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Hi guys. Jarz here...

Firstly, before i get to my problem. I fixed PR. so i will be playing project reality alot in the next days.

But. I cant do that when PB is being a meanie ): . It looks like it wants me to go to evenbalance.com to update PB manually. i dont see where. i did PBsetup and PBsvc multiple times to no avail.

I am using win7 64 bit. Thanks

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What message do you get when you get kicked from servers?

Have you installed any custom maps for PR? Like the ones Fastjack and melon_muncher has been working on? If you have, you might have to remove them from the levels folder in mods/pr. Fastjack has had some issues with PB because of Operation Ghost Train since it was released in the PR christmas map pack last friday.

Also, PBsetup can fail since it doesn't remove the old PB version for BF2/PR. Try deleting the pb folder in C:/Program Files(x86)/EA Games/Battlefield2 (Note that this is the default path, if you have installed BF2 in a different place you have to find that yourself.)

If none of the above works, you should try to install the christmas map pack. It will ask you if you want to update PB.

I can't really think of any other ways to fix it without knowing the message you get.

Hope this helps :)

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