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  1. Project Reality Event Week I

    How does one suffer from oldness, gamers never suffer they respawn. It's all only in your mind you are never old if you never feel like it.
  2. Define BASERAPE?

    ''Baserape is the act of assaulting flags in an incorrect order. Including: Skipping more than one flag as infantry Skipping any flags while in an asset Attacking the enemy main base before cappable/attacking uncappable main Destroying enemy reinforcement routes (Bridges/Razorwire). Laying mines at enemy vehicle spawns. Attacking enemy supply lines or attacking beyond the current flag as CAS Skipping 1 flag while playing infantry is allowed for strategical purposes. If no progress is being made you will be ordered to fall back. Examples include: Preparing to capture during a fast paced game Setting up FOBs Destroying forward emplacements (not allowed to skip beyond next capable flag to destroy emplacements) Skipping a flag must not overrule the no camping enemy main rule AA and AAVs are the exception to the rule, and may be destroyed at such a time they pose a threat.'' I did not know you are NOT able to destroy beyond next capable flag emplacements, but as has been said some maps are not playble usually for a flying assets, as maps are sometimes small and quad guns can blast yo, but indeed base rape is here very often, and skipping flags as well, sadly sometimes you realize it too late (because as a player your are not focusing on finding out if there is a baserape going) when you find out there are no enemy assets on khamisyah for what ever reason, you really cannot see if they are just flying over the map or actually bombing the fuck out of enemies trying to push trough the city. Etc Etc Cas has a huge view range, and many maps are very open, and i do understand being in a heli watching all over the battle field and you see a tank coming over there but it is still 3 flags far, you wont be like hey a tank, lets wait and let it come closer we cannot kill it yet. No, i am not seeing that happen in a heli, even tho i am rather staying on my feet or tracks.
  3. Project Reality Event Week I

    You could turn off the bleeding on enemies for last cap, people could rtb all vehicles before running next.
  4. Project Reality Event Week I

    Chill Chill god damn it, Just an idea that came up my head, i thought events are bit more for the try hard or more focusing side of people and not "regulars" and yes i was counting on loses, but i forgot we are playing coop just because we can't stand a loss.
  5. Project Reality Event Week I

    I am 100% in, i just had a little bit of idea maybe for the next event, what about progress vehicles start up with something slow maybe even infantry, and roleplay capturing factories and stuff, and vote here for the next vehicle that will be build for the next map, assets are only one time spawn, saved vehicles at the end of map are moved to another map, if vehicle is lost it is lost forever.
  6. Project Reality Event Week I

    There always be a maps that i have never played in pr, What are those honestly? Cool stuff tho.
  7. Operation Antistasi - ARMA 3 Campaign

    The mission sounds like a foxhole game, i love it.
  8. I have said my words, i guess i would not mind some kind of briefing time to help out people with pc problems, as well if it does not bring some chaos to the server it self and would be acceptable for the gameplay it self as i mentioned some maps problems. I guess we are gonna get to the good old days where you waited for all the players load up in loading screens of league of legends, i am hoping to see some leaderboard and names of players with % so you know which player is playing on toaster. I am obviously just kiding, i am sure it is very frustrating to not being able to play any asset because of that, but let high staff tell their opinions i am just a pawn here.
  9. This is sadly just a Project Reality Coop, i am a big fan of every thing realistic but there is a reason i am playing exactly this, just to be put into a semirealistic action very quickly, i love arma and stuff but those games cannot be played all day long, they eat alot of time just because of this "briefing time". *and walking* This game is a very limited i think by some options, but... we should probably make some custom maps, and probably make some kind of weekly rotation, make an event server once a weekend, and let people take assets here on the forum, i would be down for making some custom asset maps and i am sure it would stack up after a while giving us much more space of what would be played
  10. It's a great idea don't get me wrong i don't mind hard maps neither giving bots handicap, but some maps would be lost just because of that, omaha beach is a great example where if you lose the first push, you are screwed, i don't wanna say the tanks do alot there they die pretty quickly but sometimes they are very strategic asset to at least the first push and keeping the mg nests dead, same with al basrah there is village and the vcp where the apcs just rush at start of the game, if the apcs wouldn't be there the vcp and village would get overrun by techies. And i am sure there is alot of maps that i have forgoten now that are counting on the assets.
  11. The thing is, sometimes you just need the asset right away in 5 minutes, those bots ain't gonna wait for you or do they? There are some maps that just needs the assets right away and definitely cannot be played without them. If you would make a script that would make bots not spawn for that time, and probably some kind of a counter at top left corner as votes have so people are not that confused, i would not probably mind, even tho i am the one that is loading faster..
  12. Game Start

    There is Khami LRG which has two minute delay on every friendly asset, but still you can make a squad and lock it if you have enough people to man all he vehicles before they even spawn, which does not fix the issue. Many people blame it on ssd, i am running on hdd in my gaming laptop and i am in top while loading, i am not a huge expert on what is causing here the loadings to be quicker but maybe close up some background applications.. that is the only help i can get you sadly.
  13. Black Gold Large

    Changed two timers for enemy assets, added two trucks into the us airfield, map overview updated(not in the cheat sheet yet), changed skybox. Zip file updated.
  14. Black Gold Large

    Changed the skybox a bit, yoink.
  15. Black Gold Large

    Let's say the bradleys were meant to be a bit of a transport as well, and having no fob is a mistake that everyone has hopefully learned already, i realize it is not much of a lrg layer now with such asset restriction. And about the transport at start of the round, i have never seen a map start without a trans being locked in 5 seconds. But i wanted to make a layer that would probably make some trouble to the blueberries aswell but would be hopefully fun also. I will look around a bit still, but thanks for the idea.