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  1. Flashbacks pt.2

    Yes. Without modifying maps? Also Yes. Why then isn't it a thing? IDFK, Code exists I don't know if you mean randomize which spawn the bots appear on or if we need to add more. The first already happens and for when the bot spawnpoints are added there are 2 things to do 1 make sure the spawn is out of cap zone but also not so far away they are spawning in another zone 2. Try and make it so that the bots spawn outside of line of sight when you are inside capzone to prevent camping them. Some maps it is because of the map itself that I don't have more. not many places to hide a spawn in a desert for example. Otherwise it is because of the way the map itself works that limits spawns I try to put around 10 spawn points to each flag
  2. Flashbacks pt.2

    Half of it is bots being gay, we can change some values around like the old days though. Longer AA range, Longer RPGs and shorter fire times, as well as shooting at helis. Other things, like where the bots spawn just gets changed when we update maps and stuff. Other half is players knowing the tactics better, everyone knows exactly where to sit, where the bots spawn and come from and how to win the map as fast as possible. You could win maps super fast in the old days if you had a good team too, If that's not a good enough answer, just play shahadah everytime
  3. Project Reality Event Week III

    Yo, put me in there with keed. I will annoy him with my no miciness Edit: How do I play PR Edit #2: PR sux
  4. Love it, can definitely ease up some work for admins and stuff. Can we make it easier for suitable squad names to be added? Like CAS, Cobra, Ah1z etc?
  5. Game Start

    No, doesn't work on coop

  7. PR PiP Scopes

    Looks really good with the amount of zoom. if only we could get true PIP in such an old game you wouldn't have to run into resolution loss at higher magnification
  8. No blitzkrieg?

    I did some changes to muttrah std.
  9. No blitzkrieg?

    It's worth thinking about. We could easily run a test game with the flags set for a standard neutral very slow capture (5-10 min) which would strongly encourage defence. Biggest issue is everyone knows where the bots are coming from and what they are going to do.
  10. PR coop maps that you hate

    it's still us playing the IDF
  11. PR coop maps that you hate

  12. PR coop maps that you hate

    Here's some updates on things I've been working on. Beirut is coming plus some other things Nothing shown is guaranteed though
  13. PR coop maps that you hate

    So making a map with bots has a size limit to the amount of ground the AI can cover before the game crashes. the size varies map to map with things like whether it is a forest, urban or desert map. making bots move on water counts for nothing because there's nothing for them to avoid. As a general rule of thumb, a 1km can have bots on 100% of it, 2km is 40-60% and a 4km is 15-20%. This is why maps have a lot of areas that you don't play coop on especially 4km maps like shijia, Vadso or saaremaa always focus on the same areas.
  14. PR coop maps that you hate

    Poll time, Choose the map that you enjoy but hate the coop Example, you love Operation Marlin as a map but you hate playing coop because it's pretty boring for most of the game. Not, You hate tad sae because it's dark. There's too many trees on Ia Drang etc. I've made the poll multiple choice, but try and limit it to a few choices to make it obvious which map is shit. If you aren't even sure what maps are what gallery is here https://www.realitymod.com/mapgallery/#!/ Maps that aren't included are maps that either A ) I can't do anything more than what is already there. (Tad Sae, Burning Sands, Muttrah etc) B ) I don't have the motivation to fix (Vietnam, Saarema etc) The poll is not for things like swap APC for a tank, this is more for a complete scrapping and start over. If you have suggestions like an asset swap, post it in this thread cause I'll consider everything, but the poll is not for that. Assume they are all the STD Layers