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  1. Flashbacks pt.2

    MORE BOTS 100VS100 GAME. #BigGameHunter
  2. Flashbacks pt.2

    Oh me likey.
  3. Operation Slayer |Day175|

    Should i download Arma 3 should i not, that's the question...
  4. Alecskell (hello)

    Welcome aboard.
  5. Need your help guys!!

    Programming definitely, also, if you get into it, there is a game called screeps, it is on steam. In short, simplistic graphics, real time strategy, buildings units and everything is run by your own code, so you make code that will repeat mine this mine that build this here attack there make this unit upgrade that, it is very fun and fun is the best way to learn stuff. It is not really for starts but it is definitely great for people that knows a slight part of coding and just wanna remember it and make it bonded into your mind.
  6. Reputation

    You should ask golden, he was talking about buying gpu for Zee couple days ago he might hit you up with something as well. *that was a joke please*
  7. Project Reality Event Week III

    That's the old one! RIOT
  8. Project Reality Event Week III

    GG once again
  9. Project Reality Event Week IV (Final)

    Does the reservations still work from the last go or first takes the deal lol. Since we are doing some maps from last week.
  10. Project Reality Event Week IV (Final)

    Impressive. Very cool.
  11. G'Day

    Welcome to the Veterans Gaming community. And remember it's never about the number, it's always how you feel about your self. I am gonna be playing games at my 80s mate.
  12. !unflip [revised]

    I like it, and i don't like it. This command will remove the fear of getting stuck or flipping over, and will make everyone drive reckless. It makes driving feel realistic and fun, i think i have seen it in post scriptum which made the game look absolutely funny and made people laugh when someone flipped a vehicle instead of actually ah shit mate you fucked up. It just feels alot easy to me, even tho i love the idea of it. Yesterday we have saved a flipped apc that has been left by it's apc driver, little bump with a tank and my mg gunner returned it to base. It felt a bit better than just doing !unflip.
  13. Happy Veterans Day!!

    We don't have a veterans day over here, but here goes 20 of those american dollars from me to VG aswell.
  14. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    I will not fight with you about that, but since the contries are close he can try both. I think both contries has huge culture for beer, But you guys got still alot to catch up.
  15. Hi

    Tribute, sir.