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VETERANS-GAMING is celebrating 10 Years of COOP Gaming! For the last ten years, VG has been proud to host our servers and website for so many COOP gamers and teamwork focused players, and we are thrilled to be a home away from home for anyone looking for a casual place to hang out and play games with friends!  It's been a long road and many people have come and gone over the years, some even come back after awhile, happy to see their old stomping grounds still filled with the best COOP gamers and games, and with plenty of Bots ready to give a fight and to eat some virtual lead!  We hope you all will stay with us through the next ten years, and on!  Long live VETERANS-GAMING!!


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  1. Craziness!

    First of all there is no way she can catch that with an iphone. Lol! She is using images from a public website. With a bit of effort, I've also found a picture where we can see Volod shooting his laser machine gun (and missing ) at the Klingon space ship. Disclaimer: aliens do exist. So far, I've seen 2 UFO with my own eyes. No joke. This is the website: https://iswa.gsfc.nasa.gov/IswaSystemWebApp/ And this is Volod:
  2. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    Dude, I'm not sure about States, but in Europe, prices are droping even more in January after the winter holidays. Sometimes as low as 70%. If you could wait, maybe you can catch a better deal.
  3. Pre-built PC, should I buy this?

    I suppose you already have a licensed Windows so you may save maybe 100$ and invest it in RAM or SSD. If not, you may buy a SH license for 10$ on Amazon. However dont get cheap on the power source. Get something at least Gold Certified 80+. A good power source works miracles. Its like using high octane gas on an old engine. It flies!
  4. Time to brag

    Tell that to Alura
  5. Time to brag

    Hahahaha! Good try Alaura! You ping your own comp! ^^
  6. Time to brag

    I'm paying 19.50 euros or 22 $ for Internet, cable tv (~ 250 channels) and land line phone.
  7. Time to brag

    Many years ago, a Finnish long time PR buddy used to brag about the net speed in his country. He even had a small ISP company and he was providing almost all the net connections in Tampere, Finland. I've send him a screenshot with my net speed results that were 3-4 times faster than his. He was so pissed of that he never talked to me again. I'm still laughing remember this after so many years. This is how I got the idea to start some sort of contest with the VG community. So here's my result. What's yours? Use this: https://www.speedtest.net/
  8. Guns and Ammo

    Zzzang... you're nuts.
  9. In memory of H8CrazyVet67

    We should have an event named after him. Rest in peace Scott.
  10. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/fortnite-v-bucks-discount-price-money-dark-web-money-laundering-crime-a8717941.html
  11. Quantum Computer is here

    But can it run Crysis? :))
  12. Quantum Computer is here

    Looks like a new era is beginning as the quantum comps were merely prototypes working only within laboratory walls. Now they are portable. Well.. almost portable as is big as a truck. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2189909-ibm-unveils-its-first-commercial-quantum-computer/
  13. Fun Fact With Dates and Maths

    So... adding my age to the year i was born... gives me my ... today?!?! Gotta share this with all my friends!!
  14. Radio =VG=

    I think music is like pizza. You gotta try them all. Rage Against The Machine is one of my favourite bands ever. They have probably strongest message for the '90 and 2000 year music. And Tom Morrelo is an absolute guitar god.
  15. Where is Volod41

    He's training