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  1. Flashbacks pt.2

    Skit, I think its too easy when the server is full for sure but I play a lot when the server is below 10, even with 20 players they sometimes struggle on a map like Fallujah, so it depends on who's on and the numbers IMO.
  2. Alecskell (hello)

    Whatzup Alecskell? Keep practicing those flying skills, you're getting better!
  3. Project Reality Event Week IV (Final)

    All good.
  4. Project Reality Event Week IV (Final)

    Something wrong with the rar file? It looks a bit small 340KB?
  5. Need your help guys!!

    You won't really know what you want to do until you try it out so its probably a good idea to do some short courses in Web Development, Networking or Basic Programming. The creative types tend to get into Web Design, Networkers tended to be hands on technicians who like connecting and trouble shooting hardware, programmers are the guys who build the programs for business. These are generalizations but these days its handy to know something across all three streams, there is a demand for Networkers who can also program due to the need for more cyber-security. I was an Electrician before I went back to school (TAFE) at the age of 35 and got into IT. I started with Web Development, got bored with that after 15 years and switched over to the "dark side", and did a Bachelor in Information Technology (Software Development) at 57. The problem with IT is that you never stop learning and its almost impossible to keep up. If you like reading and studying IT is for you, the money is not bad too.
  6. Reputation

    Condrad, remember when I asked you whether you would volunteer to become an admin for us? You were reluctant because you didn't want it to ruin your fun of the game, or words to that effect. I said at the time its not a 24/7 responsibility, you also need to just enjoy and play the game yourself, ignore the shit flying around if you are tired and don't feel like being the bad-ass admin today. We have logs, so leave the trolls for someone else to deal with,. we will find them all and root them out eventually, they always screw up just give it time. You turned out to be exactly what I thought you'd be; a solid admin. We develop a thick hide in time, its just part of becoming a better admin. Keep up the good work mate!
  7. G'Day

    Heya Sciddles, great to have another solid gamer in the community, welcome aboard mate! You didn't team kill me ... yet. rofl. https://images.app.goo.gl/4g5FrkZBzhrLQjUL8
  8. Hi

  9. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    You could travel from Darwin to Adelaide? And if that's doesn't cure you, get on the Sydney to Perth train next!
  10. Project Reality Event Week III

    British infantry.
  11. Ban Appeal

    The banning admin has been contacted, please be patient while we wait for his response, thank you.
  12. Project Reality Event Week II

    I hope you fed more angry pills to the Bots this week!
  13. Project Reality Event Week I

    Thanks =VG= TEDF great job mate!
  14. Project Reality Event Week I

    Is this the same time as 19:00:00 ZULU?
  15. Project Reality Event Week I

    Perhaps we can get some footage?