G Prairie Fire DLC + TFAR [BETA] + CBA_A3 Required



The first areas that should be captured are Ban Hoang => Da Nang and Ba Ria => Cu Chi. (When the mission is reset)

This thread is used for:

  • Feedback and Suggestions
  • Changelogs
  • Future plans for the server or mission
  • Bug reports or Issues


Latest Server/Mission Changelog:

  • Mike Force Changelog (0.66.02): 

  • Update: 18 Dec, 2021 @ 10:10pm

    [New] Mission will end and restart when all zones are captured
    [New] Added map markers for bases
    [New] Added expanded info for zones and bases
    [New] Trees that are chopped down will be removed on mission start
    [New] Configured additional Respawn and HQ buildings
    [New] Added new markers showing players class
    [New] Expanded list of vehicle markers
    [New] Added ACRE radio mod support
    [New] Added toggle for the welcome menu
    [New] Added feedback when attempting to consume an empty item
    [New] Added parameter for disabling player map markers
    [New] Added parameters for the snake system
    [New] Added parameters for the medical system
    [New] Added parameters to disable/enable RTO supports
    [New] Added parameters for limiting the number of players on a team
    [New] Added parameters for controlling hunger and thirst
    [Change] Zone names are now properly displayed in task names
    [Change] Rebalanced arsenal ranks and added missing bag for SCUBA gear
    [Change] Removed unused counter attack message
    [Change] You can no longer build inside a vehicle workshop
    [Change] Removed 2035 equipment from the arsenal
    [Change] Made explosive specialists a unique class instead of giving everyone the trait
    [Change] [Admin] Removed most RPT logging
    [Fix] Respawn points no longer occasionally disappear on mission start
    [Fix] Supply no longer disappears on mission start
    [Fix] Fixed vehicles getting stuck in a infinite respawn loop if destroyed on their spawn point
    [Fix] Fixed vehicles being able to be used as a building anchor
    [Fix] Fixed exploit with transport requests
    [Fix] Fixed players getting stuck in a locking vehicle
    [Fix] Admins now have access to the arsenal
    [Fix] NVA Mortar backpack removed due to exploit
    [Fix] The escape menu now closes when the welcome menu is opened
    [Fix] Fixed improperly placed jeep on Cam Lao Nam
    [Fix] Potentially fixed rare issue where a packaged wreck cannot be picked up
    [Fix] Fixed typo in options menu
    [Fix] Added missing respawn and logistics configs for some vehicles on Khe Sanh
    [Fix] Changed the mission image filepath to prevent a clickthrough error
    [Fix] Supply officers should no longer be attacked by the AI


Current identified bugs or issues:


Future plans for the server or mission:

  • Rules for the server (Basic Arma 3 rules apply at the moment)
  • Sorting out the identified bugs and issues, (Mission updates by the Devs should clear most of the issues away)



Server Managers Notes:



  1. First Click on "Steam Workshop (updates)" (brown) button and update each mod and/or mission (no mods = no updates)
  2. Next Click on "Steam Update" (grey) button to update the main game + DLC
    2b.  If you are updating the Mike Force mission from Workshop, click on Purple Steam button - a backup is made
  3. Start the Server - verify everything is working. Contact SemlerPDX directly if anything is broken!
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Not sure if the Server allows people to join without TFAR or not but if it does, is there a way you can make the server send them a message warning them they should enable TFAR BETA to communicate? Also if not already done, disable the Vanilla VOIP server side please!

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you can change the snake bite rate in the mission configs. Default is set at something like bites can only occur every 300 seconds and between 300-600 seconds you are only half as likely to get bit... you can also change the poison chance from venomous snake bites.

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Snakes.... what most dont realise is that the snakes are a refresh mechanism for arma, think of them as refreshing the screen...  sort of a screen saver if immersed.... you can turn them off here:


bunny hops rule too! 


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There is an AI CAS support module. But no AI to follow the player around. If you are alone or a small group:

1. Preposition supplies as a Green Hornet or ACAV.

2. Build a FOB (forward operating base) as an ACAV (Armored Cavalry) with the Engineer specialization to allow respawn and resupply closer to the AO. If outside the red zone you can solo the fob, but if you are inside the zone you are going to be overrun if you are alone.

