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      (Incomplete) VG Server Standard Maintenance & Updates - Friday 0300 ZULU (Thursday night for USA)   06/15/2018

      **Too many players online, only did half the work - will complete tomorrow evening, same time**
      All VG Game Servers including TS3 and Falcon BMS will be going down for standard maintenance and updates on Friday June 22st at 0300 ZULU (which will be Wednesday evening in the USA).  Downtime is estimated to be 5 hours, but could be shorter (or longer) depending on a number of factors.  TS3 and Falcon BMS may be restored faster, and we may get these servers back online before moving on to other tasks.


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  1. nuts?

    @=VG= keed lol, thank you. but I'm not sure if its easier for others when my name is ICD-116C51.0QE22. ^^
  2. nuts?

    ... does anyone know what the icd key is called? I think about renaming ... ^^
  3. nuts?

  4. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    nice job. Thank you. but maybe it makes sense to add something like "your time" so you do not get confused. I know it now but anyone who does not see this threat might be confused there. no criticism, just a thought. I can handle it ^^
  5. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    13 * 2 it could also hit you .. ^^ I'm more for a good raider...
  6. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    Admin abuse !!! random letters call me numbers! ; P
  7. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    I have no problem with that. except for grenadier because I'm very bad at it. and i have never played sniper / marksman / anti-personal ... What is an operator doing exactly? is he a girl for everything or is there a special task? I assume that he has no specific kit but the kit that is needed right now, correct?
  8. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    thnx for the info. ok, then we just use knife and c4.^^
  9. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    after the update the clock has disappeared, it would be good to have another time to convert. cet or gmt plus / minus what? I think prt was cet plus 2 hours, right?
  10. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    copy that. I do not know yet if I have to work. if not, it would be an honor to be AR, MG or 2. MEDIC in your squad. I'll let you know as soon as I know that. if skirmisher wants to take 2. Medic, I take AR, if he would prefer AR I take medic;) everything else is ok too ... except for grenadier.
  11. New map

    jap, BF:PR:Hardliner on 1500 disks, with all updates since 0.9 to install manually. then we need pure 8 man engineer squads ^^ sounds like fun too. I meant that with chaotic. but I think that's really good. on the other maps you have a very fast routine and it is already clear how to tackle something. on this map, most of the work is not so typical and you have to rethink. at war you never know what you get ....;) I found it great to see how pro-players come to their limits because they could not predict what's happening. this map breaks many structures and you have to work together with other squads... or you are cut off from your squad and have to work with other squads for a short time. maybe this "blueberry"-bashing gets a little less and you take something from this to the other maps ...;) this is like Vietnam only without trees ^^
  12. New map

    I can only agree with that. is a really good map, but really, really hard to play. I played them yesterday with ranger and skirmisher with only 20 people and it was a massacre for us. I had 16 deaths and 15 kills. today with many good players it was different. I still found it quite chaotic but that will settle down if we know how the enemy works an this map. However, I do not know if you should put the map in the normal rotaion, I can imagine that they would empty the server, if hardly any good players are online. I think you can work on the map a lot with mines and c4. at least that worked out pretty well for me yesterday... Hats off, really good job.
  13. ! Requesting Help Troubleshooting Crashes

    Jap, maybe you have the ability to hang another computer on your internet connection to see if it is the computer or your router/isp? or vice versa, you could also hang your computer on another connection to see what happens. I get a feeling that it has something to do with the update and / or perf beta. did you update from 1.3 or did you install 1.5? here could be the problem somewhere ... it could be a performance problem ... maybe your graphics card or your cpu will be too hot or overload. it could also be a memory problem. but it could also firewall, router, cable, antivirus, proxies (if used), other programs, driver problems or anything. Therefore, it would make sense step by step to narrow down the error. that could take some time ... if you have no other Internet line or another computer available I would perhaps completely uninstall PR once and reinstall 1.5. but before I would delete all (!) settings and only when it is running and the error is fixed copy them back. if you need help to find the hidden folders of pr, let me know. there are still some data hidden in system folders of windows ... edit: have you ever defragmented your hard drive?
  14. ! Requesting Help Troubleshooting Crashes

    declined ;P
  15. Website upgrade - READ ME

    that looks familiar;) thanks, that's much clearer and better to look at ..
  16. Website upgrade - READ ME

    jap, same here ... I have to use sunglasses to read or may not look more than 5 seconds on the screen because my retina otherwise burns;)
  17. Problem with connection ?

    Here are a few approaches that may help: this sounds stupid but apparently it helped a few people: it could also be due to your router or windows firewall: but you should turn back on the firewall as soon as possible. all out of this thread: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18371 It could also be that your cpu is sometimes overloaded and has peaks in which it comes to connnection problems. You could try to look in the task manager when it comes back or you get a program that records the cpu-usage.
  18. Problem with connection ?

    sometimes i have that too. on three different computers, with three different types of good internet connections. (mobile, 400mbit UM, 16mbit T). That must be the game itself or the server.
  19. PR servers problem

    sometimes i have that too. i think the masterserver is somehow disturbed then. but you can still join the server via the ip-address.
  20. Problem with connection ?

    that sounds like a dns or routing problem. do you have several networks or something in this direction? if you often have a problem with mumble try to disable under options "voip" and see if it gets better. If your internet connection is not good and you are using other programs that go online, then it could be because of that. if pr a second can not renew data you're out. I have that with the mobile more often. try if that is synonymous on other servers... you must probably try to narrow down the problem.
  21. question

    ^^that's why they should never give me admin rights. I would ban all admins and take over the server.;P but do not worry, you could stay ...
  22. question

    probably they are then used up...;)
  23. Where did vg go?

    Are you saying that the war is in danger because the soldiers are all going to bed early? then i have to quote myself: btw: is there a chance to play muttrah night again?
  24. PR Updates -

  25. This is America (Map Bug)

    this is not a bug ... in crisis areas you will often find cut or burned flags of the enemy or it was cut up by the flying carpet on the other threat .