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  1. Trying to sneak up on a bot vehicle in a nutshell

    That's why I prefer to play pr ... the respawn time in reality takes too long for me.
  2. Mic won't work in PR

    is the problem still acute? do you have possibly turned on the mobile function? do you have an additional mixer for the sound card? often onboard sound cards have their own mixer. if you have set something different there as in the windowsmixer, the two could possibly get confused.
  3. Potential crashing issue on Jabal Al Burj - Alt.

    it just happened again. merlin inf was the last map and then muttrah was loaded. before the button came to join the server crashed and it takes longer till the server is up again. 22:24 Zulu. and now im complete alone on vadso ;(
  4. Radio =VG=

  5. Hands up ! This is a recruitment video ! :)))

    lol, the bavarian police is the nastiest ... against that, the böhmermann video is still a kindergarten. but the tracks of Böhmermann are almost all pretty good. here's another cute "police video" ... in the second minute it starts.
  6. Are bots too easy?

    partly maybe yes but that is not the reason. if volod, 22, skirmisher, ranger, xenalight, double and a few other good players are online at the same time then it is often too easy but we also have a lot of new players and total chaos in the sqds. .. should also be seen in the log. I have the impression that currently players get kicked and banned more often because just a lot of chaots and newbies are on the server and they do not know what they are doing. I've spent hours with 10 people to keep the tanks on muttrah away from the docks to win by tickets. At the moment you can still rush to fortress with 10 new players.
  7. Are bots too easy?

    I also have the feeling that the bots on the one side shoot much more accurate ( At least I often die ^ ^ and often do not even see where the shot came from) but on the other side they are somehow more stupid. I have more and more situations where a bot would have to kill me but then it hangs on a door or tries to stab me through a wall. something like that was much rarer before. this is also the case with vehicles. on the one hand, as already mentioned, there are also armor or apc without gunner. but not only that. yesterday I drove on muttrah with a logitruck by a tank and two apc and they would have had to shoot several times but they did not even notice me. even if they moved the cannon in my direction I had the impression that they do not targeting me. as if I was not there. it seems like there are points that attract the bots and they do not see everything else. like with helicopter ... a transporter flies over a few bots, they all look up and you can almost run through them and kill with a knife. like zombies ... ^^
  8. Radio =VG=

  9. Shit in movies that makes you so ANGRY

    this is not shit in movies but shit-movies. The remake of maniac ... Style, effects and a hollywood beauty that has the main role. in the original the maincharakter is played by joe spinell which really comes like a maniac. the original is disgusting, hard, raw, dark and tells a crazy story that is not "better" when you put it on style .. the film is disturbing. but the remake is some thriller that is so smooth that you can just watch another movie. they destroyed everything that the original movie told. but mr wood has a big knife...uhh... the same as with tcm. in the original tobe hooper has created a dark film that pulls you from the beginning to bottom and where you feel uncomfortable, you do not like the actors and thus created a climate that I have never seen in any other movie. The film is only really hard at the end but the way up to then is quite exhausting. the remake is just a soft thriller witch has no atmosphere and is only so hard because people are hauled to meat rakes. or suspiria ... is currently in theaters. I have not seen him yet but the trailer says it all. a bit horror-gossip with shock-effects. The original Argento is one of the most atmospheric movies I know. The story is almost incidental. the pictures, the theater-like coloring, the few (even cheap) but hard splatter scenes and the soundtrack make this movie one of the biggest horror movies I've ever seen (and I really do not like witch movies ^^) the remake is forgotten next year and you could also watch some other horrorfilm ... that was a slightly different topic, but it had to be said. sry ^^
  10. Shit in movies that makes you so ANGRY

    sorry, but the forum-capacity is to small. I would have to post almost 95% of the hollywood garbage ...; p
  11. Potential crashing issue on Jabal Al Burj - Alt.

    I think that has nothing to do with jabal. that happens 1-2 times in the evening and only when loading ... I had that with every map already. definitely kashan, khamy, jabal, kokan, qwai, grozny but also others. all maps that normally run. could be that it has something to do with which map previously ran?
  12. Radio =VG=

  13. Star Trek or Star Wars?

    Does anyone here know the only true sci-fi series? Raumpatrouille (spaceship Orion) 1966!
  14. Installing Problems

    ^^ threat, thread ... you're over-accurate ;P
  15. Installing Problems

    this is the autoresponder of VG. this mail was created automatically, please do not answer. you have ticket number 12371239864236936842. the next employee, who is free, will immediately contact you. Please have your hash key and version number ready. Thank you. ;p I have also thought about whether a thread makes sense, in which the most common errors / problems are described generalized. But that means a lot of work, and leads for various reasons again and again to the "individual processing" because many users then do not understand, find, not even looking for it or simply overwhelmed. and so it works well;) And as the saying goes: never run an changing system ... oh no, that was slightly different ;P
  16. Star Trek or Star Wars?

    star trek never interested me and i found it boring. Star wars, the empire strikes back at the return of the jedi were great for me as a kid. but before this thx nonsense with inserted scenes ... I can not look at this cgi-gossip of today. because you get eye cancer. ;p ^^but you are right, that inspires:
  17. Radio =VG=

  18. Radio =VG=

  19. Installing Problems

    and did you get it to work? if not provide more information ... is the error when installing or in the game? what does it say exactly? did you install the game over an old version or was it a fresh installation?
  20. Radio =VG=

  21. international undergroundpunk from 70s and 80s

    wer früher stirbt ist länger tot! we get closer to the thing;) munich fun-punk ^^ if you are looking for more out of the corner I still have the "freizeit'81" or something like "Tollwut" or "FKK Strandwixer" ... Definitely a nice album. thnx.
  22. im looking for old punk tracks from other countries ... I do not mean postpunk, neither rancid nor descendents. the years 1975-1985 interest me the most. I'm not looking for bands that you can find in the press anyway, rather good local or unknown bands. I'll start with some German stuff: track 1 and 3 I would be very interested in French and Spanish punk from these years. if there is still need for German things, I post more ...; p
  23. international undergroundpunk from 70s and 80s

    Genesis P-Orridge: This guy/girl is so hardcore. you are right ... better to turn to religion Amen!^^
  24. Doorkicking music!

    you mean something like that?
  25. Radio =VG=

    that sounds good. that's in the middle of 80's, right? I do not just like noise ...