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  1. PR coop maps that you hate

    Awesome , thank you !
  2. Name/Callsign: STARK58 Timezone: [GMT] Greenwich Mean Time Active Time(s): 15.00 ZULU Saturdays Time on VG BMS Server: 1 year 2019 Time using Falcon/BMS: 1 year 2019 Confidence Level: New Pilot - (learning weapons/advanced flight) Preferred Aircraft/Block: F-16 Other Preferred Aircraft: Might like to learn: F-14 AV-8B Harrier Other games/sims flown: Comments/Personal Statements: Been flying BMS on and off for a year now with =VG= Kavelenko`s much needed help. This is my only experience with a proper Simulator. My ramp start is now solid and i have basic AG CCRP Bombing and Navigation skills. Looking forward to learning AA Missile Combat and also Air to Air Refuelling. Setting up of the missions (fragging a package) and designating the targets is very cool. The learning curve for me was steep , almost vertical : ) but very enjoyable and rewarding. Application Review Status: Membership Approved View full application
  3. HELLO !

    Hello Tanjawi welcome. See you on the Battlefield !
  4. Actual Return

    Hey jacket welcome to 1.6
  5. Free Falcon

    Looks pretty damn good.
  6. have you tried this game ?

    I cant run this atm but it sure looks good. Seems to have the edge over "Hell let loose" .
  7. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Kit issue is fixed now.
  8. PR. Vg server down

    Restarted. Thanks.
  9. Omaha Beach

    Kav lol haha.
  10. Banning myself.

    Please come back though, when you are ready. We will do our best to help you with any issues regarding difficult players .
  11. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Ok i take a look..... Restarted.
  12. Found my way back

    Hi Schmidtrock. Welcome back.
  13. PR COOP thread 1.6

    My personal favourite : )
  14. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Haha. You`ll be fine man. I`m only level 2 apparently. Thank God PR isn`t actually available on / through Steam.
  15. Hello there~

    Hi Mr_Riddle. Welcome to the forum. See you on the Battlefield!