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  1. I have moved on making industrial space ships instead of following realistic models.
  2. It looks very similar in a way when i first looked at the pr editor and the 2008 tutorials i have been messaged with.
  3. I don't wanna point out anything but this looks exactly like my factorio base, what in the hell is happening this is crazy.
  4. Question, does anybody actually ever report these bugs to PR dev team ?
  5. This has happened to multiple maps already, bamyan large aswell. But usually the way it goes that the mumble dies silently for everyone for couple minutes, it does not show any icon what so ever, you can see your self speaking but nobody hears you.
  6. The cake is a lie, don't trust this. COOP128: Updated to Russian vs USA.
  7. Hmm, i've had similar idea not about the zombies but defending a flag, against incoming enemies. I was remaking 2042 map for it to be playable with existent pr models, quite have not finished it yet since doing maps almost from scratch aint that easy. I had this kind of idea of having main in middle of the map, with default slow ticket bleed for opfor that would be probably calculated around hour and a half with enemy casualties. The further you get out from your man the more it will be harder for you to capture the flag and obviously the last ones would be uncapable. The question is, if this is following the rules of pr, the map idea is possible to make for an event since there are not any rules to limit though some people wanted attack and defend mode in normal pr. I got sadly alot of projects in my hands atm and i slightly stopped working on this. Though cool idea. I swear those bots have twice as much health when they pull out the knifes, it feels like enraged japanese with katanas out.
  8. Awesome, impressive wedding dress. One day y'all shall see me, when i am gonna do Parzival cosplay.
  9. I said it's there somewhere :d
  10. Ah that happens to me on any map, i have heard some people have it as well, total pr uninstall does not work, and neither the crash log procdump.exe i have been told to use does not work on this, then i have been told that the VG Server has probably broken networking. EDIT: Also this bug happens to some people at once, usually multiple people crashes in the same time when this occurs.
  11. The fools road has bots spawns outside the navmesh and so they obviously die on spawn. Easy fix, but i am sure it is gonna be here for another year.
  12. Yep, but not all of us are blender masters. Did a bit of explaining.
  13. Well, i seem to be getting close in terms of model and optimization i've decided to make extremely detailed high polygon model, and then make a texture out of it (normal map) which makes the original model look high detailed. As you can see with the red lines, it looks like it is modeled in but actually not, it is just a ''normal map'' which tells the game where the light should reflect or not and it makes it look like it is modeled, all this will make it look better with 0 performance loss.
  14. Did couple of testing and i found a wrong number. ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupId -1 is an issue. If changed to ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupdId 7 map will load absolutely fine.
  15. Gonna look at that, wonder what is wrong again.
  16. Sounds about right, Project Reality Hardcore Edition.
  17. We want the game harder, and we gonna get it.
  18. Another update, right now i am trying to doing finishing moves, dev team wants me to optimize this thing more, so i gotta do some optimizing, for now i am gonna try do a way high poly version with every single edge or nail on the metal, then i am gonna convert the shadows and lighting onto the texture it self so it's gonna look like it is still there but in final model it is not, and that texture is gonna be then placed onto a low poly model.
  19. Sorry for another post, but as i said earlier it has really well made diplomacy and trades around the gold since it is a big currency to keep your empire big, they had some kind of plugin to be able to make trades with just a made sign and chest i think, But i would probably wait for Forge to get update for 1.17 so you can get mods onto minecraft, ah damn you guys are on luck just as i was writing it, cheked the forge webpage and it got an update 15 hours ago yoo.
  20. There is one minecraft server called earthmc https://earthmc.net/map/ where people capture plots with gold, would love to have a map or something for this server as well.
  21. I was looking for something like a cube world if someone remembers that game, i've seen some crazy mods that made the minecraft and generation look absolutely awesome and rpgish. But i will have to split my time somehow since i am doing crazy stuff on the terraria vg server lol.
  22. General: Fixed gun game game mode missing in server list. Fixed client crashing in gun game in rare situations. Fixed gun game smart spawning not working correctly. Fixed black screen not clearing in rare edge case. Fixed getting revived with enemy kit sending wrong kit warning even if original kit will be picked up automatically. Weapons: Fixed AA missiles redirecting to new targets after exploding. Fixed deviation on various mounted LMG and MMG. Vehicles: Updated Mengshi physics. (This stupid thing should flip less on adak) Fixed M113 floating above water when falling into it upside-down. Fixed being unable to crouch in M240 Humvee. Levels: Al Basrah: COOP32: BLUFOR main base flag is now set to be uncapable. Asad Khal: GUNGAME: Updated combat area to be smaller Bamyan: COOP32: Fixed incorrectly defined ticket bleed for BLUFOR. Beirut: COOP128: BLUFOR main base flag is now set to be uncapable. Black Gold: GUNGAME64: Fixed both 16 and 64 combat area being active. COOP16: Fixed flag route not working correctly. COOP32: Both REDFOR and BLUFOR main base flags are now set to be uncapable. Fixed BLUFOR main base flag name being cut off by the map border. Burning Sands: COOP16: Fixed flag route not working correctly. Carentan: COOP64: REDFOR main base flag is now set to be uncapable. Dovre: GUNGAME: Updated combat area to be smaller. Fools Road: COOP64: BLUFOR main base flag is now set to be uncapable. COOP128: REDFOR main base flag is now set to be uncapable. Hades Peak: COOP64: Both REDFOR and BLUFOR main base flags are now set to be uncapable. Kafr Halab: COOP64: BLUFOR main base flag is now set to be uncapable. Khamisiyah: COOP64: REDFOR main base flag is now set to be uncapable. Fixed ZPU4 being undestroyable. COOP128: Fixed ZPU4 being undestroyable. Kozelsk: COOP32: Fixed flag route not working correctly. Lashkar Valley: COOP64: Fixed flag route not working correctly. Nuijamaa: COOP64: Fixed flag route not working correctly. Operation Barracuda: COOP32: Fixed ZPU4 being undestroyable. Operation Marlin: COOP64: Both REDFOR and BLUFOR main base flags are now set to be uncapable. Sahel: COOP64: Fixed flag route not working correctly. So many coop fixes, i am guessing me being annoying about the map fixes that i made on the pr forums is actually working.
  23. Slight update on the model, turret tris has been reduced from 8k to 6k nondestructively so the model has same quality just optimalized. This is how the machine gunner port should look, i didn't modeled that yet. just a sketch.
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