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  1. World War Z is Free now

    I played the other day, got my ass spanked. It's fun tho.
  2. BF3 Reality Mod

    This would be so awesome.
  3. Free copies Squad

    Oh bummer thought it was more than 1 sorry
  4. Free copies Squad

    I guess just install and use the key
  5. Free copies Squad

    If you need it.
  6. Warzone

    Ya but in game doesn't work it just flashes you've started playing then stops
  7. Warzone

    So I have been playing the free version of Warzone. It's fun it short bursts, but why do I see some people play it on Steam, but I can't seem to find it? Anyone else have it on Steam? Thanks. Blud
  8. Im back!

    Wb min. Blud
  9. Checking in

    Nice post bro thx. Blud
  10. Trivium!

    Did you hear him shout out to VG?
  11. Trivium!

    Ok, so I'm addicted to this stream. It's matt heafy from my favorite band Trivium! Hes streaming everyday because his tour got cut so now he streams live sets. Watch the feed....after he goes live...wait for it. https://m.twitch.tv/videos/569922120
  12. Wifi

    Hey that looks promising. I might try that if this adapter doesn't work. Thanks zad.
  13. Wifi

    ok, well I'm probably going to try it anyway. Maybe it will catch the signal, if not I'll look at routers. But I was really hoping to get it running! If I had like 50 feet of cat 5 cable I could run a line. I've already placed the routers in the hallway, but it still didn't see them. It saw my 2.4 signal, but it had one bar and it wouldn't let me connect to it. it's always something lol.
  14. Spring Cleaning - VG Server Downtime Coming Soon!!


    Thx sem.
  15. Wifi

    Hey guys, I'm trying to move my pc to bedroom but now I can't get on wifi. In the living room I can connect, but 10 feet away it doesn't detect any signals. I believe it's the mobo wifi built in, if I get a USB wifi adapter will it catch my wifi network? Thx. Blud