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  1. battlefield 2 install from disk

    try run in windowed On your desktop right click on the battlefield 2 icon and click properties. Under the shortcut tab in the "Target" it shows the shortcut path in "...." and is followed by +menu 1 +fullscreen 1. Change the +fullscreen 1 to +fullscreen 0. Also, install PR anyway. it runs separate to BF2.
  2. battlefield 2 install from disk

    is it PR crashing? or BF2
  3. pr ban request

    Yes man. Occasionally the banlist wipes itself and I need to revert to an earlier backup. This is probably what happened. Unbanned now.
  4. [poll] Server rules displayed on screen in game

    We can have rolling messages, If you write them, I will add them. No more than six.
  5. pr ban request

    I've checked the logs, most of your story seems to check out. Though I won't unban yet as there is still few things I want to check out. !r or !report is used to send reports to admins, not !admins which only tells which admins are online.
  6. Random Ban

    I don't know what happened. Will unban only because I can't find any reason for the ban. If something does come up and you are at fault, you will be added back to the list.
  7. Random Ban

    Are you using a pirated CD key?
  8. Is is possible to disable map and kick -voting?

    It's basically there to give players the chance to change a map when no admins are on. Like if there is 5 people on Tad Sae, ain't no fool wants to play that. So they can vote out. Same thing for kick votes. Vote bug happens quite often, starting a new vote when every time somebody joins the server.
  9. Hey thanks for the report. Use the !r function in game when this happens, even if there is no admins on. It will show in the logs and I will be able to deal with it easier USER BANNED
  10. Omarlittle ?

    Yeah defo, I threw down a ban on this guy. was teamkilling the previous round also.
  11. Teamkilling on COOP server

    Can you link the stream? or send it via PM
  12. [poll] So here's my take on bot server difficulty change

    bots changed again, made a little easier. I think a lot of the issues players are having is a sort of placebo effect. That and not thinking about what the bots are thinking. Bots are idiots, but they do have their moments. They listen and they look. most don't even know bots are attracted to the sound of enemy weapons firing. nor that they will continue to stare at your last known position, like a window that you already popped up in before.
  13. BOT skill level.

    It's a trial, one that has so far gained mixed reviews, and on the occasions I have asked what people think, most didn't even realise they were changed. You can still axe the bots, you just need some more teamwork at the moment.
  14. No Admins around = WTF

    Were they teamkilling, or was it just a stupid name? If they were was it all of them?
  15. "Rules" Admins

    That rules list needs an update in some parts, locked squads being one of them. Prior to 1.0 there was a strict no locked squads rule, this was for CAS, inf, armour. Most of the time it worked out, sometimes not. With 1.0 we got 8 man squads, and rather than have 8 man cas squads the majority of us agreed that squads could be locked, so long as there wasn't unused assets lying around (two man locked trans squad when there is four hueys) Or weren't a waste of space (2-3 man locked infantry squad when there is 32 people on the server and all other squad slots are taken). One man locked squads are always useless, but should always be warned first. At the end of the day enforcement is up to the admin in charge, If they want to run the server and not let anyone lock a squad it's up to them. You can PM or talk to one of the =VG= guys on TS or the website if you think your being treated unfairly and something will be sorted. I personally lock my inf squads at 4/5 men because I can't be bothered working out transport for 7 men while I try to keep them together.)
  16. New internet speeds

    Optus sucks I also think it's like 300 miles to Sydney
  17. Banned by mistake?

    It could have been an accident and you just didn't realise. Though I'm not sure how you wouldn't realise because you would have been booted from the server, rather than leaving of your own accord. There's not much either you, or us can do other than wait it out. if you're still banned tomorrow post your CD hash in this thread (to retrieve start PRlauncher, then support, then game keys) and I'll have a look for that, but there's nobody by the name of raven in our banlist.
  18. Banned by mistake?

