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  1. Time to brag

    Dont be afraid just get breading stock and more sunflower seeds, then offer them credit for productivity, food consumption will increase as well as metabolic rate : )
  2. Time to brag

    dos KFC colonel sanders live there ? can you play multiplayer on ping back in an internal loop hahhah
  3. Time to brag

    Im moving to Kansas
  4. Time to brag

    yer but it depends on how much the T1 backbone line has been multiplexed or how much rent the ISP is willing to pay lol virgin Richard branson has a bit of free cash as he's going to the moon, BT well old mother hubbard has beans in the cupboard lol , bet Richard has his own T1 backbone line just for pron sites hahah
  5. Time to brag

    BT hahahahahahahahah british telecom
  6. Time to brag

    yep brainwashing gets cheaper everydayday hahaha NWORDER
  7. Time to brag

    Dont just dont i'm on a island at the edge of the earth, its beautiful, but the internet f"(%*%£ping suks hahah NO pr for me for another 6 months : ( and candy crush wont even run at 0.9MBs 95.47 up wooo nice one fastjack niceeee up is as important as down in game : )
  8. Application to be =VG=

    yer cats carry a microscopic parasite that infects human brains and makes them desensitised to danger. A microscopic parasite that breeds in cats has been found to make chimpanzees less fearful of predators in what scientists believe is further evidence that the microbe can also affect human behaviour when it infects people. I'm trying to get some in a can : )
  9. Application to be =VG=

    Yaaaaaee another PR nut i cant play anything but PR lolz its old cranky and will die any day now, but mod games are better as the corporate shit gets cut out, welcome to VG, you sound like the perfect Admin enjoy the family : ) I think you're to greasy hahaha im gonna watch you ..................................................................
  10. COOP PvP ?

    Naa cant kuff a vampire, anyway his wrists are to thick for kuffs hahhahaah. chains may be ok, funny enough i still like the bastard, he has a charm i can't describe.. and i never seen him qwit, just get madder hahaha...
  11. Radio =VG=

    My Life hahah but this guy has blue chicks and four cloned spiritual gurus and his own surfer gard : )
  12. PR BF 2 has closed ,cleaning up resources

    Uninstall it, reinstall it, follow the instructions to the letter, make sure you have the right driver settings ect Good luck it's part of the battle side note windows XP won't run PR now i had to get a new OS last year : ( yer i'm a tight fisted bastard. lol 10$ Try again : )
  13. Server Issue - Faction Crashes

    I have been under the sea for months,,,, lol wow its fixed joy thanks for keeping my favorite game patched up. : ) whoever solved it : ) bad players always exploited the bug to crash the game.
  14. Nice ride but can't see a snorkel on it ? - NetherlandsRoyal Netherlands Army - 365 and no snorkel ?? i still want one Crew compartment is protected against anti-personnel mines nice one up on the brits and it's not pink hahahah but the golf caddy has a snorkel and love the green text : ) im adopting it : ) Thanks for the eye man candy it was a good read
  15. Radio =VG=

    Hahahah CNC nice way to pass the cutting time,,, send me the mod file... ok ok ok this is getting silly so for today im having the last laugh : ) A good band... wing nuts but still credible