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  1. Arma 3 server possibilities?

    If you want an honest opinion, Arma3 is too complicated for new players me included. I spend most of my time fighting with the controls, setting up kits, and needing to ask people how to do this and that. I've done tutorials and it doesn't help so I walk away from it to something a lot easier like PR. I already fly BMS and that is complicated enough so it puts me off playing ARMA when ever we have an event and a whole lot more shit gets added. Couldn't we have a basic vanilla set up that we can just fight missions without all the extra modding?
  2. Music in trans

    ok so long as I get to play "Highway to the Danger Zone" when I fly Jets its cool. ROFL!
  3. Music in trans

    Hi Rizla, I don't think its a good idea to spam the chat with music in a TRANS chopper, we need to be able to communicate with the pilot so he can drop us where we need to go.
  4. Ramp Start Tutorials

    A really detailed ramp start for the F-16 by Supanova. He does a great job of explaining the controls in the cockpit.
  5. Ramp Start Tutorials

    Here's a checklist for the Harrier Ramp Start Tutorial. Harrier_RampStart_BMS_4_34_4.pdf
  6. Ramp Start Tutorials

    Just adding a place to store tutorials for Ramp Starts.
  7. PR coop maps that you hate

    Crap! it is too.
  8. Membership Application - Rotblut - VG Air Force

    We'll sort it out tonight.
  9. The VG Air Force - Group Ideas & Discussion

    40% off Falcon 4.0. US$5.97 https://store.steampowered.com/app/429530/Falcon_40/
  10. Membership Application - Rotblut - VG Air Force

    You can still get the original Falcon 4.0 on Steam for US$5.97. https://store.steampowered.com/app/429530/Falcon_40/
  11. PR coop maps that you hate

    Excellent work Melon! Great to see the Beirut Russian version back that will be hugely popular, I never understood why that was reversed. Really looking forward to these maps in the up coming updates well done! A map that I really hate is the Falklands Infantry Coop map, what a pain that thing is no wonder its not played very often. Not enough vehicles, why don't we have a STD, ALT, & LRG layer for this legendary Battle? Surely we could have Carriers with CAS Harriers, Air to Air dogfighting between Harriers and Mirages on the large layer, how difficult would that be to do?
  12. Radio =VG=

    Aussie Legend, Shane Howard.
  13. The VG Air Force - Group Ideas & Discussion

    I think this is a great idea Sem, and is a natural progression from what started as a private message thread between Stark and myself 12 weeks ago. We've been training together every week since then just learning how to ramp start, communicate with the tower correctly, navigate to a target, drop our bombs and return to base and land safely. Several players have joined our unofficial group since then which is fantastic! This simulator is a huge challenge for new players and its very easy for them to get discouraged and give up so in my opinion we do need some sort of organised training "school" to get players up and running as quickly as possible without over stressing them. I remember Stark telling me one time he was actually "sweating" under the pressure rofl! Anyway we persevered and he's going well and hooked. This is a brilliant game but seriously complicated which is one of the draw cards for me. We know you and BLuD have been doing this for years so it would be great to see you guys take us to the next level. Currently we train at 15:00:00 ZULU because it suited both Stark and myself (12:30am for me) on Sunday mornings, perhaps someone could start another training session time slot for others who find this time difficult to attend?
  14. Came back to PR after a few years.

    Welcome back Connor, I remember you, there are a few more new maps since you last played the game, enjoy!
  15. Name/Callsign: KAV Timezone: [GMT + 9:30] Australian Central Standard Time Active Time(s): 15:00:00 ZULU every Saturday (Aussie time) Time on VG BMS Server: November 2016 Time using Falcon/BMS: November 2016 Confidence Level: Trained Pilot - (know many systems, need experience) Preferred Aircraft/Block: AV-8B Harrier Other Preferred Aircraft: F-16, FA-18. Might like to learn: F-14 Other games/sims flown: DCS, War Thunder, ARMA 3 jets, Project Reality: Vehicle Warfare Maps, Star Wars: BattleFront Deluxe Edition, own Star Wars: Squadrons which will launch 29th Sept 2020. Comments/Personal Statements: You all know me as =VG= Kavelenko, been flying BMS for a few years now, hopefully we'll get a few more people interested in doing this. Currently I'm helping to train beginners on the BMS server every weekend Saturday's at 15:00:00 ZULU. join us. Its a steep learning curve and a lot to learn but that's the beauty of a full blown simulator. In my opinion this is the best around, difficult yes, but also rewarding when you master some of the operations required. I'm really interested in the Harrier even though I also enjoy the F-16, its a challenge trying to VTOL and once the dedicated Carrier named the "WASP" arrives I'll be into it even more. Peace out, see you on the BMS server! Application Review Status: Membership Approved View full application