    Is that your only username? There's no one by that name in the banlist, either you got tempbanned, or you were banned for getting too many punished teamkills.
  19. PR COOP Server Down

    Server needs a restart. Also, I can't access the PR server through TCadmin anymore.
  20. [poll] [PR:BF2] Playing music in Local

    As Semler said, case by case. It's not against the rules nor is it always a bad thing, but as soon as someone asks you to stop you should. For me it's like helicopters. If a chopper comes to pick up another squad and leave I'd have no problems, same as if someone was playing music over mumble as they drive a logi around the map. So long as they don't stick around I'm happy. You get that pilot that hovers a few meters off the ground as he follows you and your squad. Annoying as all hell when you're trying to talk or listen to others, and that goes double when there is a chance of enemies attacking and that's just disruptive. Eventually someone's going to get sick enough to do something about it.
  21. SpoconyPelikan, mindex77277892223415, crostaRRR

    Thanks for the report, will be dealt with
  22. Maprotation

    First off thanks for going through this like you have. PR is first and foremost an infantry game. That doesn't mean that assets are any less respected, but the majority of players are infantry and they are the ones to influence the map. Sure CAS might be having fun racking in the kills, but if the infantry is going to keep dying like they are the server will rapidly empty. Maplists are a tall order to maintain. Getting it wrong can ruin the game, just as getting it right can ruin the map because it will become overplayed. Mumble breaking maps are a problem, PR requires teamwork. Something that makes maps without mumble server killing. My personal thoughts on each map. ~Albasrah 16 Quick, easy, infantry. Not much of a challenge. ~Albasrah 64 All round moderate map, number of flags cappable at once mean it won't work without teamwork. ~Asad_khal 16 Fast paced, teamwork oriented infantry. Breaks mumble. ~Assault_on_mestia 64 Difficult, forest map. Infantry focused. ~Beirut 64 Asset heavy, lack of troop truck means teamwork is a must for infantry. ~Bijar_canyons 16 Fast paced, very simple. ~Bijar_canyons 64 Fairly easy urban map. ~Black_gold 16 Difficult, dust storm makes the fighting hard and intense. ~Burning_sands 16 Linear, strong infantry fighting without much cover. ~Burning_sands 64 Very easy, MEC will get steamrolled when against a capable armour crew. Boring fighting for inf. ~Charlies_point 64 Moderatly difficult, RPGs and bot swarms make the first flag difficult, but smooth sailing from then on. ~Dovre 64 Hard, very hard. AI shooting through trees and large cap zones make this one of the hardest PR maps for both inf and Armour. ~Dragon_fly 16 Close knit urban combat, a good change of pace but you need to have people that know what they are doing. ~Fallujah_west 64 Good infantry map, hard with low pop count due to number of cappable flags. ~Fools_road 16 Hard. Bots shooting through trees and battling uphill. ~Fools_road 64 Hardish. Relatively easygoing for infantry until the fort, at which point it takes a turn for the scary. ~Gaza 16 Good fighting, needs a few people to cap out. ~Gaza 64 Good map when the server has people, not so much when it doesn't. ~Hill_488 64 Bots in the trees, flame tank, round doesn't end. ~Iron_ridge 64 Hard. If infantry can't cap the frst flag it quickly turns into one of the most annoying maps. Hind. ~Jabal 16 Lots of bots, not much space. You'll quickly get swarmed by bots. ~Jabal 64 Great starter map, only it breaks mumble. ~Karbala 16 Hard. CQB makes for intense fighting. ~Karbala 64 Good ol' Karbala. Armour, CAS and infantry. ~Kashan_desert 16 Infantry only, not much to say. ~Kashan_desert 32 Good with less players, more than 