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  1. Look at this thing, god dayum brother. I can feel the bald eagles almost here and i live in europe. The textures are very plain and will get a bit more ''dirty'' feeling later on. Especially those skirts. Cage is done in terms of modelling. Hull is also done, the rest will be made via normal map so it will give the illusion and detail that is missing on most of the stuff without performance impact. I have ditched the hull that i have been given from the pr, i just decided to roll with my own hull, that is literally a pixel perfect realistic with real life stryker hull.
  2. video_1638019417556.mp4 I had to share this stupid thing that i screened seconds before i have been teamkilled by the same guy. Also pixels has been sacrificed for the ability to bring you this gold meme.
  3. That shit would crack me up everytime if i would wake up to this in the morning.
  4. Thanks for keeping the server up with such a great and fun community.
  5. Those who don't read discord or are not active often, here are two new layers coming up, some vehicles may change. Large layer as again focused on being hard and played usually with full server, alt is more of a chill 25ish player style but still balanced. Also next update should bring bunch of coop map fixes and quality of life updated from suchar, especially fixing all the non existent ticket bleed on finishing a map.
  6. I need to find the person who made this stryker hull first though, cause my detailist second me is dying inside, i am not sure if it was the converter they used fault or something else, if i would have known, i would just use my hull. Also i think i got everything set up pretty good, Blender magic does things, though the cage and all might be a problem, it is a very heavy asset with all the arnaments. Especially the randomly shaped turret in every single way. If i would use the american measurement, my MGS Stryker has two and a half tris of normal ingame apc stryker. Also driving this thing without a commander view with the cage is gonna be the funniest shit ever.
  7. Little update for those who don't look at pr forums or discord. Say hello to my little friend, i have recently acquired the models of in game stryker so i am modifying the in game original striker hull to the MGS model, it still needs alot of changes though, the turret is pretty much finished though it still is missing some labels like case ejection in the back, same with the cage, the final question will be about textures and shaders which can actually be used within the game because i am using quite alot of blender tricks to make details without performance impact.
  8. Interesting... Also i am still alive.
  9. I have moved on making industrial space ships instead of following realistic models.
  10. It looks very similar in a way when i first looked at the pr editor and the 2008 tutorials i have been messaged with.
  11. I don't wanna point out anything but this looks exactly like my factorio base, what in the hell is happening this is crazy.
  12. Question, does anybody actually ever report these bugs to PR dev team ?
  13. This has happened to multiple maps already, bamyan large aswell. But usually the way it goes that the mumble dies silently for everyone for couple minutes, it does not show any icon what so ever, you can see your self speaking but nobody hears you.
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