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  1. Support your Community! Fundraiser Goal Active

    Guys, I have been a part of your community for a very long time. I love you all. I don't actually have money (anymore) but a few bucks I would love to share. However. I can't for some weird reason. I tried to donate a little bit of cash and it doesn't allow me to do it. EDITED: AH no you need to fill out all the details and then you can only pay via PayPal. That sucks because I don't use PayPal.
  2. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Ask me anytime man. I'm happy to help.
  3. Guns and Ammo

    That MP5 is quiet as hell. Zzang. Bit freaky. Is that legal?
  4. Guns and Ammo

    Well... I was in Austria for a while this year after my divorce, and this guy, the neighbor of the girl I was staying with, invited me to go to a "Private" wine cellar. So I was like sure why not. It was indeed a wine cellar and also a shooting range. In the cellar so that's some loud bangs. The dude had so many guns I think more than 20 at least. I had a blast (pun intended) drinking wine and shooting all day. I was a bit worried when the guys loaded their rifles visibly drunk and kept waving them around so I forced them to use normal protocol. Which led to an argument *ugh* which I won in my best German by explaining that unless you're ready to shoot your chamber should be empty and always point your gun to the floor not in my face. That be said. It was a Cool afternoon.
  5. Guns and Ammo

    My survival kit. *Brain (knowledge) *Knife + tool kit *Wolf That's it.
  6. 2 Weeks in Mt. Hood National Forest + Pics

  7. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    To be honest. Brutally honest. You need some sales and marketing support. I don't want to be an asshole, but everyone knows I am anyway, but your presentation isn't very good. Please take this the right way. Few points. It's unclear what the product is. How it's useful. It's presented very poorly. There's no real reason to back the project because it lacks a real outcome. For example you don't offer your backers anything. I know you probably have a very good idea and probably a good product. But you need to sell man. This is not the way to sell. You need to convince people. You can't be that guy on the market with a loaf of bread hoping someone will buy it. PM me if you want advice. I'm happy to help.
  8. Just for laught

    Jesus Christ. That's so ridiculously dangerous and stupid it shouldn't be allowed on YouTube. People tend not to read the disclaimer nowadays.
  9. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    I'm only working part-time. So once you get the company stuff sorted you can hire me as a business consultant ☺️ Haven't done that in a while.
  10. =VG= PR Event

    I need to get my internet fixed. Damnit!
  11. =VG= PR Event

    So does that mean we can play as insurgent or MEC or Hamas on any map? 🤔 I mean it's cool to play with the fire power of the west but could be cool to be pathetic guys with just guns and rocks.
  12. =VG= PR Event

    No!!! This made me laugh.
  13. Cool. Well I don't really venture in them neck of the woods. So I am safe.