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  1. Welcome to the community bro
  2. Wish i coulda played more but it all looks awesome and i hope the devs come through for you
  3. Zeee

    Hi All

    Welcome to the community brother hope to see you on the battlefield!
  4. Also dont help at the end of some of these you lose 10+ people during load
  5. Game looks cool cant play it though sadly
  6. Could the rules be something you can follow for updates/changes? Edit: My blind ass didn't see it sorry ignore me @System ty
  7. I remember there being something along these lines in the rules not long ago but every time i look at the rules i feel its slightly different and is no longer there i remember this because i brought it up as it was already kinda in the rules just no one used it. I dont know when it was changed and cant reference it sorry.
  8. You would be surprised There are players who can lead with no mic and players who lead no mic squads somewhat effective so would feel real shitty telling a good player they cant lead/play the asset at all given there is no replacement SL or even taking the squad from someone for said reason. This is going to be really good or really bad 50/50 in my book thats my peace.
  9. Im all for the new stuff 100% Transparency of the map being removed seems to have set off alarms with a lot of people and i kinda understand why but in the end im for it but an on/off setting or slider would be cool. Im really liking the quality of life changes
  10. At first glance of this photo i got diablo 2 vibes from people around the pit
  11. I absolutely love the idea of randomly generated implements and stuff
  12. we did just play muttrah didn't lag too much
  13. The most i play with is my browser minimized yes this could be the problem but i did this prior all the time but maybe i need to close everything now because of my toaster. Could be i did get a "Your device needs to restart for updates" from windows but im not sure. Sounds about right it felt like a time thing was very weird I get an error like this all the time but only when joining kashan (std/lrg not sure) pr being pr? lol My screen resolution is 1280x1024 but i play pr at 1280x960 windowed mode because for some reason i cant run games in full screen without
  14. Seems so i was just about to reply to my own post im still not sure what caused it
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