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  1. Community Growth and Development

    Great post , good points. Sometimes we have to warn heavy asset waisters with a "play offline (create local) or elsewhere" message which i think is still valid. But yes good job. For instance i want to fly TRANS helis and Jets with my flight stick more often so i created local and practise like that. Rather than jumping on the live server straight away.
  2. Alecskell (hello)

    Hi Alec(skell) welcome . See you on the Battlefield !
  3. Project Reality Event Week IV (Final)

    Nice Work !
  4. Project Reality Event Week III

    APC Gunner for me please if possible .

    Thank you Semler. I see we have some more graphics options now, also now have weapon show delay menu adjustment (it was a bit fast for me) I set show delay menu to 1.7 seconds.
  6. Game issue

    i would yes. Then go from there. VG server is down atm due to new update. But SSG server working if you wanna test.
  7. Game issue

    Sorry didn`t read the post properly How about iso .
  8. Game issue

    Firewall or Antivirus blocking it ? Also maybe download the iso then update and try again.
  9. Project Reality Event Week I

    Can i be Medic , should be back from BMS flight mission in time.

    I loaded into khami std no problem just now.
  11. G'Day

    Hi Sciddles , welcome to VG. See you on the Battlefield.
  12. Sup everyone!

    Hi Syntaxx welcome to veterans-gaming.
  13. Another Free Game: Tom Clancy's The Division!

    Thanks Connor , installing now ! Hehe !
  14. PR coop maps that you hate

    Awesome , thank you !
  15. Name/Callsign: STARK58 Timezone: [GMT] Greenwich Mean Time Active Time(s): 15.00 ZULU Saturdays Time on VG BMS Server: 1 year 2019 Time using Falcon/BMS: 1 year 2019 Confidence Level: New Pilot - (learning weapons/advanced flight) Preferred Aircraft/Block: F-16 Other Preferred Aircraft: Might like to learn: F-14 AV-8B Harrier Other games/sims flown: Comments/Personal Statements: Been flying BMS on and off for a year now with =VG= Kavelenko`s much needed help. This is my only experience with a proper Simulator. My ramp start is now solid and i have basic AG CCRP Bombing and Navigation skills. Looking forward to learning AA Missile Combat and also Air to Air Refuelling. Setting up of the missions (fragging a package) and designating the targets is very cool. The learning curve for me was steep , almost vertical : ) but very enjoyable and rewarding. Application Review Status: Membership Approved View full application