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  1. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Asad khal ALT North Village flag is neutral always. bugged. can't be captured. we tried occupied village it was all good we captured it. then we moved back to north village but its not caping. bugged or something.
  2. PR COOP thread 1.6

    shijia valley inf. south city flag there is still a spawn point for bots in the 3d floor in the building where bots spawn and dying instantly. The flag is bugged or something its almost impossible to capture the flag
  3. PR COOP thread 1.6

  4. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Looks like we can spawn at enemy base now. 5m after i recorded this 4 to 7 players im one of them crashed to desktop without any errors or warnings ! back to server 10m later server crash and back to sale map rotation Marlin.
  5. PR 1.6 [PRE! release] changelog

  6. PR 1.6 [PRE! release] changelog

    When its coming ?
  7. My first attempt at capturing video

    if you are streaming then you will need a powerfull PC or use another PC to stream and keep the main PC handling the capture. if its just recording then use shadowplay if you have nvidia card its much better and powerful than OBS. But its good resolution its not bad. i enjoy it. keep up this fun.
  8. EVENT: Operation Chaos

    So it happened i did't get the game in the right time. Apology to Kavelenko .
  9. EVENT: Operation Chaos

    I never played that game but i'm willing to try it anyway
  10. EVENT: Operation Chaos

  11. Server

  12. Server

    server is down ...
  13. Server down

    Down again ...
  14. PR v1.6 Announcement

    1.09 the dude who did't make it
  15. Server down

    The server is down right now ... connecting with IP does't seem to work for me at least !