10 and it's over before it starts. ~Kashan_desert 64 Still a good coop map, good combined arms. Needs at lest one good squad. ~Khamisiyah 16 Good infantry map with higher pop count. MEC is merciless. ~Khamisiyah 32 USMC layer, lotsa jets, lotsa armour and good infantry. Needs more than ten to make it anywhere. ~Khamisiyah 64 Broken, but it's the US army layer. ~Kokan 16 Infantry, compounds, fields. ~Kokan 32 Canadian layer, CAS is replaced by the more versatile LAVIII's. ~Kokan 64 Not a map for armour whores. Kiowas and Blackhawks. ~Kozelsk 16 Hard, defensive, infantry fighting. ~Kozelsk 64 Bots, trees and a T90 makes this an interesting map when it's in capable hands. ~Lashkar_valley 16 Mountain fighting, caves and valley's of death. ~Lashkar_valley 32 Infantry focused. Single huey and Logi. Lots of trees. ~Lashkar_valley 64 Great map when you have capable armour and infantry, extremely difficult if one is slacking. ~Muttrah_city_2 32 Light armour and infantry. Fairly underplayed. ~Muttrah_city_2 64 Default start map. Everyone knows what it consists of. ~Op_barracuda 32 Vietnam. Hueys, slow ass boats and full auto rifles. Great map when there are players. ~Op_barracuda 64 Same as alternate layer only modern. Boats don't spawn. ~Operation_archer 16 Hard. Needs capable players or this map is insane. ~Operation_archer 64 Opens up once the village is cleared. Camping on the hills. ~Operation_ghost_train 16 Scary. Not for the weak of heart or those wanting to stay alive. ~Operation_marlin 16 Easy. VAB's roll through the MEC when in good hands. Very linear. ~Operation_marlin 32 Tank breaks the game. Pretty boring. ~Operation_marlin 64 Great map, breaks mumble. Intense infantry and armour fighting. ~Pavlovsk_bay 16 Moderately easy. AAVP7A1 is overkill when it's working with the team. ~Pavlovsk_bay 32 Difficult. Getting the last few flags is a pain without proper support. ~Pavlovsk_bay 64 Difficult. Good transport pilots are a must, Harriers are good support if the pilots know what they are doing. APC's take a long time to reach the shore and are lost easily. ~Qwai1 16 Intense infantry fighting. ~Qwai1 32 US army are the underdogs here. Strikers are nothing against enemy armour. Infantry support is a must. ~Qwai1 64 Humvees and Chinese jeeps. Either hard and intense or easy and boring depending on the n umber of players. ~Ramiel 16 Hard. Linear map channels the bots straight towards you and make pushing forward difficult. ~Ramiel 32 Hard. Teamwork is a must. Infantry focused. ~Ramiel 64 Fairly easy. Apache is lost easily unless the pilot knows what he is doing. Infantry are kings here. ~Shijiavalley 16 Infantry. Haven't played it enough to make judgment. ~Silent_eagle 16 Hard. Paradrop, CQB and low light makes this a frightening experience. Number of cappable flags makes it even worse. ~Tad_sae 16 V. Hard. Night time, bots in the trees and no thermal APC support. ~Tad_sae 32 V. Hard. Night time, bots in the trees. Vietnam at least has APC's. ~Vadso_city 64 Hard. Infantry focused. Bushes everywhere and bots in the building make the warrior vulnerable. ~Wanda_shan 16 What are you doing levels of hard. The only map I haven't played. ~Xiangshan 64 Worse than Dovre, Bushes and AT everywhere. No one man armour and super large capzones make this a server killing map. ~Yamalia 16 Moderate. HMG's roll the enemy down, but a shortage of supplies means getting ammo to the front is difficult.
  23. Mike94Me multi ban

    It should be fixed now, hopefully.
  24. Project Reality One Point Zero!

    Yeah so it does exist. 2nd of August, mark it down. http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f380-project-reality-news/121780-project-reality-bf2-v1-0-preload-trailer.html#post1922975
  25. Project Reality One Point Zero!

    Extract the .iso with winzip/7zip or something similar, run the .exe after that.