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  1. cubiksrube

    PRBF2 (

    me on the toilet, the left most
  2. cubiksrube


    they are not fighting anymore
  3. i miss those days before the ballistic update, now we have airbase 5 km far from map, nevmesh ruined, binocular lazer dosent appear, guided bombs are not locking, have to switch to cannon to use cannon in jets, switching primary secondary with f
  4. have you ever seen a tracked humvv
  5. cubiksrube


    love it
  6. Lang you are respectful to players and a contributor to the game, I feel bad that it had happened to you.
  7. Nice profile picture

  8. Looks super fun! Already excited!
  9. hello guys im Ankit it was my first account but i've made several others and I usually play as HeliLover my cd hash (removed)
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