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NOTICE: Our Project Reality Demo / Tracker files are not getting uploaded here to the website.  We are working on the issue and expect it to be resolved within a few weeks.  The files are still being recorded, and will be provided to anyone including public players via direct request.  Send a message to (in order of availability) SemlerPDX, STARK, or m823us, with the date/time and map name, and we will provide you with the corresponding file.  Thank you all for your patience!

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  1. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Why do we need so many mods? You may need to resign me, I don't really want to fill my computer up with crap!
  2. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Put me down for Delta Squad Lead looks great!
  3. Jabal Coop Alt with only 5 players.

    I'm not in the chopper, ner.
  4. Squad

    @=VG= SemlerPDX I was lucky enough to pick up Squad up for AUD $28, its currently twice that so keep an eye out.
  5. Squad

    Great idea Keed, might try that too. Agreed FastJack, obviously its not going to be an "EVENT" in the real sense where the maps are modified etc but you could organize a sign up page in the forum and gauge the interest in meeting up on a Squad Server. Kav
  6. Squad

    I bought Squad but was very disappointed with the fact that they do not support joy sticks yet, so forget about flying in squad unless you are a keyboard/mouse pilot. You definitely need a PC that has enough grunt to play the game, which I do now but you'll also need to get familiar with the key bindings its a bit different to PR but not overly complicated like ARMA. Once the =VG= community gets a Squad player base together that really wants to play Squad it might be worth organizing a dedicated server, but I don't see that happening very quickly. I could be wrong but I've been waiting a long time for Squad to take off and it hasn't. Currently we have an ARMA server (2 in fact) that are not being used very much so adding another one for squad would be a waste of money with the interest levels as they are. Like any game its not so much the mechanics of the game that hold the player base it depends on the server population. I've been playing ARMA recently but again we don't have enough players to make it anything like the team work we enjoy in PR, not even close, so in my opinion Squad suffers from the same problem. I've played on other servers but that is not much fun because I don't know anyone on those servers and its just not the same as playing with your VG mates. So good luck with Squad and call me when you have a player base.
  7. AVCS4 Voice Control Radios for Falcon BMS

    Hi Sem, I tried to import this into Voice Attack and got this error message.
  8. Canadian Kokan (CAS??) Heli

    reference: https://www.realitymod.com/mapgallery/#!/kokan/gpm_coop/32
  9. How many people did YOU teamkill in 2019?

    A more telling statistic would be the type of weapon used to TK and the distance. Disregard CAS chopper kills, too many idiots standing next to armor.
  10. Suggestion for event?

    Agreed, little point in doing all of it again.
  11. Suggestion for event?

    Meh getting head shot is fun but if the bots were removed and we played PvP that would be awesome. You're right we did those maps back in 2017, Don't know how easy it would be to turn off the bots though.
  12. Suggestion for event?

    I installed these and they worked fine on my lappy no problems. Maps like Gulf of Oman bring back fond memories in BFP4F, same map but the weapons were a whole lot better. Why couldn't we run these maps in an event as PvP? That would be a lot of fun right there. That Oman map is pretty much identical in layout to the one in this video, the recoil on that SKS was a sonofabitch lol. .
  13. PR-DX9-WinAero-Problem

    I had this problem too, I fixed it by unplugging the Commodore 64 and putting it in the bin. That worked for me.
  14. My noobie Helicopter Training base.

    These choppers look very cool. We even get to wear =VG= tags on our uniforms, nice touch!