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  1. Not a bad way to tackle the Banyam airfield but it is still a crappy air field, the point is we should be able to take off in the length of the runway and not need to resort to using hills as ramps, I noticed you weren't game to try and land it coming from the proper direction rofl!
  2. Anyone else get this?

  3. Training Grounds ARMA III

    Ok you asked for it Blizzard we need to practice lazing with CAS.
  4. Training Grounds ARMA III

    Sensor page? hmmmm....looking up the manual.
  5. Training Grounds ARMA III

    That was good fun guys thanks for that event Blizzard. One thing I was wondering about related to CAS was is there a way for the commander or SL on the ground to mark targets that CAS can view while we're flying? For example I can hold shift and left click a location on the map and I will see that way-point on the HUD. Can this be done by other SLs or the commander who may be closer and can view the target? Perhaps, its a lack of training on my part but I was unable to see any lazed targets.
  6. No blitzkrieg?

    Agreed, I spawn in sometimes and the players are half way through the map!
  7. Training Grounds ARMA III

    I've worked out how to down enemy aircraft including Helicopters using missiles, fine tuning my HOTAS now.
  8. Training Grounds ARMA III

    Can we have a little bird Pawnee or something similar?
  9. Training Grounds ARMA III

    Sniper please. Changed my mind sniper is boring.
  10. 42oman Back!

    Hey 42oman, nice to meet you mate. Sorry for the misunderstandings, some of the guys didn't realize you were a long time VG member, welcome back.
  11. Squad VG server

    I've logged into the Squad Server today after downloading the latest updates and it works fine.
  12. Squad VG server

    Maybe, there have been a few updates
  13. Profile problem

    Normally those profiles are unique so its probably yours anyway, did you set a password for it?
  14. SQUAD Saturdays (Public Event)


    Anyone playing SQUAD tonight/yesterday?
  15. Arma 3 server possibilities?

    If you want an honest opinion, Arma3 is too complicated for new players me included. I spend most of my time fighting with the controls, setting up kits, and needing to ask people how to do this and that. I've done tutorials and it doesn't help so I walk away from it to something a lot easier like PR. I already fly BMS and that is complicated enough so it puts me off playing ARMA when ever we have an event and a whole lot more shit gets added. Couldn't we have a basic vanilla set up that we can just fight missions without all the extra modding?