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  1. Report a player.

    I am on that with you, many people that game stood behind me i told them to forget it because they won't do anything with it, one guy just took it slightly too far.
  2. Report a player.

    No no it wasn't that bridge luckly, it was actually the south bridge if i remember right.
  3. Report a player.

    I've never played with him or near him but i always heard some bad things about him in game, this is the first time i have met him and oh boy i wish i did not. My stomach that game was upside down.
  4. Report a player.

    Start of the game, Pavlovsk bay exactly an hour ago and like 20 minutes. i think it was the alternative version because we had an abrams tank. Made a tank squad, let's be honest i called it a Tankerino squad number 3, still a tank in the name you could easily tell i am driving in a tank, on the other side Blackburn makes a squad Devil dogs number 1, as always he goes for infantry, a member has joined my squad [MY] HowlingWolf a talkative one i knew we gonna have a great game. First point at the beach has been captured pretty quickly we started moving to the tank as i forgot it spawning back on the road. 5 meters in front of the tank i have been suddenly told to delete my squad that it is a duplicate, it took me few seconds to realize what is happening Blackburn has deleted his inf squad and name it TANK and call me as duplicate because his squad is number 1, told him to get out many people did, he said he does not care then he drove to the second point on the hill just between the first and second point not all the way just to stand there and wait for someone to join him as a gunner. I have been totally disgusted after that i have been reported being toxic from him, some people actually TKed him when he was in the tank(one of the guys got actually banned later on by kavelanko) which is something that is still againt the rules but i understand them being angry. Also few rounds before that (Fallujah West) he was a commander and he wanted us to call out an airstrike on mosque where few friendlies already have been, he might have been roleplaying not sure but he told us to do it really in an angry voice not sure how to spell that like he was a general and we were supposed to do what he says i mean yes he is a commander and we should follow orders but i am not going to kill friendlies. Another round we have been on Jabal al Burj i have been driving an apc over a bridge and there was a (hedge hogs or that barricade with barder wire) behind it i have been standing on the bridge for a while trying to figure out how am i getting over that without falling down from it, like 20 seconds after i have been told to get off the bridge quickly because the bridge is about to blow up, i think he set a c4 on it to break it so enemies does not pass it i guess, we got hit hard but we were fine made it to repair station, i forget that because i thought it might be a missunderstooding but from now i might think he just put it there after we have been already on bridge but still i take it as a mistake life goes on. I have realized this player is being and absolute jerk to others but when mods come he is playing actually a really good guy. Thanks for listening
  5. Report a player.

    Yeah he just keeps reporting other players. They have just banned someone else for TK the Blackburn, honestly, he would not have the tank anyways. i am disgusted and done playing this game for a long while.
  6. Report a player.

    I have put a report on him in game that is happening exactly now, hopefully they will review it. Thanks for being with me.
  7. Report a player.

    Not sure if this is the right thread, i have got into problems for 3 last rounds, i am a friendly person but this guy is an absolute beep beep. I might sound like a cry baby which i am definitely right now. he is called PFC.Blackburn, he calls airstrikes on blueberries thankfully none of the squad leads calls it out. As well right now that happened to me he makes an infantry squad as a Squad one, we made a tank squad and after that he deletes the squad one and makes it a TANK and steals it and even tells me to delete my duplicate squad which was like 4 minutes created before his, Not sure it might be alright with rules, this guy just is not one of my favourites He is a talkative player in mic but he does not give a single thing about others. Many people knows i am a friendly player, but this is just against my taste. everyone in chat is with me we tell him to leave the tank for us.
  8. No VG server

    Oh so everytime it's down i need to say it here? oh... alright maybe next time,=D *I have been falling, for 30 minutes!*
  9. No VG server

    Server is down for a while already.
  10. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    Again ? probably? can't seem to find it for almost 20 minutes... ((uh i see it now))
  11. Beirut event in a nutshell

    Yeah but we blew up as we touched the bridges..
  12. Beirut event in a nutshell

    Bugs ftw.
  13. =VG= PR Event

    Thanks, i had an awesome time with you guys !