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[ArmA Events] VDV Campaign

=VG= The_Polish_Guy

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Arma 3 Event

Player count: 10 sign-ups (reserve slots if more ppl interested)

VDV Campaign


SATURDAY March 11 2023 - 1900hrs GMT (PRT)



Password: backdoor



The Russian Federation has decided to attack an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.The Island is a neutral state with historical connections both to the US and NATO and USSR. After the Gulf War, the government decided to stop buying Russian equipment and started investing heavily in US gear. This war is TOTALLY needed for security of Russia's national interest. The war planners decided to strike at four separate fronts. Places markers on the map are places of a naval invasion performed by naval infantry and supported by the navy and the army. Those forces will be the main force. In the meantime highly skilled airborne units will capture all airports on the island and hold them until the main force arrives.  



As part of the VDV you are tasked with infiltrating, capturing and holding an airport. However there will be no main force coming to help you. After establishing your positions near the airfield you will be resupplied and will take key targets to engage the units under NE command and do not allow them to reinforce other fronts. Throughout the campaign you will be able to find and use enemy equipment to your advantage. (e.g. if you capture a helicopter while attacking the airfield, there will be pilot slots added for the next day of the campaign.)


Your task sounds simple. Parachute in the cover of darkness and land NE of the airbase. It has been reinforced with a FOB and some checkpoints in anticipation of an invasion. Take the airfield and defend it from enemy reinforcements. It's up to you to decide if the task is as easy as it sounds.


REDFOR assets day 1:

airborne infantry


sniper team


Rules: standard VG arma rules


Arma 3 Preset vdv.html

CHVD, DUI, Enhanced movement are optional, though I recommend running at least EM



Squad Leader: =VG= keed

Medic: System

AT Specialist: =VG= SolarFlame1

UAV Operator: =VG= Ingo


Team Leader: =VG= Batmeme

AA Specialist: Spartanish

Medic: =VG= Deathdealer

Machine Gunner: Sniper_Igor

Uragan-3 (reserve squad)

Team Leader: 



Rifleman AT: =VG= Sausag3


Sniper: dogenamite camper


I took some suggestions and put them into one. I'm interested how you feel about a campaign. I have 5 missions planned out for you if you are interested. If not, no hard feelings will make this a single mission and move on. You will start with some pretty standard russian kit on day 1. After that you will get resupplied before day 2 which means you will get an arsenal and you'll be able to play dress-up within russian gear. All the assets that you find can be used to your advantage, assets requiring specialized crew (IFVs, tanks, aircraft) will be provided to you with proper slots in sign-up for the next day. There will be weapon cashes for you to loot and add gear to your arsenal for the next day. More in the brief before the mission.

If you have some questions or ideas for the missions let me know either here or through DMs

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We are almost out of free spots. If there are three or four people more who still want to join I'll make another 4 men squad.

Also, I forgot to mention, we'll do the training session for everyone interested around an hour before the update.

Edit: added slots for reserve squad if anyone is interested

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8 minutes ago, KOVAC said:

Hello everyone, is the installation of Arma 3 is the standard one or do I also have to install some additional mod of equipment or vehicles to be able to play with you?

We usually play Arma with no DLCs but some mods. The mods you can easily download from steam workshop but they vary from mission to mission.

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