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  1. Welcome to the site, bro. Did play couple of games and rounds with you few weeks ago in PR in my squad. Will be love to play together again some other time- See ya in field, catch you up later! - Inch
  2. Dutch Forces in Action Feat. Vincent

    Just another day in Dovre, the map is completely broken for Opfor Fridays, since the first two CPs being capped by the Dutches, the game play is not really that long, but it still impressive, really wanted to play this map some other time. I'm hoping someone could fix this layout, the Winter one is already built for Opfor, but the Original one doesn't much.. This action taken while Vincent suppressing enemy fire in the small house at West Fields along with some friendly infantries inside, where Russians keep engaging us outside, nowhere and hard to detect yesterday. As Machine Gunner, the FN MAG w/h C79 Elcan is weapon of choice for him while in my Squad ( MMG not visible in screenshot since the "hand" was broken ) " What happen to your hand, Vincent? Looks broken-! I'll take a screen shot and upload them in VG later " *Vincent laughs* Reminds me of suppressing fire in modern FPS/TPS games lol - Inch
  3. Brawl... is that u-?? ( A.K.A Modified M1 Abrams Decepticons of Transformers ) Anyways, i've seen this bfore and more similar like this, but in Wanda Shan with Leopard 2's. Completely forgot to make a video of it " Welcome to PR ", Refractor Engine strikes again-! -Inch
  4. Boragh APC's... something more like BMP-1/Type 86G + ZSL-92A MG Turret w/h DsHK HMG, must be hard to imagine/clone it There was one back in the old updates.. ( v1.3.5 ), but never really seen the model in-game. Is it removed from the game for some reason? This asset from my point of view, can be used for Syrian Rebels ( not just MECs in-game ), would be cool tho Of course, if it's not in-game anymore.. will be miss it - Inch
  5. Maybe 2 Zastava 500AK Van and Dirt Bikes/CB500? or mix of 1 Technical M2HB/DsHK and a Van? Although.. they are unconventional factions tho, so they need at least 1-2 small assets that they can use (and also some small advantages for them too, to make the gameplay interesting) Just one M113 logi is enough for IDF awhile, doesnt need more of that for INF layout it seems... walking is no option for INF game - Inch
  6. Fun days over PR weeks ago:

    Just for fun-!! :P:P:P:P:P 


    1. Mysterious Floating Ural-4320 ( Black Gold - OPFOR Fridays )screen000.jpg

    2. Hollow-Man SL ( Kit Geometries not invisible - Vadso City - British Campaign the 2nd)


    3. Drunk-Driving Panther CLV with InchPincherToo ( Shijia Valley - British Campaign the 3rd )


    4. A way of Militia to chill out in a Logi Truck ( Fools Road - OPFOR Fridays )



    Just bought Insurgency in Steam, cool and cheap game, anyone still playing it aside Squad-Based/Tactical FPS games?

    - Inch

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Oh these Battlefield mechanics:biggrin:

    2. InchPincherToo


      Only a Refractor engine can do all fun things like this :P:P:P

  7. games

    Hey folks, Been a while no see around, really need a suggestions on what should i buy on Steam today.. already had around 6.75 USD in it Plans for me is to buy these beautiful game (at least one/two of them): - Insurgency ( Simple, cheap small game for me, more intense than CS:GO ) - ArmA 2 Combined Operations ( Because the Complete Collection is a bit expensive to me, is it going to be worth if i'm trying to buy it? ) - Red Orchestra 2 HOS / Rising Storm ( Is this a one game or two game? ) It still confuses me till now, all above games ( except RO2/RS ) can be played offlinely and means good to me. And also, does anyone still play these games lately? I see theres a lots of community in these games, very interesting and still alive. Cant wait to see one of these (or maybe more) on my library and play this with you guys if possible. Any suggestions are welcome! Regards, InchPincherToo
  8. Welcome to the site! FInally, after hanging around TS you've decided to make a nice intro here. Well done See ya in field, man- Inch
  9. Welcome the site, man.. i'll see ya on field, and nice to meet you Inch
  10. Have you guys checked free Killing Floor game in Humble Bundle? Fun game indeed i guess.. coz i havent played it, also uses the same Source Engine as usual for a Valve game
  11. prbf2 coop insurgency gamemode

    What an amazing work there, seeing you progressing on making a Coop INS game mode. Loved it-! I'm sure it will be helpful for people who havent readied yet on INS game mode. Btw.. have you discussed about this in PR Forums with the Devs? Might be awesome if this custom mode added to the game -InchPincherToo
  12. Voted some maps with Yes'es and No'es... Hope that changed the most of the plays, since i see most of my experience playing Armor vs Armor, sometimes can be overpowered, "Delay setup" is an option that i want to see in-game and hope that balances the gameplay. In my opinion, it's just too easy on relying Tank, CAS to help you guard while capping each CP's in certain maps. I think that was just too selfish, really wanted to see more teamwork in INF gaming even tho its an Air-Large maps that we're playing. Such as, making Offensive/Defensive FOBS for sure.. specialized INF working together in a field against Bots. MECHANIZED INF is also the last option if someones prefers it, sometimes that allows you to at least make use the asset fully along with the couple of INF's to gain more offensive/defensive powers. Pushing, defending, suppressing.. all things and aspects that the WAR teached me in this game, applied most of them. Like for example, in Kashan ALT.. it does have something like Light APC such as STRYKER ICV with 50BMG/Cal. (which has never been seen used by some of players for a while tbh, being abandoned), can also be used if theres no APC squad (Point of view to Bradley ODS'es, they have to make APC/IFV squad in order to use that, at least..) allows MECH INF to combine assets usage and maximize it along with TOW Humvee/UP-A Humvee 50BMG/Cal. to guard Trans/Logi Trucks while on the move to objectives. I'm sure of it, it will become interesting round. This also works at some maps like, Bijar Canyons STD (Namer along with TOW Humvee, 50BMG/Cal. Humvee and Logi Trucks/M113 Armored Logi), Sbeneh STD (can use Shiilka since have long respawn), Black Gold STD (VN-3, Trans Trucks/Jeep, Logis), Operation Marlin ALT/STD (obviously the VAB VTT), Silent Eagle ALT/Wanda Shan STD (obviously the TpZ Fuchs 1A8) and many more possible layouts that allows MECH INF to move in field. But, yet again.. it all depends to the POPULATION which seeds the server. Sometimes regrouping squad like Tank, APC, IFV, AAV, INF, CAS is the first priority. My intention here is not to force and play MECH INF every rounds of it (see the situations first and act later) It will be me sometimes, if someone wants to see MECH INF in the field, SL'ing around the map. There's also people around who have did this and have experience/different playstyle.. Thats all for small explanations for today, see ya in field soon-! Rgds, InchPincherToo
  13. BRDMbrothers.jpg

    Managed to get this beautiful moment, presenting.. BRDM brotherhood LOL - Inch
  14. shit happens.jpg

    Well, every M113 in PR can flip off like this, right? Shit happens.. How about in real-life? My advice, do not ever and ever try to climb the hill/down the ridge with this thing, very hard indeed.
  15. Wish you recover well from that Cancer, get well soon- See ya in the field and take care. Real-life things is very important! - Inch