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  1. haha kifash hal twahshtak 


    1. ranger_12


      yetwahchek lkhir khouya wallah bien ;) wach rak anta ?

    2. 22..12


      slm cv  wallah rani  bien  ...........rani rill nl3ab fi steam squad /men of war as2 bsah rani hab nshri  ghost recon wildlands fi du leyamet  :) hahah ranger sahbi kash haja rsli message 



  2. f u ranger




  3. from 22..12 thx thx thx I know you guys are tired and you are still fighting thx 4 oll VG member I am with you friends gg And things will get better over time and thx guys
  4. Sadly this will be the last call of a dying person I want the truth I could be just (liteadmin)
    I know you can do that 
    You can check me out plz duble-13 plz
    and now (i waz playin call to arms 4 free on steam)
    just test me 
    (Note I work 3 days a week) many times i join on VG server no admins on 
    i became angry just i need 1 shot and TS Not the problem i can join 15h or more 
    give me 1 shot If you make a mistake you can kill me 
    (Note I know all the rules of the game) plz duble-13
    I can not stand any more than this and 
    Sorry for the inconvenience:11:

  5. Hello how are you I want you to check something If possible I think there is a mistake in the 

    Khamisiyah map is bug on  (chinook)


  6. I will play with the infantry Maybe (medic) If possible Or anything helps.. thx
  7. m823us my name is 22..12  I know I have become annoying

    Why do I want to become  liteadmin ? Because you are playing and you buy games from steam ...In my country, I can not buy from steam  sow i have just PR VG MY HOME PLZ MAN PLZ TEST ME .

    I know that this game is for friends and I swear I help out new players

    and i join to TS

    you will not regret it      PLZ  m823us That you do not want me to become one of you say no, and I'm sorry

    And I know all the rules of the game

    1. ranger_12


      wow you wanna be admin ? :D .... good luck brother 

    2. 22..12


      just liteadmin  :11:


  8. hello This time I will play .. pilot In all maps and thx
  9. Hello it was the first event for me...I will play inf If possible Maybe CheekiBreeki Or it will help WCCBadploy...Or anything that will help you I'm here
  10. u too m823us  me just ProjectReality VG SERVER  PLZ  TS I do not know what to say....pllllllllllz


  11. me just ProjectReality VG SERVER  PLZ  TS I do not know what to say.... liteadmin   



  12. hey whatsup plllllllllllllz Can you spoke to   =VG= m823us  =VG=TEDF =VG= Double_13 plllz you know me



  13. I was waiting for spartanish and jhon He was waiting for friend ...soory men
  14. Thank you for keeping the game clean and I am sorry for any error