3. Switch to Mike Force (Infantry) or ACAV and conduct a  long-range reconnaissance patrol, or LRRP, as a Radio Telephone Operator, or RTO, specialist. Stay stealthy, locate the sites, and call in airstrikes.

4. Infantry must be in the hexagon for the cap. There will be a counter attack.


Always select the task that your are doing in order to get the reward. More points = more rank.

RTO and Medic specialists are must haves on a LRRP. If you bring an ACAV engineer that is even better as they can quickly build foxholes if shit gets real. Oh, and they can build bridges so you don't have to swim. 😜

Stealth is key and this is especially true if you are solo. Once engaged and if you quickly clear the first wave, drop a toe popper and haul ass. Run 100-200 meters in any direction not likely to contain enemy and the do a hard left or right and move another 100+ meters. The AI commander will always send infantry to your last known position.

Running solo? Suppress your weapons as soon as your rank allows it.

Use timers when using satchels to demo sites. The hope is the AI commander will go to the site to investigate but you're already long gone.

Stay prone. If the enemy is nearby, hit the deck. The AI will most likely will not see you unless you make noise or they step on you. Of course, if the sun is up, your mileage may vary.

Night time is the best time. Do not use illumination unless you are in contact. Unless of course you are a blind bat.

Asset abandoned in the field? Demo it, pack it, move it to a clearing, and mark it on the map for the Green Hornets to pick up later with the Seahorse.

TFAR. Learn it. Use it.

IF YOU TRULY ARE SOLO. Play as a green hornet with the RTO specialty. Load up on ammo, grenades, toe-poppers, satchels, medical kits and your radio backpack. Take the Slick or Cayuse (unarmed) to the AO and destroy it with a satchel so that it can respawn at the airfield. Do not do this with CAS as they do not respawn and need to be retrieved by a player. Enjoy some LRRPing good times, you ninja, you.

okay, I'm running out of ideas so I think I'll go put some of this unsolicited advice to practice. See you in the game. :)


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On 5/15/2021 at 7:34 AM, =VG= Sausag3 said:

Current identified bugs or issues:

  • No working view distance customization

Press esc and at the top left of the screen are the prairie fire DLC settings. View distance is one of the options and I can confirm that it does indeed work. But people aren't realizing that the map is vietnam lol. It's humid, and foggy. 85% of the time you can't see past 2-3 km because of the haze. Sometimes even as low at 1km visibility due to fog. I had my viewdistance set at 500m at one point and changed it to 5km as a test. My view extended only slightly due to the dense fog.


I know it works because I have to lower my draw distance to 1.5km sometimes to get a solid 60FPS because Arma lol.

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Also for the love of God someone tell me how to rearm and repair the PTF Nasty boats. I pull up to the docks and I can get it to refuel. I can't figure out how to rearm them or repair. I never get a context menu pop up.


Refueling seems automatic when you pull up to the dock and kill the engine. You can refuel while the engine is on, but it will refuel forever if the engine is running and you can't sail until refueling is complete. It simply won't let you use the throttle.


Any ideas as to rearm/repair for the PT boats?

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(we ended up using a workaround - will have to revisit a method for SOG DLC download through TCAdmin later)


I am adding full update control through TCAdmin, including mod update automation for TFAR (Beta) and CBA_A3 + their keys.  Instructions will be visible in TCAdmin above the buttons.  There was an issue earlier today where Server Managers could not update this server due to the beta DLC, I've resolved that and am working to make the entire update process simple one-click buttons (no manually uploading, or copying keys to keys folder, etc.).  Optional mods will still need Server Managers to upload the most recent keys, if they change - but these typically do not change on update iirc.

