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  1. Control points, warning control points may change in the final build. https://i.imgur.com/fmsSw1c.png - In case zoom does not work. ULTRA ZOOOOOOOOOOOM QUALITY PICTURE.
  2. How i loved watching my dad play that game... played on the revive page before shutdown, breath taking fun i had, you know since we can have flying capture points on moons in april maps in pr, i could try making an event map with flying titan from bf2142 and you know what ? i might have a perfect map for it that i am working on...
  3. I have added you under my second name Suportick
  4. I am playing it like crazy for the last week it is insanely enjoyable cause if you think about it, the is the most realistic ww2 shooter now with ground and air vehicles and it is still in Beta, the graphics are beyond imagination i love it, even tho i hate the progress a bit as i am playing only US and it is only control points game mode or we are pushing omaha beach... so the US has no defender mode.
  5. Not sure if anyone guessed the second map, it is Adak - beta..
  6. As usual i am a big game hunter and these maps tend to be very small this is the only coop road rage that is up, and it is very small if you think about it, i need to do the same generate new navigation mesh for the bots. Usually every bf 2 map with coop is actually very small and we actually played most of them with TEDF event, i don't feel like replaying them would be enjoyable ?
  7. Hi there, i wanted to just post some stuff i am working on, i know y'all heard about the Black Gold Lrg that i fixed and basically completely remade, it did not made much success on pr forums sadly which kinda confirms what everyone said that they don't care about COOP, it kinda makes me make a map that will be only COOP cause fuck you . So i decided to make it as an event map, i had to remake some stuff as it needs to be a standalone map and i had some fighting with it but it is now working fine at least with me testing it, i am still waiting for Mate reply. !r LangMaster one
  8. That's the moment you need to tell to others to shut up, squad lead is talking.
  9. I got my own opinion, the longer i play the more i meet a games where i am just talking to my self in squad lead chat, and even tho they can hear you as example trojan he rosponds with a command menu there is 0 intel coming back to you about battle field and what in the actual fuck is going on in there. Same goes for vehicles i always leave a squad if the person i am going to play with the vehicle has no microphone, i won't kick him i just don't have the mood to be sitting with someone in a vehicle for 1 hour that does not have microphone, it is very annoying and exhausting. I don't mi
  10. Is it just me or i am still focusing with the C button and shift does not do anything. EDIT: never mind i am an idiot, it works with shift now, also you can focus in while holding a radio.
  11. Masirah - BETA (4 km) Not in map rotation, cannot be picked by admins. It's a cool map can you guys put it back in ?
  12. MORE BOTS 100VS100 GAME. #BigGameHunter
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