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  1. SQUAD Registration of Interest

    Awesome work Sem! Appreciate the hard work you guys put in to get this up and running. Wow the VG player base is up to 40 players!
  2. Free copies Squad

    No problem.
  3. Free copies Squad

    Hey Blud, Is this legit? Where do they go to get it free?
  4. VG Campaigns ?

    Hey @CraB I recognise the call sign. :
  5. VG Campaigns ?

    Probably the best thing to do is to come to the Veterans Gaming Team Speak channel and talk to some of the guys who fly. You can still frag your own flights and fly with your buddy but there's a limitation on which air bases you can frag your missions. The list is on the following page:
  6. Can not connect 4.34.3

    Set the bandwidth to these settings:
  7. SQUAD Registration of Interest

    You the champ!
  8. SQUAD Registration of Interest

    That UI works for keyboard and mouse pilots sure but not necessarily for joysticks and throttles, not without tweaking the ini file as above, if people have a better solution I'm all ears. I can get it to work with my WH throttle but its not ideal because of the problem outlined above, so for now I'm using the WSAD keys to control the collective and yaw, joystick for pitch & roll, which works fine for me. I'll call it my Tim Shadbolt solution; a New Zealand politician famous for towing his concrete mixer behind the mayoral Daimler. I've got a Logitech 3D PRO and that won't map either.
  9. SQUAD Registration of Interest

    Hi @=VG= Gazwhich UI are you referring to in Squad? If you mean this one, it does not allow me to map my Warthog axis to any of those alternative keys:
  10. cant connect to pr mumble

    @soldfive You could try this: Join the VG server Alt + Tab out to the desktop and look in the system tray for the Mumble:Root icon and open it Click on Configure > Settings Set your Microphone and Speakers to what ever you are using, sometimes the default setting does not always detect them Click apply and Ok It should work now. Yer welcome.
  11. SQUAD Registration of Interest

    Well the pitch, roll and yaw axis seems to work smoothly with the joystick but the throttle axis is not catered for, there's probably an axis that might work better but so far I haven't found an alternative to this mapping. The original post just had the throttled mapped to Left-Shift and Left-Ctrl keys which I thought was crap. If I knew all their key binding names for every axis it would not be a problem but we're stuck with trial and error, I use the slew control on my HOTAS to control Yaw, that's what I use in PR to control my rudder.
  12. SQUAD Registration of Interest

    @=VG= SemlerPDX Yeah its bloody amazing how slow the devs have been to implement a basic mapping for flight controls, this hack is about the only way you'll be able to fly with a joy stick. The throttle works but because you're mapping to a key press its not ideal and its either full on or off, so I'm experimenting with my TARGET software to see if an S curve would help smooth that out. I have serious doubts Comparing BMS to Squad is like competing in Formula One using a bicycle! That may happen yet! rofl!
  13. SQUAD Registration of Interest

    Get ready to rumble folks! Sem's ready to kick butt, bring yer diapers along on the first mission ROFL! I found some help from this thread so I can fly Helis in Squad with my joystick for anyone interested. You might have to check "Hidden items" in file manager to find the file though. Seems to work straight out of the box except for the collective which is controlled by the left shift key (up) and the left ctrl key (down). I got this working with my HOTAS Warthog, just needed to add the lines below to get it to work. Might need to add an S curve to smooth out landing though, its pretty rough. My version:
  14. SQUAD Registration of Interest

    Check your steam account @=VG= SemlerPDX
  15. [F18] Looking for a hot ride

    @=VG= SemlerPDXI have DCS A-10C too but I never use it, I just thought he might have been posting in the wrong section, my bad. BMS Falcon 4.0 is the ducks guts @=VG= keed, get your ass into an F-16 see you at Angels 5.