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  1. So many changes...

    this looks really tough. Get well soon!
  2. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    good to know. thnx for the info.
  3. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    a stupid question: if I unzip the maps before, the program probably will not find them anymore, right?
  4. Microphone Upgrade

    I do not want to start a discussion on basic principles here, but with condensatormicrophones in this price class I find it absurd to take a usb-micro. So this type of micros gives you detail image and character in a recording and that is then killed by usb. like xenalight said: I would either take a cheaper allroundmicro for usb if you olny want it for games if you're a vlogger or want to make vocals / recordings then you should take a XLR Condesatormicrofon and necessarily an audio interface or better a preamp. There is nothing to say against both companies. i would prefer audio-technica because they are at home in the microfonsector, marantz i know mainly at mixers and other audio equipment. but both have a good names. With Micros is just like loudspeakers / headphones. you have to listen, not read. Everyone has a different taste and different ideas.
  5. Now I am officially a bot.

    I know. even with turboboost would be damn busy ^^ it has just 25 MEGAHz and not GIGAHz, and I do not want to know how fast the buses are ;p yes, I think so too, unfortunately, the thing has probably never really sold and has been forgotten pretty quickly.
  6. Now I am officially a bot.

    can I have my [R-Bot], please? gametracker found out that I am a bot ...

    in simple says the text: bms has no problems with multiple computers in a network when nat in the router is on. this can be checked if you can access websites with both computers at the same time. the problem is apparently a broken or changed configuration of the game and therefore you have to proceed as semler has written. that is not completly correct. there are many (game)servers that have exactly this problem but there are also many who ask the router for internal ips and ports or can be guided on. but the server has to be able to do that and your router too, otherwise you are right. To keep the computers apart on the server there are several possible ways. there can be used almost anything that is specific. gamekey, hashes, mac-adresses, etc ... but for everything that comes back from the server must be determined which computer to be addressed. whether bms or pr I do not know but I think you can believe what semler said. quake3 for example i already played with 2 computers over the same network in the internet. another possibility in which it would have to go in any case is, if you connect one of the two computers via VPN with another network and then from there to the internet. then you have two different ips outwards although the computers are attached to the same router.
  8. Now I am officially a bot.

    the real question is: how many hundreds of these things do you need to run minecraft ... ^^ I think you had something like 4MB(!) of ram... ^^
  9. Now I am officially a bot.

    I think about every few months if I should get me another atari to make music ^ ^ ...as a sequencer and for a few 8-bit synthies ... steinberg probably would not be in shape today without atari. a few days ago a colleague of mine found his first pc in the cellar: a "Amstrad mega pc" x386 with 16mhz and turbo boost to 25mhz ... and built-in sega megadrive. ^^ looks like this: that was a hell of a machine!

    I think he means falcon bms. otherwise he probably would have posted it somewhere else. who is my?^^ sounds like a split personality. maybe that helps: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv ;p I have no idea of falcon but if its not a split personality, maybe it could be because you're online with the same serial number? if the game does not like 2 installations over one ip, maybe it works if you go through a vpn with one of the PCs...
  11. Now I am officially a bot.

    i got a c128 on my 6th birthday and since then i am on computer. I still have it with about 500 discs but I think they are now empty. but maybe you can read the cassettes partly. a 90 minutes cassette full of games was really like a miracle ^^ Later I also had an amiga cd-tv but it was nothing against my c128 ^^
  12. Now I am officially a bot.

    Tron? always this new trendy stuff ...^^
  13. Now I am officially a bot.

    aimbot is the old version of me .... ^^
  14. Now I am officially a bot.

    you are heartless ;( but thanks for the explanation^^
  15. New PC

    why not 32 or 64 gb ram on such a machine? In any case, that sounds like fun ...;)
  16. Future of VG Coop events

    I can not really vote because I like all the game modes, or it would be fun to play all of these. only Extraction I do not find so interesting because I think it does not work so well. I also find it very interesting to test new maps or new layouts. but you need experienced players and a good team - like the last time with jabal - otherwise it goes down in choas. In any case, I like such events because they reduce the daily routine a bit and create new incentives. Therefore, many players still have problems with shadhahahahahaha (or something similar ^ ^) because this map does not work normal and you have to work together, if you do it the map is not difficult. but if you have 5 sqds that do not talk to each other and you deduct your thing, you will not have any anti-tanks after 10 minutes and you will not get your old kits. If you do not hold flags and just run to the next one, you are constantly overrun by the bots and the game lasts 2 hours. if you talk to each other and have teamplay the game take not much more than a half hour. But you learn something like that at events and special maps. all the pros also play differently and do not do their thing, most of them are open to help others, and the non-pros accept that because it's an event. I can not explain that well, but I have the feeling that events are much more game oriented than in normal games. pros and new players are more "together" to play. and in the best case you take that into the normal game. Anyway ... I think it would be cool if there were more such events and I think it's great that you're working so hard with it. but above all: mUtTrAh 24/7 !!! ;p
  17. Testing jabal

    it is not turned off but you need a lot of ammo or knife stitches ^^
  18. Testing jabal

    ok, i've tried all four. inf and alt have no sawnpoints on both sides. std is running normally. and on large there is only on the Canadian side a spawnpoint. edit: on large you get spawnpoints on rebel-side when you tked the first peron^^ and you can spawn on the carrier but not use helis. the crates there are also canadian.
  19. Testing jabal

    jap, I just tried it again. on the mec side I could only spawn at a sqd leader. at alt-layout the same on both sides. no spawn point. You also need 2 AR-magazines to make a TK.
  20. Testing jabal

    yes, was a good round. was fun but quite difficult.
  21. Testing jabal

    i dont see the server in the list... on local it works...but inf layout has no spawnpoint. EDIT: scratch that. Wrong timezone ^^
  22. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    if it is the fractions problem, you should can start with this map ... only has to make sure that it does not come after a map with American fraction.
  23. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    assault on grozny inf is brocken. you spawn with an american-kit and die immediately. dropping is not possible. There are also "ghosts". so kits run around without the player inside. edit: there was something like that certain factions can not play after other. that should be it.
  24. =VG=

    ok, deal. But watch out, if I do not see you online so often, then I'll apply for admin rights and then you'll be banned.
  25. =VG=

    lol then I kick you for the abusive kick of an abusive admin. no fear, sometimes at night (cet) it would be helpful to have an admin there but in general that would be too much for me. I want to play, not take care for order ... and double will you do it?^^ that was actually a joke. I also feel like "part of the whole". and the VG in the tag would mean that I start again at zero points. I can not do that as long as I have not overtaken ranger ;p