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  1. Jabal rainbow dam 3

  2. Jabal rainbow dam 2

  3. Jabal rainbow dam 1

  4. Sadness on Pavlovsk Bay

  5. Rainbow dam of Jabal

  6. sup

    Welcome to the forums, see ya in game soon - Inch
  7. Marvel Or DC

    I love both of these comics, DC and Marvel mainly are my favourites for the most part in comics/publisher world. There's a lot of inspiring things, cool, kickass and memorable characters almost in any line of stories. But, i'm always getting myself to Marvel first than DC, especially from Cinematic universe. DC just seem to be late on doing the films than Marvel IMO, too shame to see that in real life. Like @Acro1 said, DC made some cool stuff like that above, i grew up by some of the cartoons, like Justice League series (Unlimited is the favourite one ). The most of art are cool in many ways, which is why i loved it. With the progress been made until now, DC going to be the best at TV cartoon shows out there. I'm always a fan for their work, not so much as Marvel's. But, i do respect theirs as well- You don't see Batman living in Japan in Ninja style everyday, it's already has an anime-looking and insane CGI too lol - Inch
  8. Hey,mate

    Welcome to the forums, see ya in-game - Inch
  9. What i'm doing past month:

    - Enjoying a Halloween event



    - Grinding credits for a Japanese Medium Tank (Grinding for Tier IX with these, Tier VIII STA-1)Screenshot_2018-10-16-14-34-15.png.e8b408c8a2630f396d27657f9eb38717.png


    - Not much PR lately, and wanted to start playing War Thunder, but my potato PC can't handle it :<


    - No faction progress atm, currently stuck- :(


    I'll be back soon at weekends, i hope..


    - Inch

  10. Kit-Stealing allowed?

    I have seen much of kit stealing these days.. including some certain maps with Volod.41.. Honestly, i had no clue what to do on a situation where's his HAT/AR/MG kit been accidentally/intentionally being stolen by one of (maybe) clueless/jerk players he confront of.. (these jerk players usually just trying to lure out the real out from him, so yeah.. obviously pissing him) And usually, when out of the patience.. it always ended up with the TK'ing on the suspect (kit-stealer) and he claims back the kit (before i had seconds to ask the kit-stealer to drop it already, or do the !k/!kill command in instant-, since i know the !w doesn't work much for some players, so i had to do so). Some insult from him like, "you f**king noob, idiot etc." also came out afterwards sometimes. I know that he's good player, knows what he's doing, but any ideas or ways to prevent/lowering chance of this problem in future? It's kinda tough for him nowadays, especially dealing with these players (new ones) if they don't listen what he was saying... Like the actions is do better than the talking and i would agree with Binary here: Warning like this would actually do on the server info, before joining in server browser. Hopefully will made the people aware about the rules in-game. I'm trying myself observing the chats/conversation (especially violations, like this kit-stealing) outside of the gameplay itself, and surely isn't an easy job to do.. - Inch
  11. New Khami

  12. New Khami

    How can we even win this one? There's no assets even on our side
  13. Jabal 128 layer

    Utilizing every inch of land side of Jabal, except on the carrier (but i'm still curious why the boat still exist, if not using the carrier ) Finally, something without the bridge, which makes it challenging (instead of camping on the hill East of Bridge and kill enemy inf/armors coming at North) Great job as always- looking forward to it - Inch