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  1. The most i play with is my browser minimized yes this could be the problem but i did this prior all the time but maybe i need to close everything now because of my toaster. Could be i did get a "Your device needs to restart for updates" from windows but im not sure. Sounds about right it felt like a time thing was very weird I get an error like this all the time but only when joining kashan (std/lrg not sure) pr being pr? lol My screen resolution is 1280x1024 but i play pr at 1280x960 windowed mode because for some reason i cant run games in full screen without
  2. Seems so i was just about to reply to my own post im still not sure what caused it
  3. Not sure what to do about this figured id go here before i reinstall the game Not sure what happened over night but when i launch the game after about 5-10 minutes whether im in a game or not it closes to desktop no message no sound just closes. Tried clearing cache Would love some help here cant really play till this is fixed
  4. Zeee

    stargate mod

    lol sounds like a lot of fun i wish i was around when these sort of things were popular id play the shit out of star wars mods xD
  5. Zeee

    stargate mod

    Bro this shit looks so fun brings me back to battlefront on ps2 Damn i need this in my life
  6. Agreed its nice seeing the new players enjoy the game
  7. too many good ones to choose from or this
  8. On Kafr Halab the logi times out very fast if you leave it
  9. Im very flattered to see a post like this but im not quite sure how to feel or respond to it i never really gave much thought to being an admin for VG its just not something i ever think about (But it would be nice to change map when no one is there ) i also find it a little funny as it reminds me of the few times random people say "Wait aren't you an admin?" Even if i was offered this it would be a very hard choice for me because my biggest fear is how people might treat me or act different around me because of such a status i just love being me with no complications yknow?
  10. Welcome Brooooo Still waiting on that mug shot
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