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NOTICE: Our Project Reality Demo / Tracker files are not getting uploaded here to the website.  We are working on the issue and expect it to be resolved within a few weeks.  The files are still being recorded, and will be provided to anyone including public players via direct request.  Send a message to (in order of availability) SemlerPDX, STARK, or m823us, with the date/time and map name, and we will provide you with the corresponding file.  Thank you all for your patience!


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  1. One question Inch. Which Win 10 version ur opting? WIndows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise(if u manage to get a hand of that key)
  2. How many people did YOU teamkill in 2019?

    Oooo.... 11 spot. I wonder how many of my TKs via land vehicle instead of actual rifle. Hmm.... Sugar, u need to stop TK ur SL man. Especially if *cough* I'm ur *cough* SL *cough*
  3. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    Currently busy during this month checking my profit margins & see what items for me to slash the price tag & slap other sellers for other upcoming sale . Cuz we still have the 12.12 SALE for us which is around the corner. Followed by Christmas, EOY SALE & New Year. A lot of stock taking for me to handle. RIP me.
  4. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    If only if u live in my country. I will give u more than the backdoor
  5. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    Well Zzang, If u missed out on Black Friday SALE on the particular pc that u want, at least there's still the upcoming Christmas SALE, End of Year SALE and New Year SALE for u take grab it. If they intend to slash the prices again.
  6. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    Ryzen 5 3600 is a better snatch compared to Intel I5 9400F. However for GPU, most games are more on 1 sided optimization. Some runs at higher FPS on NVIDIA while some games run higher FPS on RADEON. RX 580 is an older generation card. An boosted/overclocked card from the RX 480 model. NVIDIA GTX 1660 not sure as they're currently being NGREEDIA. Too much GPU models keeps on realeasing on the same SKU.
  7. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    Sometimes image can be for illustration purpose only. Internal components can vary for each buyers.
  8. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    Budget is one. Another question is, r u going to use the pc just for gaming or going to use it for other productivity workload like video rendering, stock trading & etc.
  9. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event

    My superior off-road driving skills