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  1. Zeee


  2. Zeee

    Sad Helicopter Noises

    That time enemy cas bailed out over main to destroy my heli
  3. Zeee


  4. Silent Eagle STD Trans and Cas cant rearm anywhere
  5. Zeee

    PR Zombies?

    Ugh i need this now that sounds so cool
  6. Zeee

    PR Zombies?

    Too smooth I want weird bot zombies
  7. Ok.... so... hear me out. On a good cqc inf map with slow flag cap (maybe at night ) No Vehicles 100+ bots that sprint with knives/other stuff at max difficulty if that even changes anything with knives vs 20-40 players with pistols/other stuff idk Haz something like this been done? is their a mod already for this? Any thoughts? something to add to my tired brain came up with in 15 seconds? i mean if not we can just play L4D2
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