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  1. Don't let the date fool you, Drop a line if you're down for some Squad. Steam: Insert Profanity Discord: Insert Profanity#8731 -G
  2. Just posting this since the thread hasn't seen too much action as of late; always down to hop onto Squad and utilize the VG Discord. Any and all interested hit me up: Steam: Insert Profanity Discord: Insert Profanity#8731 SF -G
  3. Sure thing, this is the link: https://discord.gg/ySj56J9. I typed 'discord' into search and it comes up maybe 3 or 4 topics down. Found my way onto the discord using the graphic as advised, and that link is solid.
  4. Hey y'all, I tried getting into the Discord from a link from a different topic, but I get a notice about the invite being invalid or expired; is there an updated invite link for the VG Discord?
  5. At this point I'm more of a fan of the IRISZOOM and it's potential rather than the actual games. I wish the engine was more malleable to modding; the only real mods are for the Red Dragon Campaign mode and deck modifications. I would love to replay the WIC Campaign redone on the IRISZOOM engine, but I've been looking for WIC news for years and still nothing. I don't blame anyone for losing interest in Wargame either, Steel Division 2's roadmap doesn't hint at any return to the Cold War Era. There is a game called Regiments that's due to release sometime this year. It looks a little arcade-like but it's the only Cold War RTS release I've seen in a hot minute.
  6. I remember Flash Point being an attempt to bring the ARMA style of MILSIM to consoles. Never took off, especially since it released on the PS3 and 360, but it was still fun, and the only other shooter trying to compete with GRAW from what I remember.
  7. BF6 has me worried. DICE never seems to be able to make up its mind about the focus of the game. I love Battlefield's destructible environments and dynamic sound system, plus the focus on vehicle and large scale gameplay. For some F*cking reason, DICE wants to compete with Call of Duty, which is glorified laser tag at this point, and their games constantly suffer from this competition. They alter weapon damage and ballistics like their tuning a legendary sword in a WOW patch. I'm hoping that they've taken enough hints from the MILSIM community to know where their strengths lay.
  8. Saw mention of a lot of games on here, including World in Conflict: MW Mod; really glad there's still a player base for gems like that, figured I'd share a few other games that might be interesting to yall: The Wargame Series, developed by Eugen Systems: My favorite Modern Warfare RTS; like Total War but modern day. The only thing WIC has over it is the fleshed out narrative for the campaign and the modding potential. Wargame European Escalation: The first and hardest game in the series provides a trial by fire introduction to the franchise and contains all the key elements: The ability to zoom kilometers up into the air, hundreds of units under your command, incredibly detailed unit models, meticulous attention to the statistical differences between variants of the same vehicle, scalar sound effects that scale with your camera's proximity to the action, management of resources like fuel, munitions, and material, the importance of supply lines and combined arms tactics, as well as the establishment of the overall aesthetic of the series, which is 1970's to '90s Military Exercises leading into actual combat instead of ending, as well as a few other fantastical scenarios. Wargame AirLand Battle: The second addition to the series finally adds Aerial Combat and a proper cooperative mode. It's the most popular choice for COOP out of the three Wargame titles because the AI in European Escalation was mostly scripted to fit the narrative; the AI in AirLand Battle is designed to kick your ass. Even two players will be challenged by the AI's tenacity and ability to counter your moves and units with airstrikes, helicopter gun runs, and artillery. Wargame Red Dragon: The most refined gameplay experience in terms of graphic fidelity only. The game looks absolutely great at this point in the franchise, but the campaign is extremely lacking compared to the last two games, as it is essentially multiple games of skirmish with the AI, with a dash of strategy in the form of which units to bring to the Campaign. You're also able to slow the game down to a pause while in singleplayer, which allows you some reprieve against the AI's ability to see you units regardless of FOW. This entry also has the most populated online servers for competitive play, although the online community for the Wargame series is still relatively small. The Steel Division Series, also by Eugen Systems: Normandy '44 and Steel Division 2: The Steel Division series is the same as Wargame but now takes place during Historical WWII battles instead of hypothetical Cold War scenarios. Normandy comes off as a little more arcade-like than any other game in the series, but it's also one of the most fun. The scale of battle seems reduced but the MicroStrategy is at its best. Steel Division 2 is the only game that Eugen Systems still actively supports, and that support has been reduced pushing out $5 DLCs of reskinned units that modders could make if the studio would let them. The Scale of battle has been brought back up because the game now takes place in Russia, and mostly revolves around takes and aircraft over long distances rather than cannons and infantry in French Hedgerows. Overall Criticisms: The UI changes between each game and its f*cking annoying. Luckily there are some constants in the equation and the UI improves with each entry in the series, but it really seems like the AI is always more capable than you. Eugen systems also seemed to be completely uncommunicative with their community as they developed their games, as certain features like the flesh out narrative and voice acting in European Escalation are all but gone in Red Dragon, only to make a comeback in Steel Division Normandy, then disappear again in Steel Division 2. Overall Strengths: How detailed the units are and how many you can get on screen at one time. The game engine has the potential to portray at least 6 Divisions worth of personnel and equipment fighting it out over multiple square kilometers. No other game has matched their capability in this regard except the Total War series, who haven't made a more modern entry than Napoleon. I recommend picking up Wargame whenever the Wargame Series Franchise Pack goes on sale, as the games are not worth their non-discounted prices after you've exhausted every game mode. Same goes for Steel Division Normandy '44, which is more akin to Company of Heroes. Steel Division 2 is balls (in my opinion). I'll make more posts about more games in the future but seeing people mention World in Conflict as something they like really made me want to share this game, as my interest in WIC led me directly to it. If you pick it up and want to try out some of the online features with someone whose familiar, drop me a line. -G
  9. 'Rah Blud, thanks for the welcome. Interrogative: Is PR still a Mod for Battlefield 2 or is it a standalone program nowadays? I never got into it but I know it's the predecessor to Squad. I was fairly active on Modern Warfare (2019) because the engine, gameplay mechanics, and even the community really harkened back to the old Infinity Ward Installments (before West and Zampella left it to found Respawn), but Cold War has once again turned me off to the series completely. Just not a fan of the way Treyarch builds their games. I don't have a rig but rather I'm subscribed to an emulator service called Shadow, lets me run Crysis at max graphics 60 FPS as long as my internet is solid, and on my Alienware M17x from 2008. All I had to do was upgrade it from Vista (lol) to Win 10. Shadow costs about as much as Netflix but I've avoided the hardware maintenance and upgrade costs usually associated. And it cuts down on space, which is everything in an apartment in Harlem. Been watching vids of ARMA for years but when I finally played it I was completely overwhelmed, might be easier with comms and real people.
  10. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies, Gentlemen and Everyone Else, VictorJulietGolf here aka the biggest POG on this site, USMC 2014-2018, 0651 Typed "Veterans Gaming" into Google and this is the first site listed and it looked active, figured I'd give it a shot. Been gaming since I could walk, didn't get into online gaming until after I came back from deployment and spent most down time in the bricks. Been playing Squad since COVID hit and the gen pop on there is mostly keyboard warriors who wouldn't dare be seen at a recruiting station, so I'm hoping there's a few users on here that hop on from time to time and wouldn't mind getting into some sh*t on a Squad server. I have Arma as well but I haven't been able to wrap my head (and hands) around that, but I'm willing to try. Really hoping to direct my own IP development one day and really give COD and Battlefield a run for their money, hoping to have some professional conversations on here as well. Hope to see some yall online. Semper Fi -G
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