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  1. Operation Orthodox - Arma Event

    Trans.. pilots? Now I can just imagine airborne priests falling from the sky like it's time for the rapture. Machine gunner in sq 3
  2. SQUAD MOD "A new era" (Star Wars)

    Its exactly why i like that map. Playing it over and over again was sometimes annoying but after playing it repeatedly, most of us knew what to do in muttrah which allowed us to just chat, relax and have fun without caring too much about the map. Best memories i have of Muttrah wasnt of epic moments where we fought off wave after wave of bots and armor but rather of people interacting with and getting to know eachother, slowly becoming close friends.
  3. SQUAD MOD "A new era" (Star Wars)

    Apperently someone is working on a Muttrah map..... now thats gonna be AWSOME
  4. SQUAD MOD "A new era" (Star Wars)

    i belive you were there during the debrief of the first event where keed mentioned the Australian mod. There are quite a few of them in the workshop
  5. Squad Event: Operation Resurrection

    I'll be there as a AR
  6. Server down.

    Welp.. as long as the sever is back online and working properly
  7. Server down.

    Tried one just now. Still new to this stuff. Tell me if it worked
  8. EVENT: Operation Chaos

    just FYI. I'm switching sides as we dont have enough insurgency forces. Kav i'm in your care
  9. EVENT: Operation Chaos

    I'm in. Preferably AR or machinegunner.
  10. Volod.41

  11. War Thunder

    Screenshots from War Thunder
  12. Future ARMA Events - Suggestions and Ideas

    Just some random ideas that popped into my mind: (More WW2 era oriented) Our troops have to hold the front line and wait for friendly reinforcements. They can fall back a certain amount of times as we have multiple line of defenses. Alternatively, our troops didnt fall back in time and get surrounded. Now they have to hold out until the relief forces arrive. As we have defenses we have access to artillery but even they have a limited supply of shells so we have to use it wisely. Our convoy gets ambushed and we have to retreat. We get cut off from friendly forces and have to make our way back to friendly lines while trying to avoid enemy patrols Our forces have plans for bombing enemy key locations and assets but their AA network prevents that. We play as special forces trying to disable several of their long range radar or maybe even some AA. In order to be able to get out of there safely we will have to do that as stealthily as possible to get to our targets and then blowing up our targets at the same time meaning sending several squads with different targets. After planting the explosives/getting in position for a successful attack with a AT-rocket we have to wait for the designated time to blow up everything simultaneously and then hurrying back to the extraction point(s) while avoiding alerted enemy forces.
  13. Future ARMA Events - Suggestions and Ideas

    If CAS then real CAS. Meaning no pilot goes all Rambo and starts killing every enemy he sees upon entering a AO. Only when infantry calls it in and gives appropriate information about the target (what is the target, location of the target, etc), possible threats to the aircraft and so on. Thats what i call CAS. Furthermore, you can add restrictions on when during the event infantry can call in CAS. Scenario wise you can say that CAS is needed elsewhere or that the enemy has gotten AA reinforcements making it too dangerous to call in cas or even just that CAS is bingo on fuel and has to RTB. Or you could turn that around and have it locked until they have reached a certain point either time wise or objective wise like destroying AA emplacements/vehicles.
  14. Operation Frosty Dagger

    speaking of blast from the past... I completely forgot how it looked like when i first joined the forums. Anyway, that was a really nice event. Communication could've been better though. Just standing there in awkward silence cause the guy next to you was in a different squad was weird. Arma communication system really isnt the best. My favourite moment was when Blazer and I started clearing houses from the South-East end of RV-4 and clearing house for house, room for room. That was dope as hell. Thanks Sausag3!! Hope there are more Arma related stuff coming towards =VG=
  15. Operation Frosty Dagger

    I've created a Steam Workshop collection for those that are too lazy to look up all the mods one by one. this way you'll just have to click the "subscribe to all" button. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1980039013 Alternatively, you can also just go to Library -> Arma 3 -> Workshop -> Hover over Browse and select Collections (pic below) -> search for Operation Frosty Dagger -> subscribe to all PS.: Hope you dont mind me using the VG icon. Steam demanded i use a Icon for the collection. Got it from the twitter page