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  1. Radio =VG=

    "Apocalypse Now" samples from 47.50 mins onwards.
  2. Radio =VG=

    This is great man keep it up. You both nailed it !
  3. No VG server

    Its up join by IP for now
  4. Radio =VG=

    Nice !!! Its all good man, i look like i just walked out of a POW camp.
  5. The Painted Bird Movie

    Looking forward to seeing this. Directed by Vaclav Marhaul.
  6. Unban appeal

    The Banning admin has decided to unban you next weekend 20/03/20 . You will then be added to the watch list. Please follow the rules or next time it could be a permanent Ban. Thanks. locked/
  7. Radio =VG=

  8. Unban PLS

    Thanks Skipper_30. After help with checking the logs we have decided to unban and place you on the watchlist. Please be sure to read and follow the Server rules or next time Ban may be Permanent. Unbanned. locked/
  9. Unban PLS

    Hi Skipper_30 If you would like to Appeal your Ban, please provide the following information: 1. Banned Username 2. What Server(s)?* 3. When did this happen? 4. Reason you were banned 5. Describe the events leading up to your ban ( how did this occur and why? ) 6. Personal Statement ( Why should we unban you? ) Also can you confirm the correct spelling of your player name and any other names that you may use . As a courtesy we look into all unban requests. The nature of the offense and the information you provide in your personal statement will determine the final outcome of your Appeal. We value honesty above all else. (the admin who banned you must also agree to the terms) We try to resolve all bans within 72 hours of the Appeal. All unbanned individuals will be placed on a watch list for 30 days. If any further issues occur during this time, your Ban will be reinstated and any future appeals will be denied...permanently. Thank you
  10. Radio =VG=

    Rip Andrew Weatherall https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Weatherall
  11. Radio =VG=

    Remix by Underworld . Not bad for a remix.
  12. Merch?

  13. Merch?

    =VG= illuminous Condoms please....... Seriously though i would be up for a VG T-shirt and Bandana.
  14. Microsoft Pulls Security Update Windows 10

    Yep that update pause is awesome, so simple. I`m really liking 10 from 7, almost seamless with Classic Shell. Hell i even forgot for a moment the other day that i was using 10 . Feels so......... Seveny
  15. Radio =VG=

    Excellent i thought you might like them .