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  1. The UAV is super powerful because accurate information can mean be difference between life and death for squads whether that info be the location of a tank (or the direction its looking), enemy inf sneaking to flags, AA mortar etc because remember someone will always look at their map when a commander mark is put down because its good info (if the commander is reliable). Encourage? If the situation calls for it I always try and get me some fireworks but remember that as the one who presses the button its your responsibility to inform squads before you call it and where so no one gets tk'd and people can move away or get to cover. The only good things you can do frontline would be set up good FOB's or Necessary Defenses random wire everywhere does nothing if the bots just walk past it. Or just be @|*|>>RESCUE<<|*| he's a wizard.
  2. He made it so the harrier was targetable by ground vehicles and RPG's when in hover mode also bots did not leave emplacements when players were not near so they were manned all the time. It was only done server side last time
  3. lol that map shouldnt have cas lol
  4. Agreed im sure there are plenty other things that could be removed because they are unrealistic but then i remember that were playing a 16 year old game against bots it can only get so real The Harrier changes melon made low key fixed this because they hovered less and were alive less lol bring it back!!
  5. I've seen full squads have a "difficult time" dealing with a single infantry unit so this is kinda funny to me
  6. Fine with me I don't even know how many maps we get it on all I know is Pavlosk std shouldn't be used as an example because on that layer the bots don't like to spawn on the flags with or without the harrier that layer is easy because of it. I remember when @=VG= Melon Muncher made it so bots didn't leave emplacements when players were not nearby so aa was always active and smacked cas more often not sure if its a thing still.
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