Adding Mission Update functions as well, and while they will be automated with a new purple Steam button called (mission).  In order to allow minor VG edits to fix things while waiting for next official (beta) mission update from devs, OUR version of the mission will have "_" underscores in its name, while official mission has URL encoding for whitespace "%20".  Instructions in TCAdmin and a new button to 'update the mission' will first create a backup of the current 'vg' edit (using underscores), then replace it with the most recent version of this mission from the Steam Workshop and properly named with our 'underscore' designation.  VG Arma Devs can then download/upload edits of the file as needed, and of course, can always upload an updated copy of the mission manually, too... Just wanted to add an automated means in case we need it.

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16 hours ago, Golden said:

Any ideas as to rearm/repair for the PT boats?

That might be entirely a mission bug. Alternatively you could try to bring an Ammo Truck or Fuel Truck (ask Green Hornets for airlifts) close to the shore and rearm/refuel that way. Since it's a Arma vehicle entity it should work.

Here are two Links I use for reality checks:

Bugs: https://github.com/Savage-Game-Design/Mike-Force/issues

Tipps/How2s: https://community.sogpf.com/forums/5-S7-Training-Support-amp-Assistance


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TIP:  If you are infantry, you can fly a helicopter from the copilot seat. This works for the gunships as well but you will not have access to the weapons. This can be used to move your team to the AO and then demo the slick so it can respawn at base.

I suggest that you only use this when server population is low and they're are no dedicated pilots available.

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6 hours ago, =VG= keed said:

bring an Ammo Truck or Fuel Truck

This is the only way to rearm and repair the PTF Nasty. I spent some time testing last night. Had to park a couple trucks at the bank of the water and pull the boat up next to them. Rearm and repair trucks have to be unlocked in order for them to function.


Hopefully, in a update, they add a dedicated service point that does it all at the naval base.

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11 hours ago, =VG= Kavelenko said:

I lost my rank and busted back to private does that mean I cannot fly Helicopters?

Nope, same happened to me, very annoying 😠. Rank doesn't matter when it comes to Vehicles. Rank just unlocks more in the Arsenal and I belive possibly when it comes to building things within the Build Menu too, but that bit might be incorrect.

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18 hours ago, PITN said:

Have you tried rearming with the maintenance items the ACAV Engineer can build?  Just know it's hard to find the hitbox to activate the scroll wheel menu item.

I haven't tried with the PTF. I know that CAS and Trans can rearm off of them. But it can be difficult to build on the banks of the river, and if you pull up to player built objects and accidentally bump them with the boat, sometimes Arma physics gets crazy, then you spontaneously combust. You have to be really close to find the hitbox for the context menu of maintenance structures, which makes the risk high for physics to get wonky. I've just been using the trucks and backing them up to the river so the ass end is in the water.

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We completed the map. Longhorn and the two cities just west of base remain bugged. Mission has been reset and the server was restarted.

Please capture the two areas east of the main base first.  If we're lucky we wont have any more bugged capture areas.

The first areas that should be captured are Ban Hoang => Da Nang and Ba Ria => Cu Chi.


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22 hours ago, PITN said:

The first areas that should be captured are Ban Hoang => Da Nang and Ba Ria => Cu Chi.


@=VG= Sausag3 can you add this map into your original post? More than likely we can add it into the mission briefing as well so people have an option to check it out and do it properly

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7 hours ago, =VG= Jaki said:

 More than likely we can add it into the mission briefing as well so people have an option to check it out and do it properly

To do that I will have to edit the mission files. I cannot do that at the moment as no one is allowed to make their own versions of Mike Force while the mission is still in beta (In their license agreement)

"You may host it on your servers and play it in its published state only.
This is a temporary restriction, that will last until the end of the Mike Force beta. We want to ensure all players have the best, most up-to-date experience possible - and that's unfortunately not feasible if people start producing variants!" - Mike Force (Beta)

"No derivations: The author is not able, at this time, to allow derivations. You must not in any way distort,
mutilate, modify, adapt or reverse-engineer the Addon. You must not take other derogatory action in relation
to the Addon which would be prejudicial to the Original Author's honour or reputation." - Mike Force License Agreement

8 hours ago, =VG= Jaki said:

can you add this map into your original post? 

Yes, But can someone give me a map of everything loaded in? That was taken during init of the mission (That's why there are arrows connectors and weird stuff everywhere)

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