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  1. You should have tell Binary to join the squad for a while & talk with him about the issue if he was the only in-game admin at that point of time. Anyways, those two players always play together.
  2. Need more boom boom assets Waiting for my Scania boom boom to be deployed for bluefor.
  3. Waiting for bots to use/deploy mines since they can now equipped with special kits. If there is any coding for it.
  4. Cruizer

    PSU help

    If your not planning to OC that CPU & just use the Auto Boost Clock, 750W is fine. You can use my OCed i5-10600K @ 4.9GHz, Vcore: 1.25V, as a reference on your CPU wattage consumption, CPU package hits almost 132W. In terms of my own PSU list: Corsair RM Cooler Master V2 MSI MPG Series Superflower Leadex EVGA GA Seasonic GX FSP Hydro GD Cooler Master MWE V2 Silverstone Essential/Strider Gold The bottom part of the list is mostly a budget PSU. Price vary depending on which country your in. Unfortunately no Be Quiet PSU available in my country yet, so... meh.
  5. TBH, it was around for a long time. If you died from while tossing a grenade, best to tell the medic around you not to revive you else the people around/near you will go kaboom after your revive. OR you can quickly switch back to your rifle or whatever it is beside your nade once your revive. Find a safe spot & toss that bad nade far away. As it happen to me way in the past which I learnt my lesson. I quickly give up if I died while tossing nade to avoid accidental TK Also, careful when picking up kits on the ground (especially the one found at the frontline) & avoid selecting the nade. As that 'feature' still applies for kits that is on the ground.
  6. Cruizer


    Well.. that's is 1 reason but only if I'm around. But main reason to give players hell *cough* Yamalia STD *cough* Love that hell of a map (if u have not check the PR map gallery yet
  7. Cruizer


