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  1. shutdown on timer

    I'm blind. i just noticed the for-each. So.. you need to save what input/command executes what command? Did i get that right? Sorry haven't been doing much programming lately
  2. shutdown on timer

    does it load settings from a file or does it just make sure everything is properly set and the values needed are already loaded by the main program? asking out of curiosity scratch that. i'm blind as fuck, but what i dont get is this here if it starts with VPB... set entry and VPBindex variables but if it doesnt check if it starts with COM. if true then set entry and VPBexe then ask if not VPBindex (which in this case was never initialized) equal to VPBexe. when true go back to label and do that code from there again where was VPBindex initialized in the second case?
  3. shutdown on timer

    which program are you using to code?
  4. shutdown on timer

    jup. put a tag for each variable (hour, minute, second) to jump to forcing the user to keep entering stuff until he enters a valid number or exits the program. I put the tag where it should jumpt to in the 2nd argument.
  5. shutdown on timer

    thats the reason i didnt bother with it in the first place. But if a solution is presented on a sliver platter i'm not gonna say no.
  6. shutdown on timer

    did revise it with semlers solution. kinda ugly but it doesnt allow characters. @echo off ::set default of variables set "hours=0" set "minutes=0" set "seconds=0" ::Input stuff :inputH set /p hours=Enter Hours: call :checkIfNumber %hours% inputH :inputM set /p minutes=Enter Minutes: call :checkIfNumber %minutes% inputM :inputS set /p seconds=Enter Seconds: call :checkIfNumber %seconds% inputS ::convert hours and minutes to seconds and add them all together ::use shutdown command with entered time converted into seconds as /t argument set /a shutdownArgument=%hours%*3600+%minutes%*60+%seconds% shutdown /s /t %shutdownArgument% echo Computer will shutdown in %hours%:%minutes%:%seconds% (%shutdownArgument%) set /p p=Hit Enter to continue... exit ::The following checks if 1st argument is a number, 2nd argument is the label to jump to if args[1] isnt a number ::If it is a number exit subroutine and continue :checkIfNumber SET "var="&for /f "delims=0123456789" %%i in ("%1") do set var=%%i if defined var (echo Please enter a number! & goto %2) exit /b BUT it has problems with code injection. (eg. if you enter a "&" it will recognize it as code not as a symbol in the variable, used the same principle for the jumps from the test function to the individual inputs)
  7. shutdown on timer

    if, for whatever reason, you want to shutdown your pc after a certain amount of time but dont want/can do that manually, i have written a little batch file for that @echo off ::set default of variables set "hours=0" set "minutes=0" set "seconds=0" ::Input stuff set /p hours=Enter Hours: set /p minutes=Enter Minutes: set /p seconds=Enter Seconds: ::convert hours and minutes to seconds and add them all together ::use shutdown command with entered time converted into seconds as /t argument set /a shutdownArgument=%hours%*3600+%minutes%*60+%seconds% shutdown /s /t %shutdownArgument% echo Computer will shutdown in %hours%:%minutes%:%seconds% (%shutdownArgument%) set /p p=Hit Enter to continue... exit How to use: create a empty .txt file paste code above into said .txt file save and close file rename .txt file into .bat (if you dont see the file name extention you'll have to turn it on, google is your friend) double klick on the file and be asked to enter hours, minutes and seconds. Computer will shutdown after entered time has passed alternatively you can just open the CMD and enter "shutdown/s /t [TIME IN SECONDS]" but you'll have to convert hours, minutes and seconds manually, which is why i wrote this thing cuz im lazy !!WARNING!! i didnt include a check if you have entered a number or not. not too sure what would happen if you entered a character instead of a number
  8. Need help deciding....

    Arma 3: Good moddability (there is a shit ton of mods already out there), sometime janky controls, wide range of vehicles, weapons and equipment, loads of players and servers available, can be laggy (not necessarily because of your specs but mainly cause of servers), giant ass maps Post Scriptum: like squad but ww2, if you have played squad its almost the same thing. does its best to stay realistic (weapon handling does feel that way atleast), Vehicle controls are as expected but the turret has to be hurled around using the keyboard not via mouse, pretty standard controls for an fps, quite a few players but most of the time it looks like this: Populated servers are full and the rest is either empty or only a handful of players are on them playerbase tends to have mic but not everyone uses it, more teamplay compared to hell let loose squads a fixed into: Infantry, armor, logistic; which makes the asset claiming stuff pretty easy unlike squad Hell Let Loose: Its more arcade-y than post scriptum (weapon handling feels that way), i think vehicle controls are like in post scriptum (not too sure havent played in a while), smaller maps compared to post scriptum, there is a resource management aspect to the game where teams have to preserve their ammo, fuel or manpower to avoid loosing (the team who has more territory has more resources, resources will be needed to build stuff like AT guns or use the artiliery back in main base, fuel for vehicles etc.), playerbase tends to go lone wolf-ing but there are players willing to do some teamplay with communication EDIT: forgot to mention only arma 3 has planes you can fly. TL;DR ignoring server poppulation and playerbase: Arma 3 for mods, giant ass maps and the ability to customize your experience Post Scriptum for ww2 firefight action and more realistic approach (compared to HLL) Hell Let Loose for a slightly more arcade-y ww2 firefight action
  9. The VG Air Force - Group Ideas & Discussion

    Meaning you're the first one to come into SAM range. Someone get the HARMs!
  10. Name/Callsign: l3RY4N Timezone: [GMT + 1] Central European Time Active Time(s): weekends afternoon Time on VG BMS Server: about a week now Time using Falcon/BMS: about a week now Confidence Level: New Pilot - (learning weapons/advanced flight) Preferred Aircraft/Block: KF-16C ROKAF (pretty much only jet I've flown except the one in training missions) Other Preferred Aircraft: Might like to learn: AV-8B, F/A-18E, Tornado Other games/sims flown: IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad, IL-2 1946, Microsoft Flight Simulator, War Thunder, Commanche 4, a very old F-18 (i think) game whose name i forgot (but i remember being blown to bits by my own nuke) Comments/Personal Statements: Have only recently started BMS but I enjoy it a lot and have been annoying myself recently by learning the mavericks. Application Review Status: Membership Approved View full application
  11. have you tried this game ?

    Good game but needs more players. Most of the time pretty much every populated server is full and other only have a hand full of players in them meaning you queue up often
  12. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    CAS/Trans. i want the UH-1
  13. Operation Orthodox - Arma Event

    Trans.. pilots? Now I can just imagine airborne priests falling from the sky like it's time for the rapture. Machine gunner in sq 3
  14. SQUAD MOD "A new era" (Star Wars)

    Its exactly why i like that map. Playing it over and over again was sometimes annoying but after playing it repeatedly, most of us knew what to do in muttrah which allowed us to just chat, relax and have fun without caring too much about the map. Best memories i have of Muttrah wasnt of epic moments where we fought off wave after wave of bots and armor but rather of people interacting with and getting to know eachother, slowly becoming close friends.
  15. SQUAD MOD "A new era" (Star Wars)

    Apperently someone is working on a Muttrah map..... now thats gonna be AWSOME