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  1. Dak

    Yeeee : ) PR is better than life LOL its been made easy to set up now any problems with the install ask =VG= SemlerPDX hes an I T wizard, and you can turn up high as a kite and still win a round LOL. See ya on the maps : )
  2. Su'uP

    Dont kill little Johnny to often or you will get banned, coppers an't cheep as well, fly high as you like, if you can keep your powder dry and your pecker hard .............. enjoy the fun : )
  3. Su'uP

    Yer mann hahah welcome to Apocalypse now : )) you will fit right in......... LOL
  4. Su'uP

    Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing LOL stay higher than 100 feet and you wont hit the penthouses : )
  5. Anyone else get this?

    And make sure you have restricted web code on your e mail account, or when you open it every bot on the web will jump on you. Ping back tracking. Ask them to send 120$ USDs to Timothy Wiggle Worth by Western Union and e mail a photo copy of their foot to......... IDCheck.io: Fast & Secure Identity Verification Service www.idcheck.free.sites.com And then you can begin your romance
  6. Dak

    Well the VG condom marketing campaign went soft lol so i am resorting to begging. Benefits Tax free No start up costs Large international market AS for strolling around a bit Impressment - Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Impressment Impressment, colloquially "the press" or the "press gang", is the taking of men into a military or naval force by compulsion, with or without notice. European navies of several nations used forced recruitment by various means LOL
  7. Dak

    Welcome Dak you came to the right place, a non corporate bunch of mixed army, air force , beat necks , and gaming freaks from all walks of life. Try PR its a scream : ) Play clean and work your way up to admin. Donations are always appreciated. Enjoy : )
  8. COD MW free day 3/10

    OK im leaving on the shelf until its had its guts MOD hacked opensource style Damm right : ) PR until death do us part : ) hahaah
  9. COD MW free day 3/10

    Looks like good fun for the whole family : ) free to : ) i'm hooked on PR....... but if it dies,, i'm in : )
  10. Merch?

    Send a member from china a begging message then were winning : ) understand shipping costs are a way to jack up the cost, lots of people add massive charges hoping people will still complete the order, 10 bucks can be jacked up to 99 bucks , also the shopping cart just adds 10 bucks for each item 100 item 1000 bucks shipping ???? lol e mail the company and ask for shipping and its 10 bucks for 1 item or 20 bucks for 100 ....... Alibaba users company's are fast to reply with the right shipping costs. yer i get lots of stuff from there, the postage chain of custody (company's used ) on the package, is bigger than a menu. but it always arrives : )
  11. Why Bots Fight? - Suggestions To Improve PR COOP

    Hahaha good hes the best spawn rapist, he can dump the camping gear now, boots and ammo only : ) Nice work : ) will add ambush spawns ASAP : )
  12. Why Bots Fight? - Suggestions To Improve PR COOP

    Yer mannn i think randomising spawn points is a must, some players have spawns mapped out, and beat the adds using preemptive attacks. Its a lot of work adding spawns personally, but if the time can be taken to do so, the conflict can be enhanced much more. Maybe just now and then if map editors have the time. : )
  13. Hallo.. hello..

    Hail Blud bludklot has a better ring to it : )
  14. Merch?

    Rubber Johnnys the best lol monkey drummer is a close 2nd hhhahah we better save this for the VG radio post : ) as no one will pay for it lol somethings cant be unseen im lucky working with sailors i have thick skin.DO not look at this vid just don't lol
  15. Craziness!

    Yep its him alright IF you soon in more you can see him smoking in the cockpit hahaha, as soon as i get some blue puntang im a UFO fan : ) 2 USA black op space ships freaking out the Eurasians lol for giggles