    hmmm... More new maps layout (Maybe) Levels: Bamyan: COOP128: Replaced with a new layer. Black Gold: COOP128: Replaced with a new layer by Langmaster. (THAT BIG MAP WITH MANY FLAGS??) Dovre Winter: COOP32: Added COOP support. Kafr Halab: COOP32: Added COOP support. Karbala: COOP32: Added COOP support. Khamisiyah: COOP128: Replaced with a new layer. Kokan: COOP128: Added COOP support. Musa Qala: COOP32: Added COOP support. Operation Bobcat: COOP 16/64/128: Added COOP support. Operation Marlin: COOP128: Added COOP support. Outpost: COOP32: Added COOP support Shahadah: COOP32: Added COOP support. Xiangshan: COOP32: Added COOP support. Yamalia: COOP: Added COOP support. YES!! YAMALIA IS BACK! Wonder if Outpost really is fixed
  8. Not all maps have the UAV's. For me, I mostly use it to mark the enemy spawn point for certain maps as commander is able to mark more than SL (which have a cap of 3 or 4 markers). For enemy asset, I only mark the important asset or if friendly asset is nearby & they are blind that they did not know that certain enemy asset is just around their corner. If i'm an SL, I will ignore commander orders as most of the time they give garbage commands which will lead me/my squad to my/their death. Unless commander provide critical information like active enemy mobile AA & etc which is important for me/my squad to destroy it. I have my own set of priorities on which enemy asset to destroy first base on the current map. As per Blizzard reply above. But whoever is using that logi or if the map have only 1 logi, the person that is using it is FULLY RESPONSIBLE for dropping repairs for friendly asset. Always keep an eye out on the map, chat & etc for any repair request. Cuz plenty of times my asset got tracked, the person that using the logi totally ignore it in which inf squad kept requesting for armour support which i'm unable to provide. Depending on the situation. Not all map have them. Sometimes it's not necessary as some flag just require experience players in that flag to cover spawn point in the cap zone & etc.
  9. Let's hope it's not a mb issue for the USB Port. As I do recall excessive current flow to USB Port which almost spoiled my spare mouse after doing a system build. Windows pop up notification & quickly unplug the USB from that port. The mouse almost malfunctioned (no lights, unable to move cursor but the Sensor is still running when plugged in) when test with my other system which suddenly somehow came back to live after a few days of testing that mouse. Might be similar cause of the so called under-current
  10. Do u have any PSU tester kit? But I would guess it's a no. Or can test it on other system that hardly been used / can become ur scapegoat (which I do have plenty on my side. Even my sis systems' are my scapegoat for parts testing) Good thing is that u all have those major big block retailers but over here, we do not have them. At most, we send it down to the relevant distributors to get them to check if consumer are not able to troubleshoot themselves as these ditros of ours have all the necessary equipment to do a full test on any of the products that they carry.
  11. I always pick Seasonic on my side when I quote as most of their PSU are the higher tier psu.. Unless the consumer have budget constraint, than will quote lower grade like Cooler Master MWE Bronze line-up or FSP Bronze Line-up
  12. BTW, Any idea what PSU Brand & model it will be? Hope it's not some half baked brand.
  13. Liker per mentioned, not sure what type of 10% OC it will be done by CyberPower themselves. Right now it all depends on the 10% OC that is in the quote from CyberPower as it didn't really specify what OC that they will be doing.
  14. Yup. I do notice it. 850W should still be sufficient as not sure what type of OC the CyberPower will be doing. If let's say they will be doing a 10% increase in CPU Frequency, might need to ditch the 120 AIO as it will be ur next oven & will be back to the AMD FX Oven series. As the Intel i9 is now the new oven cpu untill they manage to drop to 10nm. Either get a good Air Cooler or get a 240 onwards AIO. But if they will be doing a 10% increase in ALL the CPU, GPU & Ram, yes, the 1000W PSU would do the trick as gpu once OCed futher will consume more wattage. But not sure how high can u go for GPU OC with just normal standard Air Cooler design (Unless go for Liquid Nitrogen)
  15. Not a fan of 120mm AIO as from my point of view, it's more of an aesthetic. Would opt for Air Cooler if going for 120 AIO. Unless change to 240mm onwards AIO than it might be a different story. What type of overclocking? GPU+Ram+CPU OC? Cuz 1000W kinda high for just a cpu OC as never stated which I will highly guess this is the only OC that they will do & probably just X.M.P the ram to 3000MHz rather than pushing beyond it. For CPU OC, is it 10% of the frequency increase that will be OCed or 10% of gaming performance that they will test the crap out of that system.
  16. Another AWOL. Opps.. I meant 2 of them now since they're partners in crime. Anyways, there's nothing wrong with that truck. Just part of usual PR "features".
  17. Was surprised by the SUPER fast ticket bleed for Bamyan Alt. Wasn't like that before the new patch/update (Not sure if they mess up something for that map). Even though we already manage to cap the first two flag & was about to neutral the third flag (which wasn't fast enough thanks to the ticket bleed).
  18. Please take this time to read through our Server Rules. As i remember correctly, I did do a Kill Command on you before for asset stealing trans on Kafr map while you were playing in Inf squad.
  19. Since his under tight budget, so no choice unless pump in more cash to get a better monitor with G-Sync Only or Adaptive Sync OR drop/downgrade something else from the current list & re-route the amount towards the monitor cost. There's pros & cons of having a tight budget since computer parts are not that cheap in certain countries thanks to VAT & etc that has been imposed.
  20. Never buy G-Sync ONLY Monitor if ur on budget as the Monitor company has to pay premium to Nvidia for the G-Sync Badge which hike the cost of the monitors. Including the SLI Badge on motherboard Nvidia being their usual Nvidia. Sucking money from royalties of having their badge being plastered anywhere that can be placed at.
  21. Alternative, u can find monitors with the word, 'Adaptive Sync' on it which means it do accept both Nvidia & Radeon GPUs OR do this ---> Enable G-Sync on FreeSync Monitor
  22. Need Moore options... Need include Potato System, 'Pfft Desktop, i'm using laptop' as well as able to select multiple options (for those whom have multiple system including myself).
  23. Those whom have slow loading system for PR can join the TeamSpeak & ask others to help reserve the slot for u if u really want to use that certain asset in the next round. We actually don't mind reserving the slot for a few minutes just to wait for that certain some1 to finish loading. -This is a cheaper option rather than buying new storage as some people are playing tru laptops which don't really have much upgrade options internally.
  24. Hmm.... Never heard of this brand. Anyways, not available in my country so... IDK. OLOy WarHawk RGB 16GB (2x8GB) 3600MHz
  25. So far for the Ripjaws V model/SKU(maybe not all of them), i have no issue using it for some of my customer AMD system & able to make it work at the stated manufacturer frequency. But G.Skill Rams are slightly more pricier in the market. But if u want to be save, follow the QVL as some rams might not have been tested yet or already did but have not been updated in the QVL list yet. For PSU, I will always recommend to get at least an 80+ Bronze due to the efficiency of the PSU. But if ur able to squeeze more & get an 80+ Silver or Gold rating, it is a nice addition. Don't really recommend 80+ only certified (this is mostly for super budget build or people that don't care bout psu & they just want cheap parts)
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