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  1. Server issues

    Ok PR coop server back up thanks for report. If its not on the list just yet join by ip.
  2. I recently installed W10 pro on my PC . Very smooth transition , i also applied Semlers W10 set up guide regarding privacy options. Then i installed "Open Shell" for that W7 look, with good results , very smooth and stable. Unfortunately my laptop cant handle W10 so i went for Linux Mint . I didn`t want to upgrade , i loved 7 but happy i made the move, very pleased. So i say go for it, but take time to go through all settings . Semlers guide is really good. Hope this helps you decide.
  3. Jabal Coop Alt with only 5 players.

    Impressive, good going.
  4. Ban Appeal

    After checking the logs, the banning Admin requests the ban stay in effect for one more week. Once unbanned you will be placed on the watch list indefinitely . Please make sure to follow the rules , or next time it may be a permanent ban. Thanks.
  5. Support your Community! Fundraiser Goal Active

    Yep, nice work guys thank you..small donation made just now .
  6. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    Nice work , best of luck with this project.
  7. PR BF 2 has closed ,cleaning up resources

    You are fully updated, right ?
  8. Squad

    Definitely interested in Squad . Will have to wait for PC upgrade though. It wont be soon.
  9. Logi Fob fusion

    Managed to move the fob and drive logy away : )
  10. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    Server restarted at 13.00 gmt.
  11. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    Server restarted , not sure what the problem is yet .
  12. Server down (fixed)

    Thanks Binkle . Server has now been restarted.
  13. =VG= PR Event

    Bamyan Escort and Beirut Bridge......Awesome , thanks.